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Armed Bodyguards Flank One of the World's 7 Last Remaining Northern White Rhinos, Guarded Around The Clock

The Northern White Rhino is on the brink of extinction, and the odds of survival for the species are very slim. There are only 2 females alive on the entire planet. 

Retired NBA star Yao Ming went there last month to film a documentary and to blog about the experience and to raise awareness of the issue. This is what will happen to to our largest remaining African mammals if we do not raise awareness of the problem. Rhino horns and Elephant ivory are in extreme demand from growing Chinese markets.

From Ol Pejeta's webpage: "China is the world’s largest consumer of illegal wildlife parts and products and the most prominent destination for rhino horn and ivory. Already unsustainable, the potential market is rapidly growing. Current projections suggest that there will be around 250 million new middle class consumers over the next 10-15 years. A combination of old customs and traditions with new money, conspicuous consumption and powerful new aspirations are driving expansion in the use of wildlife parts and products in China. But the excuse of “tradition” will be exposed showing it’s actually a question of economics and lack of knowledge." 

The other species of rhino and the elephant can easily follow. Top ocean predators like some types of sharks are also in danger, with the demand for shark fin soup. Boycott shark fin soup if you ever see it on a menu; if you ever see ivory for sale, do not buy it; speak up about the source of the problem.

Many people are misinformed about ivory and rhino horn. They believe it can grow back. In truth, it cannot, and its removal kills the animal. The problem with having "old ivory" is that many times poachers and resellers of ivory market the new ivory as "old." This is why African countries concerned about conservation have chosen to burn their stocks of ivory rather than sell them. We must protect our diversity or it will be completely gone in a few decades. 


#Conservation   #SpeciesExtinction
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I'd like to see those armed dudes shoot a poacher......
Joel Bass
Stupid humans (not pictured).
I'm not sure how much there is that we can do in the Western world. Maybe our government can put pressure on the governments that support the ivory trade?
Ray Case
We need to start farming these animals so people can legitimately make money off of them AND take care of them.  I know I sound awful, but I can't see any other way.  
When all rich people care about are themselves that's what happens. They don't think about the consequences of their actions, they just want it no matter the price
M Monica
+Ray Case They do not breed well in captivity, like many other large mammals. No births since around the year 2000. The only hope is stem cells, and that's a small one.

We are basically looking at a species extinction here. All we can do is look and hope we learn from this one and better protect the others as a result. 

We will not get second chances. As I said, others are next in line. We either start paying attention, or we say goodbye to them too. 
Al Hunt
Seven isn't a viable stock. Your children will never see this animal. More and more frequently, I find myself embarrassed to be human.
Those rhino horns will be ground up in all-natural Chinese medicines. 
+M Monica it is very sad - hopefully we can keep their DNA and find some way to bring them back.  
Al Hunt
+Seval Gunes Actually, they'll be ground up in bullshit Chinese placebos.
+Al Hunt But it is all-natural placebo that the evil FDA does not want you to use.
M Monica
One of the best things you can do to protect species like this is to raise your voice and reshare. We need to get English speaking Chinese folks on this post so we can get it translated into Mandarin and Cantonese. That in and of itself would be a major victory. Most of us here in the western world are not consumers of ivory products, but the emerging middle class, those who have become newly wealthy in China are driving the demand. They have not been educated about where ivory comes from. 

