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Spoiler alert.
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It's about Time for some New Plots and Human Being Themed Movies I believe. Thanx +M Monica 4 insight. lol!!!
+Noah Mullins I've seen this one before done with Lord of the Rings as well. I doubted few people have seen this; it was the original. First saw it in 2001.
My understanding is that you can layer 'Eragon' on top of this, flawlessly, as well.
The average fictional story, in order to be popular - must address some social struggle or other hot-button issue in a way that it may not have been addressed, have some antihero or hero in the plotline, have some sort of enemy, have a rise in action, a climax, and a denoument or catharsis. If it is missing any part of the classic story it will usually fail to be popular. So I'm not really suprised. You can draw the same correlations in most linear, popular storylines for the typical hero story.
+Mike Wyner, yeah, I think Eragon actually fits much better than Harry Potter does here.
This explains why I was so terribly bored with the whole Harry Potter thing. I didn't realize it was a rerun.
+Alex Jimenez You should pick up Joseph Campbell's 'The Hero With a Thousand Faces'. You'd be surprised how much of human fiction is the same general story set to repeat.
Also, if this is new to you, PLEASE go immerse yourself in TV Tropes. You will be there for hours, and then everything you see will fall into a trope, your you will go check to see if it is a trope. It was HARD to get out of that spiderweb of thought.
+Dana Severance I know. I have an ongoing game with my GF where we try to guess the theme of a story as early as possible. Some of my favorites are the Oedpius, the Faust, and the Romeo and Juliette (which of course was a rip-off of much earlier stories).
Cliché storylines seem to become more common nowadays, especially considering how most plots and settings have been used at least once at some point. Then again, some author's just suck ass and like to steal ideas. A great example would be Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight saga.
The image above implies the number of similarities between the Harry Potter and Star Wars series, specifically that they follow the same basic storyline, +naija hopkins.
David: Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?
Everyone else: Think of things this way: The human race has several thousand years of civilization, and the various folklore and fancy that go with civilization. Every original thought about the human condition was addressed before Homer took up the quill to write the Odyssey. The only "new" elements are those of technology, and the issues associated with it. At the end of the day, though, the human drama connected to those technologies is still old hat. Cloning? New technology, but the human element has always been around concerning with meddling with the natural order, and in the questions concerning the sanctity of human life. Space flight? 20th Century technology, certainly, but Homer (once again) wrote of the equivalent concept of sailing off into the unknown. Christy hit it on the head: "There is nothing new under the sun."
Yes, brilliantly conceived in parallel by Rowling.
It's technically the Battle of Yavin, but I'm sure we all know that. =]
darth vader didn't kill luke's adopted parents, and these stories aren't remarkably similiar. this is just a bunch of cherry-picked, vague plot points.
And now you know the beginning of the story.
this guy made it too easy to make it seem like the harry potter story
They follow basic story telling details of classical story telling. You should do research on some of the scriptwriting advisors when Lucas was making A New Hope.
Many story elements just repeat the ancient 'hero archetype' pattern.
+Jayden Reynolds and luke isn't an orphan. and luke is rescued from sand people, indigenous to tatooine (not aliens), and harry's life wasn't in any sort of peril living with muggles. and the fact that harry plays quidditch well, same as his father isn't really significant compared to luke blowing up the death star in the plot of the movies. these movies aren't really similar beyond both being action-adventures.
Thats cool but I HATE star wars but LOVE harry potter!
It's so ironic that they are almost exactly the same, just with different characters and different worlds.
This is called the "Heroes Journey" and it started with Shakespeare. Neither stories are original.
Even if they're not strictly original, I really love these two spins on the theme.
Funny how it all worked out so perfectly...haha the stories work together with just some changing of names and stuff.
standard narrative format, applicable to most story lines of their nature...
My brother is a huge fan of Star Wars and I like Harry Potter. We used to fight over who got to watch their movie. Guess it doesn't even make much of a difference.
I watched a documentary recently showing that many of the stories in the bible came about the same way. Copied from the legends of previous peoples. This has been going on for quite some time.
It's funny, but as others have already pointed out, most heroic litterature revolves around the same plot devices.

In fact, SW and HP are opposite stories.

On the one hand, SW is all about the redemption of Darth Vador, from arch-villain back to his good self. The message is optimistic : it doesn't matter how far you've fallen, you can always come back. On the other hand, in HP, the villain is marked by a fate he can't escape. There is no turning back, once the fall has begun, he's doomed - hey, even his soul we ultimately get to see is damaged beyond recognition. Moreover, SW is about how a 'lone ranger' type of hero (the last jedi, Luke), can overcome almost by himself an entire army, while HP is all about "it doesn't matter how much you're gifted, if you don't have friends to team up with you, your ass is fried".

