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Only in my final year of university did I actually find collaborators in a group project. Before that, it was always horrible.
Oh god I remember group projects!! A TON during college.

Trust. No. One. (and do the work yourself.)
Yup, in college I always got stuck fixing everybody else's work.
Its really true.............. Well done Monica............
Perhaps this is because those involved in the group projects start off expecting them to fail. They work, i promise. And when they succeed its greater than anything you could have done on your own.
I hate those kinds of stories! It's like those stories you hear about people who make it through college without any debt. It's always something that has happened to someone else...
+Nathanael Card Oh, certainly, it's not all like this; the problem is finding the group members who you can trust.

And then, if you get de-synced by class-requirement/co-op, you have to re-do the entire process again.
haha.. the hard truth!
That copying your friends work is just cooperation.
This is what happens when "group projects" are done WRONG. They should be the chance to practice skills that you have a bit of a clue about before the endeavour starts!.. and with ongoing support from a tutor to remind you how to fulfill your roles and obligations.

Mentors/tutors/teachers have to be clear that learning the process is the most important part of the activity and be able to support those who are having difficulty.

Consider that people who are good at getting results on their own, may be specialising on self reliance and will need real support to compromise their vision and allow others to influence the outcome of a project... but they need to be convinced that learning the process is very important. Most people who are used to owning their own success and doing things on their own merits have difficulty realising that they may be weak on collaborating... and may deny that it's a skill they will ever need... but in my experience it's one they do, more often than not.
you are saying tht coz u dnt knw my frnds :P
Dammit it's so sad but true...My "flowchart for a perfect project"....START --> GIVE UP --> STOP. Always works, and no one has anything to take the rap for!
Jay Tee
No argument here. Trust = F when it comes to group project.
Yi Li
Unacceptable but true
What is a group project !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
b swamy
this is most important in our life. i always like this chart
b swamy
this is most important in our life. i always like this chart
very true. Though instead of "Trust no one" I would have put down, "Do the damned work yourself"
both are correct. but exactly i can't told@@@@@@@@@22
Love it. Ideal for use in the classroom.
True.. & i m lucky as not a part of group Projects from past 1 year ;)
...if this is true you need to find a different team.
Love to work solely as a leader of my own work :)
The blue circle should be looked externally
The red circle is to be looked internally.
oops! We are working on a project ...A nice "warning"
Anna Ma
Yup so true, almost got screw over on my final year because of bad project groups; did the project practically by myself, sigh
it's work is bullshit
They taught me to do all the work myself and let everyone else put their names on it. Its the only way to assure it is done correctly.
Yes I agree Teamwork term is used to utilize the people for the vested interest of someone. But mistrust is a symptom of depression.
For a group effort to succeed, you need a competent leader to direct that effort, and subordinates who will do as directed.

To think that such an organizational structure will spontaneously emerge in a small group of randomly selected peers is... Optimistic, even under ideal conditions. And in my experience, you're lucky if conditions are even mediocre.