If you speak Mandarin or Cantonese and can help me translate parts of this post please contact me privately by sending me a tagged post +M Monica and we'll work on the translation. 
I notice this ones horn has been cut off. Probably deliberately so it wont be poached just for it's horn.
Al Ko
WOW. This Rhino looks like a wise one.!. lol
Well, without the amazing aphrodesiac qualities of white rhino horn, perhaps we will finally see a decline in china's population.  
The more likely thing that will lead to a China population reduction is China becoming more educated, as affluent as the west, and their population declining despite lifting the 1 child policy. Just like in some first world nations.
Dollar-for-dollar, this probably works better than everything else they've tried.
I noticed there seems to be no horn. Is this so the guards don't get gored?
We can do better first by educating the populace the need to preserve and conserve flora and fauna
Depletion of stock in all forms partly due to overconsumption
People don't care about flora or fauna if it supposedly makes their "member" bigger or more manly. They don't care about science that it doesn't, just the chance that it "might" is enough. 
I find it sad that we can let beautiful animals such as this become extinct through greed.
Keep the genetic diversity,reduce habitat loss where Rhinos can roam freely in the world
If only hunting preserves had been set up a generation ago, giving the locals an incentive to protect these animals as an asset.
I say the best defense against these fools who continue to drive poor animals like this into extinction is to lock them up permanently and throw away the key. Set the example for any future idiots who decide to harm an innocent and defenseless animal.
Poor thing. At least she has guards to care for her. Maybe she needs a bit more privacy to breed? Although the humans are affectionate they might be a little close for activity conducive to breeding.
Poor old fella looks tired. :-(
I read somewhere that poacher penis is the magic cure for all ailments, quick let's hunt them all.
why dont they just take the dna from ones and put it in another rhino its as simple as that 
Because that's not how DNA works. 
Its now and not before time this ivory trade is stopped dead
ac130 inbound..... our goal is to protect this white rhino so get the 103mm ready
The result of meritocratic greed. Redemption for these acts of orthodox ritualistic barbarism is acceptance into the inner circle. This leads to hybrids, like going anti clockwise back into Victorian freak show times.
Awwwww poor thing..... DAMN U HUMANS!!!!!!!! xxx
It is insane that we as a species feel the need to hunt a species that is on the brink of extinction and it's bizarre in this day and age thinking any part of this beast is used for such things. 
okay this might be a dumb thing to say, i dont know. couldnt we inseminate the females? it would get them pregnant and then there would be more of them.. am i wrong?
Quite too late to cry and guard, IMO.
its only too late when they are all gone. just saying Bo Maryniuk, dont be pessimistic just yet :)
Rhino looks shagged, poachers should be caught and have an appendage removed just what they do to Rhino's.
That rhino looks wise.
Can they not clone them before it is too late?
Humans are a pathetic species . To be honest , animals don't need culling sometimes humans do . It's a horrible thought but it's the truth we are destroying put planet , and we are destroying the animals we share it with , they were here first!! Humans cull animals for overpopulation , then why don't we cull humans because of overpopulation , we do more damage than the animals . #justathoughtandtheory
The white rhino consists of two subspecies: the southern white rhino, with an estimated 17,460 wild-living animals at the end of 2007 (IUCN 2008), and the much rarer northern white rhino. The northern subspecies has very few remaining, all in captivity.
I don't understand what the point is of protecting these animals now. If there are only two females alive on the entire planet, that doesn't leave enough genetic diversity to keep their species viable, even if there were efforts to repopulate.
+Rayne Noonan that is a completely different species than the Northern White Rhino. 
Fucking Chinese and their traditional medicine. If anything, its the idiots who still use ground up rhino horn for sexual enhancement that should be shot. The poachers are just reacting to demand.
Only 7 left?  That sucks.  With only 2 females left that means there's going to be 3 really horny male rhinos.  wait.....horny rhinos...I made a  funny!
Yeah i agree its never to late to stop this slaughter where u coming from saying to late to cry get a life......
The point is to preserve an animal species that would otherwise be wiped completely off this earth. No longer would that unique genetic diversity be present... 
What an amazing and beautiful creature!
Or we can act like crazy right-wingers and let the market decide what happens to the Rhinos. Keeping humans from harvesting them is just big government bullies trying to hurt job creators in the snake-oil economy. Less red tape, more prosperity!
Right? Right? ...... sigh
This animal is more protected than i am....why am i not endanged?
They burning ivory so.they jack up the price.secondly why don,t they sell the ivory they have and use the money to fight the poachers? Rate of crouption in Africa is even larger than China ,among officials in charge.
Of cause the gunna go extinct ... How they gunna get it on with those dudes always watching
They should start cloning them before its too late.
+Maxx Wright There is none. There are two females. You need something like 3,000 individuals in order to repopulate a species. Right now, the species is useless. We've already done the damage.
What a great photo! I don't see it in the links, though. Do you have a source?
The one guard is rubbing the Rhino chest.. almost like the Rhino know's he alone in the world..
i have never seen an animal like that this !!
Sad... But what can you do.. The demand is there from rich countries encouraging the under privileged to do the dirty work for them... We plunder and pillage by nature / from nature and I don't see that stopping any time soon,especially with human population surging it's only going to get worse and push more animals to extinction..
Load of bollocks. There's only one Northern Dublin Calico cat, north of the Malahide border, yet south of the Balbriggan border. Doesn't mean we should breed a thousand of 'em.
Liz E
Why did we let this happen? "We" meaning all humans. Which species is next? When will we stop? When we kill ourselves?
these guys will sell out the poor rhino in two seconds.  at least let some researchers take a DNA sample.
The reason it happened is lack of education. This is why we must fight so hard for education and to maintain all of our educational systems, worldwide. This is why we must fight to keep our national parks and preserves, and why we must fight so hard for science education.

