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Not too long till Game of Thrones Returns

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Thanks to +Halfdan Reschat for the link.
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ROFL. Love the image. And I am pacing back and fourth for Sunday to be here already.
I was puzzled why is Tony in there.
And then it hit me.
+Alvin Lim Took me a minute, too. I get it now.. this is awesome. Can't wait for 4/1!! :-)
Indeed! The first season blew me away.
After that I read the novel, am on the 2nd book now.

I like the character of Tyrion. There's something in him that makes you love him and loathe him at the same time. I wonder what's his fate in the end.
Great series of books.. I had read through book four and was waiting years for book five. Now that I have it, I am having trouble with details from prior books and remembering everything. I think I need to skim them over again before I keep reading 5.

+Alvin Lim In the books Tyrion was always one of my fave characters. I've been so psyched about Dinklage's portrayal in the tv series. He really captures what you would expect from him. Long live the Imp!!
+Michael Burke yes, he did great in the series, it really helped when I was reading, I could visualize him talking/jesting haha!
Why can't I get into playing games, it sure sounds like I am missing something!
hahaha... clever adding tony in there.. i'd have to read the books again.. seems like ages since i saw the series and finished the 5th book.. :-)
Lily L
Haha, I love this! Can't wait! A lot of great things are happening on April 1st!
It's pathetic how melancholy it made me to see Rickon Bran standing in this.

ETA: my plan for today
- mean Bran
- type Rickon
- look like a dumbass

My work here is done.