So, yeah, you should do everything yourself. Ideally, you should refuse association with a group altogether. But when that fails, try not to make things even more unpleasant by blaming everyone involved for the failure of an inherently misguided undertaking.
love anyone but don't trust everyone..
hahahahhha i really like this! lol
if this is true, the head of the team implemented/provided a sense of mistrust or even lying in the project.
I've withdrawn from units that had a group project as a large portion of the mark. Never again.
I can relate to this, but--group projects are SO important. And, the lack of success with them is probably why so many workplaces are what they have become. But, I think--in a class group project--there must be keen observation of the group by the instructor. I am going to be perfectly honest here...I have worked on group projects in which I was clearly the weakest link. But, I did what I could--and, I always did my best. Sometimes, I was simply limited by my background--but, my attitude was very good. I always did what I could, and tried to make up for what I could not.
often you end up doing all the work, and others were freeloaders
Oh, one other thing...LOL. I've often found that people who are so hell-bent set against group projects can have just as bad an attitude as those who slack off. Sometimes, they are so concerned with their own grades that it is they, in fact, who are the ones that have the least amount of teamwork. I mean, people who think they can coast through life only accountable for their own actions aren't likely to get that far in life...and, probably never really consider that they have likely (at least at some point in their lives) left someone else accountable for theirs.
b swamy
cause this shows percentage of body level like which quality he is having.
Oh yes,it always brings out the worst in people ...esp. If all the people are project managers having a training day .meltdown happens lol
फुल्ल टु धम्माल जोक्स्...
जे तुम्हाला आवरता येनार नाहीत..
फेसबुक वर पहिल्यांच सादर आहे हास्याचा अफाट महासागर!
चला डुबकी मारा......
TRUST NO ONE. . .tolerate everyone. . .and u're safe
Its always mattered for me the difference of me picking my group members or being stuck with pre-appointed group members.
It's very very true.......well done monica.....
when u do nearly 75% team work , how do you manage Trust No One?
How abt if u trust sum1 bt dat prsn dn't trust u. 
All of it is so true to. Thats the bad thing
Lol that cracked me up brah.. cool survey...
Confirms my long held suspicions that the majority of people are A-Holes. :)
(With the exception of present company and myself)
Yep, at least 60% to trust man, cos if no trust u can't do any business 2gether. 
I spent most of my group projects hassling lazy co-eds to give me their contact details so I could even collaborate on this "group project" we were given at all. This is the worst form of assignment I always dread whenever it appears, and every time I hand it in I hope I never have to deal with one of these again. People barely even notice to give each other contact details so group work can even happen, let alone want to do group work in the first place.

it is like collective responsibility: where no one is responsible!!
Sum of those lazy 1ce who dn't care at all shld we drive them away?
I think this is a reflection of the fact that a lot of supposed group projects are really just a way for people to divide projects into individual tasks performed in seclusion which are then recombined, as opposed to true collaboration where a group performs each tasks together in series.

So to my thinking most group projects not really a group projects, they're parallel projects.
Absolutely great. From a veteran of teams.
ALL THE BEST................................................................... 2 YOU
hi everyone;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;
+M Monica it's amazing to see the number of indian spammers on this post, maybe you should do a little cleanup in your followers section. The sad part is that I can't distinguish a lot of comments from actual SPAM, comments like "Yes!", "haha", "lol", "I like it", etc...
I wish Google+ had a comment-filter slider so I filter only +1'd comments or comments longer than two words.
This is not only true it couldn't have come at a better time for me to agree. Thank you for providing me and (people who don't lock their computers nearby) my/our new wallpaper.
Hmm, that'd make me a spammer in this context for trying smart answer +Gabriel Perren! :o I see your point though, even simply having a setting that Blue Heads can't post would be a worthy step in the right direction...
See? This is what I mean: read the comment by Ravi Rulhania two comments up. Is that a spam bot? Is it an actual person? Is he/it trying to insult me or is it actually agreeing with me? Can anyone else find any sense to this type of comments?
If G+ doesn't do something about this, engagement will start dropping massively.
Omg it's true! Lol I don't trust ppl to handle things correctly in group projects.
Whoever prepared that chart has possibly not experienced the awesomeness of some great open source group communities. Just my opinion.
i really never trust to anybody in the group project because i know that they will not make the project..
I can say only one thing, u r upset !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and an upset one is nervous. Nervous one can do a lot of mistake, like u.
At present, I prie to God Almighty for you. Seriously!
You can be sure you will have abundant health and long life.
It is a promise.

Sincerely yours,

Jorge Aparicio
Interational analyst.
This chart is so true. I shall worship this forever ^_^
I teach working in a design team- this is going on a poster and is going to be the topic of a class discussion. :)
Truth: trust no one. Why is that such a bad lesson?
My second large group project at school (programming, project was iterative, over the whole quarter) finally taught me that I couldn't do it all by myself. Notice that I was already like 24 years old with a husband and two kids, and it was only the SECOND project of this size that finally got that through my head. It is an important lesson. When group projects are given, they need to be large enough and long enough to break even the best over-achiever in the group . . .
I really this post it is so true about the world we live in today