This is what happens when science education fails.  
Iris W
Why don't they clone animals that are about to go extinct because of hunting, instead of trying it with mammoths?
Cloning is genetically unstable, and does not work to reestablish a stable genetic population which can interbreed. 
On the one hand it's great they are protecting him, on the other, the cycle of life is that sometimes creatures don't survive.  
If you think the "cycle of life" involves 7 billion people living together naturally on the planet, and watching species after species go extinct while we use up all of the planet's resources, +Joe Moore, you have a funny perception of 'balance.' 
I like that picture...I'd like to see them to shoot down some Chinese bastards!......
Get them out of there soon. These idiots will stop at nothing till they wipe them out for absolutely no reason. Send them some Viagra if they need something for their libido. 
Our future's end.  While I do support hunting (sport hunting for deer, ducks, rabbits, etc. where population control is needed), this is wrong.  Like the dodo bird of old, once it's gone.  It's gone
Monica do you mind me reposting this on facebook? Or better- give me a link and I can share it. I am from south africa and we have the same problem here. Around 300 rhinos have already been killed this year. Its so sad. And all of our people care. Even our government is doing its best to try to protect them, but we dont have enough resources to cover our gigantic national parks properly.
All this love and hugs for the white rhino while we let people starve in the streets. A bunch or sadness and despair for an animal we've never seen, yet we let slavery go on in south africa. Load of shite.
I respect the guys who risk there lives just to protect a endangered  animal, If you really want to make some money then go to school and get a job. Not wipe out a species. And if people who are killing these animals for money. If they can't kill the animal then they will probably go raid the village next to it ._. 
So why don't they clone them and put them back out there!  lol I hate seeing so many different species dying off.
You can see it already had it's horn removed... hopefully not from anyone trying to sell it for Chinese medicine.
Honey boo boo,s mom might ask for security now...

+Estienne Lewies you may repost this text and image freely on Facebook. Or Twitter. I ask that you just repost the text entirely as is. 
Hope one day soon humans start to eat humans till his own made extintion ,, will be the big great joke of the life ,, and all other creatures will smile happy as the beginning without man ! " I think earth need some "predator " aliens like the movie ,, will be funny hunters hunted !!
aww poor white rhinos. luv the earth, GO GREEN!!!!!
One more reason why we shouldn'd allow China to become a world leader. Chinese ethics are built around greed and exploitation of nature without limits. If China ruled the world, this planet would already be down the drain.

The problem is that Chinese don't listen to non-Chinese. Chinese nationalism is getting worse. Only Chinese speaking up against crimes against nature can make an impact in China.

And it's not only Han Chinese in China causing species to get extinct. Tibet is mainly responsible for tigers being on the brink of extinction in India as the demand in Tibet is high for their fur.

Among the worst in China are probably the Cantonese. Based on their cuisine, you won't like what's on their menus in Guanghzou and other places. Shark fin and sea horse are just the beginning...
Hopefully the first human eaten by other humans will be you, Julio.
omg is tht real????????thats scary.....


It will probably go extinct.

no offense to those who have hope, cause I have hope too. It just probably won't.
But how do we know that there's only 2 left, there is no way that we looked EVERYWHERE on the world, I mean there could be more.
Cool. But will the rhino actually reproduce while being guarded, or will it be too shy? :-P
"one more reason we shouldn't allow China to become a world leader..." HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. americans.
nice to know that this is happening.
Thanks for sharing +M Monica, reshared already. I have the feeling from numerous posts here on G+ by Sir +Richard Branson that he loves animals. Maybe he can help to spread the word. And maybe he knows a lot more people influential enough to do something about this messed up thing. People are so stupidly overconsumed and don't know what to do with their lives, but shoot animals just so they can sleep better at night. How cruel is that! I don't understand people who do this, be they rich or not.
These creatures, alongside many others (that are threatened daily by hunters) like dolphins, polar bears, seals, walrus, elephants, and whatnot is what makes this world a beautiful place. If only someone would make these stupid people feel what these animals must feel... I'm so disgusted of humans right now!
Actually the correct name is "Wide Rhino".
One thing is for sure..there are human beings you should never clone!!
I would encourage anyone who can to spread the word and reshare via Facebook, Twitter, anyway possible. 

There are other types of rhinos that will go extinct after this one, and then elephants; tigers, sharks, etc. These big mammals need a lot of habitat to live and we're encroaching on their territory or else shooting them for attributes we want (tusks, horn, fin, etc.) This must stop or soon we'll look around and have none left. 
AMEN!! Stewardship of all things on earth is our responsibility. We are not only to
Exploit, but to steward - including the teaching/training of the coming generations. Moral development within the global awareness context seems to be nearly as rare as these rhinos!
Wait. This isn't an Onion headline?
This is NOT the Onion. This is real, and all of the links in the article are real. 

