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+Game of Thrones compared to the presidential candidates.
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oh god.. i just broke in to laughter at the last one XD
Please, please, no!
I'm not familiar with GoT, other than having read there's a lot of nudity involved. And people being killed with swords ... but that might bother me a bit less.
If you haven't watched (or read) GOT, then skip the post.

Even for those who have simply read the books, you'll be able to recognize the characters.
+Bob O`Bob just my opinion here, but you're not missing much... I tried to read the book and after 6 chapters of non-stop political talk and not single line of anything remotely resembling action or actual story, I gave up. I was SO bored, I don't know how this series became popular.
Interesting, that's kind of how I felt about lord of the rings..
The books do contain a lot of politics, but the storys are great, and gripping.

Love the Tyrion one :-D
there is plenty of action.. but well steeped in political intrigue :P
I got a good laugh out of the last one. . . thanks.
Obama the BEST of the bunch? Really? The creator is living in a cave. Then again, I've neer seen the show. Any good?
show is great.. if you like political intrigue.