Very, very different stories.
Oh man, a lot of stories have very similar themes. Who woulda thought!?
This is like what someone told me, "'Avatar' is like 'Dances With Wolves' with blue people". 
Thank you for the rundown on the duplication of ideas and plots..but am goin to get a ticket to the movies .lol for the fun of it..
If only Snape were Harry's father.
May Ge
Paige F
thats frikin hilarious
Forcing stories to make them look stolen... nice try
Don't they say there are only seven basic jokes?
Yay for ninth grade english. Hero's journey ftw
What the hell, this whole thing is not even close to the whole story of Harry Potter. I could produce a massive list of discrepancies between the both, besides the fact that the "plot" they are outlining from Harry Potter isn't even the overall story. But hey, let's also ignore the fact that many stories are based off of the mythos of the Hero's Journey. Because Star Wars was the first time it was ever used. coughstoryofchristcough
1960s: "Don't mess with Tolkien!"

1980s: "Don't mess with Star Wars!"

2000s: "Don't mess with Harry Potter!"

The song remains the same.....
Oh my God. Is that real or not
OK just had to point this out but you cant compare, a story from a book to a dynamicaly graphic movie. not all peoples imaginations work the same. finally who cares if they share something get over it you ppl are speniding too much time on your computers whinning instead of living and now you stupid desire to prove a point has sucked me in. I curse you all to never be satisfied with a simple answer. dang it i hate when the curse is effective before i use it.
LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! soooo funny.... never seen star wars tho...
Except Hagrid's not wise by any stretch. But it's still pretty funny!
It's the Star Wars Effect: everything is based on Star Wars now.
Hmmm, not that impressed. The synopsis has clearly been crafted in order to do this, and because of it misses a lot of the real parellels. Obi corresponds to Dumbledor; they are both the "Wizard" archetype that share wisdom, then die and inspire the "hero"

I just overthought this shit.
don't fret...history repeats itself with just a little twist here and there
and now adding a comment makes it
Hagrid isn't a wizard. He is a giant-human cross.
Wow, never realized this. But I still like em both!
Yawn. You can do this with any movie, any book. The Lascaux caves are probably derivative if we find the right prehistoric cave. "These painted bison are a total ripoff of my stags."
Is it just a comment on our humanity? Or our cultural values so infused in us?
I've seen something similar with avatar and Pocahontas.
Lol, that's awesome! It's sad because I haven't seen either of them! But it's okay cause I have friends that like both a lot.
That is so clever, i've seen both movies lol ;)
EXCELLENT! Though for us "older" generation, Star Wars still rocks. I never thought about the first Harry Potter that way... but WOW, what a similarity... Excellent Post!
That's so neat! It's cool how you did that.
This can be done with The Lord of the Rings as well, no?

I see that you've discovered formal analysis of narrative, good work
wow thats cool, great stiries, same storyline.
And George Lucas ripped off Akira Kurosawa...still good though
Their is actually only 7 stories just remade with different characters and settings
+Kurt Scheuermann Schliemann and Akira Kurosawa ripped of the bard. shrug the content of the story is less important than the ability of the story teller. 
George RR Martin's plot structure in the Song of Ice & Fire series, doesn't fit this particular model easily.
That's HILARIOUS! I love both of those stories, by the way. Possibly two of the greatest stories of the Twentieth century.
How could you compare a great classic like Star Wars to Harry Poop eater!
it makes it a lot simpler for people who are writing a report on the book
can u give me the url 4 this my cuz is obsessed w/ harry potter he will lol!!!XD
teehee.wait until a Harry Potter fan reads this.
+Martijn van der Meulen ah, I remember that comparison. In retrospect, odd that the film industry is forcing us to buy non-pirated stuff when they themselves can't give us something original. Lol..

Avatar didn't deserve to make so much money. It just shows how stupid humans are.
This shows that in Western culture, we tell the same tragic hero tales over and over again in books and movies. Go read Joseph Campbell.....he explains why we continue to do that. Its really quite interesting!
Almost as cool as
I did a project in a mythology class based on Joseph Campbell's "monomyth". All great stories follow this basic formula.
This has been said before...its the most loose translation you can come across.
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I laughed out loud when I saw the last sentence. Loser humor!
LOL it's basically the same but with some word changes!!!!
Looks about right. I'm pretty sure anything original has already been created at this point. We're just seeing the variations. Even the concepts in Inception have already been done in multiple ways. Doesn't stop the movie from being awesomely creative.
WoW! Thats funny, I really love the movies that can actually be original.
Wow sounds like harry potter coppied star wars story line
According to Joseph Campbell the hero's journey is quite common. 
+monica depedro This summary points out the similarities between the story of Luke Skywalker and Harry Potter. Being that Star Wars was made several decades prior to Harry Potter the point would be that maybe it was purposely copied/stolen.
Well... well it's STILL a great book!!! 
Seems a lot in common above there!!!!!!!
Didn't we all discuss this last year and the year before, etc
haha lol whoever did this is hilarious
how the hell did you come up with this? Very smart lol
This is great. Are there any truly original ideas out there?
Where have I heard this before...? It sounds very familiar. 
Well.... What more can you expect.
Its a generic displacement. 
Actually. Old Ben Kenobi does tell Luke that Vader killed his father long before Luke finds out that Vader is his father and when luke does find out he doesnt accept it. In some ways this is very much true as Anakin, in episodes 1-3, is a very different personality than Vader in episodes 4-6
uses sarcasm Of COURSE Star Wars and Harry Potter have a near identical plotline!
This comment stream is turning into copied, unoriginal comments. Please read all the comments before you write something simple and unthoughtful ie: "So cool! Never thought of that!" or "duh, its been done before" or even better. The same fucking link about monomyth or the Hero's Journey link... Jeebus christ people!
I was drinking coffee... Man!
. (**) .......... I
<(+)> .........Am
._/| ............Harry Potter
no one can compare harry potter with any other...... but.. itz nice though....
Az Man
plots are all similar, what matters is the presentation n entertertainment. Both scored high.