None of this is satire. 
I appreciate the message that you are trying to spread. It is indeed a very concerning subject. However, it is not considered good form to post images taken by others without acknowledging them . 
Its very sad when you realize that we are the reason for the extinction of other animals that once roamed the earth. I really pray that we can right the wrongs that we have done and save these precious animals....
+Joaquim Vilhena de Oliveira the reason why we have disease resistance as a species is due to animals. I recommend you read the book "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Jared Diamond to better understand this concept. 
If only they did this for whales too....I hope those body guards accomplish their objective
Indeed, we should be concerned about the photographers rights here?!?  Last two animals of their kind on earth and you are worried about photo credit??
Take your banal worries back to the first world jerk.
What d'ya reckon those guards get paid. £2 a day? Max??!
Exactly how is he stopped to breed and further the species with those guys hanging around all of the time?
It's called Darwin's Theory of Evolution...continual culling of the less dominant species. It makes room for more developed species...right?
I'm not really a PETA lover or naturalist by any means however there needs to be checks and balances. 
You're so right Stefan..this time it's not really the Chinese but the Japanese...what are doing the guys of G20 except they go hunting..I don't tell you!!
Thats very sad. Why would we do that?? Please lets help each other to make sure place on earth is there for evry creature God made, lets not destroy
+Rane Pollock ooooh did you really get cancer from that comment? So f'ing dramatic. If you'd gotten cancer from that comment, the last thing you'd be worried about is a white rhino... Oh... Sorry, there are 17,000 of them,.. a northern white rhino. Douche
Simple: don't buy anything made in China that you don't HAVE to. Only money really speaks and when Made in China means no cash they will ban whatever utilities takes to keep your $ flowing. We have the power to change their policies! Let's use it!!
>mfw "DARWIN'S THEORY OF EVOLUTION". Survival of the fittest applies to the individuals within a species, i.e. the species moving towards adapting. Not "lolol the one which can kill the most r best". Cause in terms of evolution Humans are OP faggotry and our technology is wallhax.

PS. Joaquim Vilhena de Oliveira: You have Down syndrome. Please get AIDS.
so sad to see this happen to our wildlife. 
:o... Really?... Guarding it? it just makes me want to mess with it.. Even tho this is sad.
good im glad that we as humans are starting to get the message that as sentient beings we are bound to look after the rest of the planets animals ....
+Franz Greber Funny, hunting has actually saved the Southern White Rhino:

From the article: "Limited hunting of Southern white rhino has been undertaken since 1968. This has clearly been sustainable because, since hunting began, numbers of Southern white rhino have increased from 1,800 to 11,100 in the wild, with a further 740 in captivity worldwide. This has helped give white rhinos an economic value and increased the incentives for the private sector and communities to conserve white rhino."
I was in Kenya..they are doing a good job keeping all those nagging rats from Asia away...god save this planet!!!
Are you being ironic Doug Caldwell ?
wow first animal to almost become extinct while im alive this is going to be sad
Wow. So these three armed bodyguards are literally protecting the rhino. Nice.
hope they can have a good life :C
really sad. Beautiful animals. I hope we can preserve them. It's sad that there are only 7. Hard to imagine.
I trust in the WWF figures about the wild species left on that thing is for sure at the moment...humans won't disappear...the will accumulate more distruction..mon dieu c'est triste.
Ed Raso
It looks like it could have been cast in Where the Wild Things Are.
My daughter will never see these incredible animals ... Sad
Megan G
wow, thats just sad...
I'm not surprised;  we need lots more love.
They have to survive they have to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  < (
That is one kick ass looking animal.  It's beautiful.  I hope they can somehow repopulate.
Poor planet that suffers the infestation of human beings.
Some remarks sickens me..I better go to sleep..bonne nuit.
We can only blame our self for this shit..... I hope to god that we can collect DNA samples for reanimation ...
so shameful & tragic that the white rhino population is near extinction due to stupid human acts of poaching & lack of protection...the rhino is truly one of the few great representatives of "dinosaurs" still living in our present day...thank you +M Monica for sharing.
i would kick the livin daylights out of poacher`s the bstards
sc w
Isn't it genetically extinct yet if there are only so few individuals alive?
I mean it makes me feel better seeing most of remarks positive...
I can't express how sad this picture makes me, to think we are stupid enough to need this... So sad.
awww poor rhinos that is really sad
The problem is that pandas just refuse to fuck rhinos. What you going to do?
damn, thats crazy... armed guards...  that is sad though..
LJ Kirk
This problem is so complicated that I doubt it can be solved at our current state of evolution. Poverty and hunger lead to poaching species into extinction. Corrupt governments lead to that level of poverty. Demand among people with little education as to the benefits leads to the commerce. Easy availability of weapons makes the killing easy. Inadequate resources made it possible to kill them into extinction. And men who prize a woody above the existence of a mighty prehistoric species is what is behind the demand. Tell me which of those conditions anyone here can fix.
It is a concern that we must protect them
iinco ngnito, reread your comment. How is it ultra cool that a wild animal has forced upon it armed guards 24/7? Idiotic comment
Where's this place? awesome place I've listened that everything there is so hot, right? Only incredible.
Ok so when they are all gone the poachers will have less money coming in...Honestly wouldn't it make sense for the black market to allow these to live on and reproduce so they have a new crop in a few years?
I am in no way for the poaching of any animals...Just pointing out how stupid the poachers are
That is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.
Bodyguard for a dying species. That must be a depressing job.
johnny love, you are a stupid ass hole if there's ww3 we'll all die it's called a nuclear bomb dumb aleck jeez get your facts straight you idiot can't believe you i mean come on.
we all come then we go  thats the way of nature
Seems like there is a new definition for animals. Who are really the animals here??!!
Lawrence Anthony writes a compelling tail about the plight of the northern white rhino in his book "The Last Rhino", it describes the complexity of the situation, and just how resourceful and ruthless these poachers is persuasive and this must be stopped at the source. China. It's a sad state of affairs...
Aidan S
hope they save the white rhino
This is sad, don't get me wrong, but also pretty ridiculous. Chances are, there's a homeless man within about 30 miles of you, starving and freezing to death right now. Yet, here we are, +1ing a post about a rhino thousands of miles away from us. Making practically no impact on anything, just 'raising awareness', so we can all talk about how upset this makes us, then carry on with our day-to-day lives.

