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Community Support is hanging out tonight to talk about bullying and self-esteem. 9:30 PM EST.

If you don't know what +Community Support - Friends That Listen is, it's a web page where we create a safe and open community to talk about what's going on. Anyone is welcome to join the hangout. You do not have to show your webcam or speak with audio if you're uncomfortable doing so or are just getting used to hangouts. We try and meet everyone where they are and by so doing, create a safe space of acceptance and honesty.

Tonight we will be talking about what happens to self-esteem when someone is mocked or bullied. We will be talking about coping strategies for families, parents, for people who themselves are bullied in school, at home, or in the workplace. Bullying is not something that happens just to children; it happens in many facets and aspects of life. Speaking out is a way to stop it.

We welcome you if you would like to participate, even if you feel you would prefer not to speak on the topic. As a free and open discussion you have the right to limit the type and amount of participation you feel comfortable with, and we respect those boundaries.

If you are having private issues and ever need to discuss something please send a private message to +Community Support - Friends That Listen.
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+Bobby Alardin

That's what I thought you meant. Actually that belief would be "Social darwinism." Head over to wikipedia and look it up. It's also an immensely flawed philosophical concept.

You not only misunderstand evolution, and its related concepts, but by using them to justify bullying, you are trolling.

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The system should teach the kids to deal with other people. Being more social should be part of education.
+César Díaz The bullied or the bullies? Because I'll tell you that the bullied kids are using every cell in their bodies to try to fit in, get along, and be ignored.
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+sayed sahah you have also received a 24 hour block. If you wish to try again you may in a day. Those who get blocked 3 times remain blocked permanently.
Ok. The idea is prevention. Preparing the kid to a social life. When problems arise, every child needs some kind of therapy.
I did not know about that blocking rule. I blocked a single comment many times. Was that person blocked permanently?
you do like i do when you get bullied. i stabbed my first person when i was 8 years old. needless to say no one frakked w/me again. :)
My husband was in choir, and a comic and back-talker in highschool. He isn't tall or burly. He has stories about being bullied by footballers. He soon started a policy of throwing the first punch at the biggest guy as soon as a group of proven bullies approached him. He figured at least the bully won't get out of it without some damage. He got beat up badly about three times but built a rep for being insane and unstable and not worth the trouble. He soon stopped getting harrased. I find this to be a hilarious strategy, but definitely not recommended. 
+César Díaz, some people choose to block permanently. If you hit the little flag by the comment box (if it is spam) the person's profile is often deleted.

I usually give 3 warnings before I block permanently so people have some chance to change their behavior.

I hope you and +Terry Lightfoot can make the hangout, it will be an interesting discussion. I think +Victor Martines has lived a hard life; I have too. I would be interested to get some dialog going about these sorts of situations.
Adults can be bullied too. It is hard to deal with. I have been even threatened to death. I am a lawyer and cannot start fights everywhere. I use my political connections to calm things down. But there is something in the neighborhood. That's enough to make life sour.
Sorry, my hangouts software is not working properly. I am working on that. No hangouts for today.
i gotta shave first ... look like frakking al qaeda
No problem +César Díaz, I understand.

I'm glad you're able to use your power to calm things in your area. But it's too bad the neighborhood is so tense.
Crazy country where I live. Honduras, the most violent in the world.
A bullied person can blast into flames of fury and kill the bully.
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Someone please explain me the meaning of "going postal".
I start getting the idea. In Honduras, if you kill someone, the relatives of the dead will come to kill you. So people do not kill openly. They do with a plan and trying not to get caught. Massacres are usual and nobody cares. The last important one was of almost 400 inmates in a prison by an "accidental" fire.
Getting bullied is the worst feeling in the world!! totally not fun
Relax Victor. Hangouts seem to be a taste for men. Women do not like them too much. So maybe there won't be a hangout.
cool, didn't feel like shaving right now anyway. watching my bsg
Whatever happened to the good old days, when you got three bully victims together and beat the bully's ass? No more bully, and the bully usually is the other kids friends after a week. If you DONT get bullied as a kid, theres something really wrong. I dont get the 280k number though. All fights cant be bullying. I also fear the "solution" some snooty elitist politician might come up with. Probably make it worse.