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...but I swear it was in self-defense...
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"I shot the Serif. But I did not shoot the Comic Sans..."
Oh sure...everyone look over the fact that "Calligraphy" rhymes with "the deputy"...SMH
I don't get this, do I need to channel some Bob Marley?
Thank you, thank you...I take monetary compensation as well.
What address should we mail the monopoly money to?
It's just that I liked Clapton's version better...LOL
They are serious, and don't call them Shirley.
...and we're going to be here the rest of the week ladies and gentlemen.
This town ain't big enough for two serifs...
But I did not shoot the descended G.
Does that mean when I brag my nose grows longer?
That's really my type of humor.
(I wasn't going to comment, but when in Rome, ...)
Oh, good Times.
You'll need a Courier to find the end of your nose! It could be in Chicago, Georgia or even Geneva. But I Jester. :)
He told the guy with the big "s" to just letter b. (OK, I'll stop now)
Thanks - I was gonna say, "the guy with the big, fat 's'," but went for subtlety.
Kern this thread devolve any further?
Think of the Futura, man.
+Ernest W, I dunno, but generally the rule is that it Calibri get worse.

'Course, it'll have to be someone else to make it so, because this isn't really my Forte.
I would make a bold statement here, but It's getting Grotesque in here...
His wife Arial and their two Sans describe his condition as Terminal. Some called the act Justified, but i disagree. 
...and they say it is a capital offense...
At least you didn't shoot the Calibri...
If the Serif ceases to be, is this incident the origin of Sans Serif?
So punny! I printed this out and gave it to one of the copy editors. She lol'ed so hard.
The Serif was corrupt, that's why the Italic mafia shot him.
Keming. The result of improper kerning.