I mean, how should we be expected to take care of an animal such as this, when we can't even take care of eachother? Why is it that a rhino is cared about more than a fellow human being who just happens to be left in the gutter? In western civilisation cats and dogs are fed better than most of the Earth's population! Just think about that for a second, will you?

P.S Fuck capitalism.
LOL so wrong, especially if it's a boy  
If Hussein Barry Obama Barack sees this, he will send the rhinos money that we don't have, most likely from the Chinese.
mr rutherford there just said one of the greatest things ive ever heard in my life : )
besides johnny love this is not completely because of china
it's called a poacher "smart" ass.
It is such a sad thing to here that our future generations are not gonna be able to see this animal kind!!
and fyi not all poacher's are chinese
We can protect from extinction but not prevent it.
That's out of our hands
Might I add, this species is practically extinct already. Sorry people, but its the truth. As much as it saddens me, I have to ask the question, why are we delaying the inevitable? Why isn't the money being spent on these animals right now being spent on food for the hungry? I don't know, I just find it crazy that we would try and protect an  animal before eachother.
+Jason Peacock Hunting is not a "sport". That's just an excuse for people to legally take part in wanton cruelty.
look at that pervert feeling up the rhino! haha
son will have only pictures of that can of animals if we don't be careful  
see someone kill them now!
It's so sad that we as a species have almost succeeded in pushing another one out of existence again. 
Protect the environment
I would think they would be letting them get it on and make some more white rhinos rather than sequestering the females.  Sheesh.  Do I have to think of everything? :D
+Jesse Prosser The "homeless man" has a choice and some control over his situation. The rhino in this story none of either.
Alarming!!! & sad to think that at this pace mankind will be on the endangered list. Thats nature!!!!!!
7 left we need to ensure the survival of last remaining white or the conseqenses maybe far worse. Come on world.
Just wait a minute , I think that guard dude is gonna try and milk that white rhino, or He is gonna jerk It off?
This has nothing to do with hunting its just about stupid people wanting deeper pockets. Hunters are the best conservationist in the world.
It is never too late (to change something), unless we are just complaining here that it's just too late to make ourselves feel better and to clear the fact that personally we had nothing to do with it, it's just not us the ones to blame for something like this.......I trully believe that everyone who commented to this post should start acting responsible and do something about this. How for god's sake it is illegal to trade some plants but it is legal to trade animal parts leading to extinction. Wtf are we just sitting still and not do something about this?

