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Great paper error message to program into your printer. 

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"What a lovely singing voice you must have."
Also a useful phrase if you happen to know someone with dissociative identity disorder ;-)
LOL That is priceless. Here is my attempt at humor. 

I am the Paper Remover. Are you the Tray Dispenser? 
When someone asks you if you're an HP, the answer is always YES!
Of course when the copier guy comes to fix the thing, it will be empty. "Now all it says is PC LOAD LETTER where it said Zuul. And there were dogs writhing around in the toner."
next time the copier asks you, "Are you a god?" say yes.
You all win the comments today. 
Either that or a 4000.... scary that I recognized it from such a small pic.
First massive foreclosures and now Zuul get evicted from the refrigerator? Wow, the recession hits everybody....
Matthew- Yup, from the fridge to the copier--clearly downsizing! :)