Yes, many storytellers know their C G Jung. Or at least their Joseph Campbell, who is Jung with water and sugar added.

Jung had a point: we're like kids. We want our favourite story read to us again... the same way as before, but different.

May we soon expect a Wizard of Oz? And a Lord of the Rings?
Star Wars is based on a 1969 movie call Mosquito Squadron with is base on events during wwii
Fortunately, JK's too smart to think we now want the childhood stories of No-Nose.
Frodo, uncle Bilbo, Wizard Gandalf, Magic Ring, Friends Gimli, Legolas, Mordor, Sauron... endless story
Also just like both the movies the main actors will be type cast for the rest of their lives...except Harrison Ford cuz he is a badass.
So in other words, Harry Potter is nothing new or really special. Point taken.
+Beau Dylla Yessir! So sorry Sir! Didn't mean to interrupt your moronic thinking sir! wont happen again:)
Every story has already been done. There are no new stories. It's up to the characters and director to make the story fresh.
lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame !!!
lmfao the synopsis of star... i mean harry potter is a funny coincidence. :P
I find it funny that just by changing adding a few words, you can completely change subjects from one movie to another. I see someone doing this with a video game. Where's my red pen?
Someone made a hilarious video a few years back--a mock trailer--showing the parallels between Forrest Gump and Benjamin Button. The resemblance had nothing to do with mythic journeys and everything to do with both screenplays coming from the same writer.

'My name's Forrest. Forrest Gump.' (Southern accent)
'My name's Benjamin. Benjamin Button.' (Southern accent)

Watch young Forrest, wearing leg braces, fall down as Mama looks on.
Watch young Benjamin, wearing leg braces, fall down as Mama looks on.

Mama: 'Life's a box of chocolates, Forrest. You never know what you're going to get.'
Mama: 'Remember what I'm always telling you, son? You never know what's coming.'

Tranquil scene of someone diving off a boat.
Tranquil scene of someone diving off a boat.

Childhood sweetheart: 'What's the matter? Are you stupid?'
Childhood sweetheart: 'What's the matter? Are you sick?'

And more. Much more.

The voiceover: 'If you can see only one version of Forrest Gump this year, make it The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.'

I wish I could give a link but that video got pulled off the Net pretty quickly. Not before it sank the second film's Oscar chances, though.
Not unusual at all, when you consider such things as Carl Gustav Jung's archetype, the collective unconscious, and synchronicity.
I mean, is ancient Hercules myth so much different from these two?
There's so much more to telling a great story than it's basic skeleton...
Good joke, though.
Now that you mention it, it IS oddly familiar...
wow! they seem pretty alike now that iv seen this
always thought there was more than just a glancing similarity and this is coming from a retired Librarian ie me!!!!!!
Comment 320 luv it i hate luuke skywalker but luv harryy potter cool.
Have a hard time understanding why people need to criticize book series aimed at adolescents so critically. This like calling any book with a beginning, middle, and end unoriginal. 
Except for the fact that Darth Vader is Luke's father. Harry and Voldamort are not blood-related...
Myth: Busted!
Any plagiarism suits in the offing will be squelched by that innocuous word: Muse.
heha, awsome editin cuz dis is funny :L
Wow never realised that their story line was so similar!
Hala al of u@lol u cnt b ciruz evrybdy lavs muviez.nd y dnt u lav it
0_o. The similarity is astounding!
Jeeezzz .... Who r all u ppl???
Took me like an hour 2 scroll down to bottom!!...
After I read Eragon, I came to the conclusion the LoTR, Star Wars, HP, and every other piece of fiction I knew and loved followed the same damnable formula. I am especially sick of the "bearded old man". This has resulted in lessening of enjoyment of fiction for me :(