I really wonder if the white rhino is asking itself "is this my purpose in the world; would humans even learn anything from me?"
Psst!... hey, I got that white rhino horn you been craving right here ...
How much can the Rhino afford to pay those guards?
Arthur C. Clarke once commented that "intelligence has yet to be proven to have any survival value."
woooow best moment of my life sseing that pic. still in my mind thank u whoever posted that
Goddamned traditional asian medicine. I knew there's less than a dozen of them (because of recent visit to a zoo here in Czeh republic that holds most of the individuals and tried to move them to Kenya to restore natural behavior and hormonal cycles as lack of distinct hormonal cycles means the females lave low chance of actually conceive) but not that it's so male heavy - today's Przewalski's horses (went nearly extinct b/c of livestock competing for the pastures and water) are descendants of a dozen founding individuals but most were mares. Only chance now are rhinos that were spotted in the wild there. About those cut off horns - i think the reason was the transport preparations, mostly so the rhino can't damage the transport crate. But poaching is also a good explanation.
I'd love to help. What can we do except raise awareness?
Rae O.
incredibly sad.
And about the guard touching the rhino - they love petting and touching despite being so big and heavy ...
Wow. I'm almost speechless. All I can say is I'm more than willing to volunteer to do what those soldiers are doing. 
Roy D
Such a touching photo, he seems to know his fate, with what looks like a tear in his eye, such a magnificent and beautiful creature.
They should give him a home so he can live and mate . Other wise there going to be extinct . We need to have the animal chain !
The poachers are pieces of crap killing these majestic animals
Its Criminal the Greed of the 'end user' of Rhino horn which has been proved can be reproduced synthetically, amazing that the Game Wardens can get so close to such a magnificent Wild Animal. 
Ur totally right Joe... Dang people want money, and will do anything for it.
B Stott
It looks like they already took what they get killed for: His Horn.
They will prevail against the poachers' hostility...
Not all Chinese are like that cough me cough
+Patwig Nie I need your help. Can you translate this post into Mandarin or Cantonese? This would help reach a far wider audience. It is an issue of education. As you can see, many Americans on this post are also poorly educated about the subject. It's not a cultural issue, it's an issue of education, and if we can get this translated that would help a lot. Unfortunately I cannot speak it but I hoped if we reshared this widely we would find people in China who could help us. I need the whole text of the article to be translated. +MelvinChng YiCong 
STOP the trading of Rhino horn.
that is sad there are only 2 female s alive but how many males are alive
I don't want to live on this planet anymore... :'(
Rory mackeroy had -20 at a  tounament that is amazing!!!
God I didn't like the chinese before, now I fucking hate them.
For large mammals 7 is not a viable population. The white rhinocerous is already extinct.
The deciding blow to their population was i think poaching that went rampant during wars in the area, which of course meant less rangers watching for poachers. That and low natality in captivity. Btw on dofferent note my favorite species, Grevy's zebra is down to just about 2,500 individuals meaning 5 are two thousanths of total population... Way more than those rhinos but still scary.
i never even knew there was a white rhino
now i want to help protect it!
why don't they just breed new ones? these days with technology, people can genetically breed anything!
+Thee Alchemist the armed guards may well be former poachers. Many such places instituted a policy of paying them more than they got on the black market to protect and collect data on animals such as this instead. It developed a culture of seeing then as an asset better kept alive. 
The fact that this creature is just STANDING there with the guards around it amazes me.  To my knowledge, rhinos are very aggressive/skittish creatures.  What an amazing bond these guards must have with the animal.  
You overlook cloning. Maybe someone should start a White Rhino Cloning Kickstarter! Seriously though, I would like to see a coming program to get the population back up. 
If the top predators in the oceans go, the whole ocean ecosystem will eventually collapse. 
It is sad that human beings can be so disrespectful that other human beings need to stand guard over a wild animal to protect it from extinction. Sometimes people suck!
i believe that the next poacher who kills one of the rhinos should get his ass kicked
Time for the Chinese to start cloning
You are a very good person. It's sad to think about this stuff.
How does one person get out bed and say 'I'm going to kill a white Rhino today. I don't care that they is only two females left on the planet.' I don't think they is any circumstance in the world that can excuse this cruel behaviour!
So much for the elder Chinese race being wise. Charlatans more like.
WHY DID THEY WAIT SO LONG! What asame 4 the human race.
Where's the R&D to generate ivory and horns in a petri dish? C'mon, will save the animals!
OMG, there are many other such endangered species.. it'll be the same plight for tigers soon in India if no proper measure are taken.
I think it is great that we get to try and save this animal, but what's really sad is that we Americans and others around the world will slaughter something that is completely innocent and defenseless inside the mothers womb. If they saved those almost extinct rhinos they will be called heroes, but if you try to save a baby you'll go to jail, what a shame.
This is so sad 😢 but it's amazing how they are protecting her. 
+Trevor Marsh I disagree.  Most hunters that I have grown up around use a majority of the animals they shoot, have the meats processed, and some even have the heads (or entire bodies) stuff and mounted.  Very little goes to waste.  But I would take it you think catching fish and eating them "wanton cruelty" as well?  Having grown up in Mississippi, it's a sport (and this would apply to most parts of the US).  Plain and simple.  What's happened here is "wanton cruelty" to the white rhinos.  Hunting something to the brink of extinction is "wanton cruelty."  But each has their own opinion.  Disagree if you want.  
Wow.. this animal must be only 2nd to the elephant with the largest head!

Greed destroys all... Hope the white rhino #'s can make a come back!
only 2 females left... and both of them old... wonder if they are past their prime stage to mate anymore. If they are then these are the last of their kind and no more shall live after them.
It is terrible. Two female rhino alive. What can we do?
the only reason i'd love to die is if a 4,00 stampede of em' trampled me
This is sad...hopefully they can survive
This is bull, how can people not realize what they are doing. Save the white Rhino!
stupid rhinos why are you almost extinct
+Sammy Harper sad but things will never change. people are more and more removed from nature. mcdonalds came out last month and said they are phasing out pig torture in 10 years. 10f'n years! and it won't even make a headline. the earth is doomed so i agree, sad, and we all can try and do our part but human culture sucks. nature is corrupt in all but a few cultures. sad sad sad
"This is sad...hopefully they can survive"
7 examples (of which only 2 are female) of a mammalian species doesn't allow for a large enough gene pool for survival passed a handful of generations, alas. :-(
When will the raping and pillaging of our planet and its creatures ever end? For what......a horn, a necklace, an ornament on a fireplace mantle?

so sad what a magnifcent looking creature. It's not fair at all.
+Sharath M, is this a translation of the post? How did you get it? If you just plugged the text into Google Translate, it will not come up accurately. You need to hand translate it for it to sound accurate and make sense. 
Is the DNA pool large enough to be sustainable at this point ?
Is 2 females enough DNA mixing ?
This might be the last picture ever taken of them.
Don't get upset with me but Asians (Indians excluded) even highly educated have a different, some say cold, frame of mindset compared to Western Europeans or North Americans concerning wildlife. Money, status, chance of long life, Buddha and the idea of consumption of everything you can get from life warps their true meaning of existence of sharing the planet.
Hi +M Monica , I can translate it to Chinese. But how are we able to influence Chinese goverment and the people who can afford to horns
Hey! Look! Its not Americas fault for once!
+Wang Lin thank you! Please do, I will make and share that image with the Chinese text. We need to make the Chinese people aware that every time they buy Ivory, Rhino horn, or Shark fin, an animal dies and the closer these species get to extinction. 
It's natural for animals to become extinct. Many, many animals have come and gone from this planet. Although humans may have contributed to it's demise, this animal simply has run it's natural course in evolution. Natural selection is very efficient. It can't be controlled by humans.
I just have 18 and is sad for me think maybe this is the last white rhino that i will see in all my life, why the generation before me kill theme ?
E suazo
wow thats preetty sad
where's the animal world's equivalent to the seed bank?? surely this is being done...
+Ronal DeRoche, I'm wondering how casually you'd say that if humans were faced with our species extinction. 

We are living with 7 billion people on this planet and we are the top of the food chain. These are the largest living mammals apart from ourselves. We are the ones causing their extinction. 

We are also rapidly causing the planet's temperature to rise, and the Arctic to melt. The facts stare us in the face. If we cannot protect a few rhinos, it does not bode well for us protecting ourselves. 
This is really sad. It's been going on for just too long now. I don't think we can really wait for raising awareness. By that time, it'll be gone already. We need to do something now!!
Someone needs to collect Sperm and Eggs and try to save the breed!
That's EPIC

How'd they flank it if they're guarding it?
humans are the worst animals, to kill a beautiful animal like this to make a quick buck is disgusting.
It's bad, when you have to have armed man to protect a animal.
are you saying you are disgusting? get out of here disgusting human hater +steve smart 
That's a really endangered specie, how did we get to this?
Transport the last remaining. Rhinos, out of the Africa. Period
Seeing this absolutely breaks my heart. Humans were intrusted to look over these magnificent creatures. Oh how we have failed. As one species fades from the earth so will another then another. That is the circle of life and we can not let this happen. All animals big or small are all part of this amazing eco system. We have to preserve it for our children and our children's, children.
hey george, please watch ur language.
So sad their survival has come to this, will man never learn
If I reshare will all the important things you wrote go with it? I could copy and paste but using my Android and haven't figured that out
DEAR commenters,it is not common for a living being that has been on this earth for 6000 years to become extinct. the problem is that a voice needs to be heard ,and not a whole bunch of protesters. in fact protesters don't do any thing at all. if we want to save the white rhino we must be heard by them that are in higher ranks in life than us.evolution has no proof of existence ,and will not fix anything in saving this animal.                         WE MUST BE HEARD! 
Yes, if you reshare on Plus, all the text goes with it. 

If you put it on Facebook you will have to copy and paste the text and links yourself, +Staci lyn. 
Hey jewel, please watch your censorship.
Thats truly horrible and heartbreaking...why oh why can't ppl realise so called traditional medicine is a crock? Humans have so much to answer for...
I'm saddened by the slaughtering of dolphins, whales and the amount of wildlife illegally killed in China and the rain forests. I can't kill a spider let alone a mother elephant that has a baby or the apes and gorillas, orangutans and so many more that are killed with machetes and how many are held captive in horrible conditions and lastly I absolutely don't have any support for the circus. Wake up people
Tragic.... utterly tragic and completely inexcusable for it to have reached this point.... +M Monica I believe with enough effort and resources cloning could begin the species anew... unfortunately the people and governments with the ability to make this happen will only sit back and feign caring... after all, why save an awesome species of animal when they can make war and other atrocities.
This whole situation with these rhinos and some species of whales (among many other animals) is utterly dispicible. :x
+M Monica, bravo! I don't speak mandarin or cantonese, but i will pass yr message on...
+Vic DePaiva and the western view is of a "corrupt nature" as our religious foundation and apathetic indifference as our social rule. pray, eat, drive, repeat
how cool is it that they are protecting her? God bless them for it! And God bless those girlies!
O.M.G. what have we've done. :((
It doesn't even have its horn anymore, and it is still endangered? I don't know what is more sad, something going extinct or watching it go extinct.
A very unfortunate situation and set of circumstances. The city in which I live, Calgary, Canada, has already created a law against the selling and consumption of shark fin soup, which, although tasty, is a good step.
Now your talkin, Jobs with a purpose. Like to see more of this for a few of our rarest - funded by those who make the most.....Apple, Google...u listening?
It's not going to be easy to mate with all those dudes hanging around.  They are cramping his style!
Dumb. If there's only 7 left, just let them go. Survival of the fittest.
Worst of all!!
What are we still doing??
Killing everything good!!
Cloning is just another way looking for more problems! What the Xxxx R U thinking of?? :((
I say we start eating pandas until Chona gets the hint.
Excellent, insightful post. No inane photos of cats, either...
+Joel Watson You do realize they guard them from poachers right?  You're an idiot if you think "survival of the fittest" plays here... lets seeeee.. a Rhrino vs a bunch of poachers with guns.. yeah that's survival of the fittest alright... 
Sadly this cannot keep the species viable probably the DNA will be preserved but by I think that all the endangered species will probably be extinct or near extinction in another generation.
To be honest i don't see the point in cloning these things for the sole purpose of keeping them alive. As nice as they are, i think their time on earth will be over soon. At least we have photos!
There are some incredibly narrow-minded, negative posts on here...both for the hope of restoring the rhinos and against the Chinese. Setting aside land for preserves and keeping guards on the animals is a good start, but we need more citizen involvement and funding towards conservation science and breeding programs. Racist remarks about the Chinese aren't going to help this issue.
That is true Anthony. Most of the species on this planet are no longer here and someday Humans will no longer be here either
Has it come to this? Sad very sad state our world is in
There are more extinct animals in the history of the Earth than what is alive today...not saying this is good, but it is inevitable.  One way or another things go extinct.
Save it.  Poachers will try to do everything to kill it.  The price on it is so high it overpowers their common sense.
I think it's great that people are protecting this animal. People do care and it gives me a smile knowing they are willing to risk their lives protecting an endangered species <3
We should try to breed by matching with other rhino available in the earth so that extinction of the white rhino could be protected.
M Monica
Thank you for commenting on this post, everyone. Google Plus cuts off comments at the 500th comment so this will have to be the last one. To address some of the questions in earlier comments:

Unfortunately, cloning these animals is not possible; it is not genetically stable to clone a population from the existing Northern White Rhinos. They do not breed well in captivity, which is why the remaining 2 females cannot produce more animals. 

The best thing you can do to help educate others is to talk about the problem; help others understand we must protect animals which are endangered like other species of rhino, elephant, and shark. Do not buy rhino horn products, chinese medicine that contains it, or ivory, even if the seller tells you it is "old ivory." There is no way to verify their claims. The ivory may be new, sold by poachers who live in poverty. Refuse to eat shark fin soup and support bans on it. The reason we try and prevent species extinction and encourage species diversity is because this is a hallmark of a healthy planet.  

It's not entirely a Chinese and African problem either: Americans who go on safari are at fault. The CEO of recently went on an elephant hunt in Africa and killed elephants: This is inexcusable behavior. We should no longer be hunting elephants for sport or their tusks and it is time to start speaking up or we may be saying goodbye permanently not only to the Northern White Rhinos, but to other species of Rhinos and then to Elephants and many other large mammals. What your children and grandchildren are able to see in Africa in the wild is up to you and your actions now.