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Evan Longoria's status is up in the air after he left last Monday's game with an apparent knee injury:

Can the +Tampa Bay Rays win the AL East if Longo is seriously injured?
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Yes, but they may have to pick up another bat for their lineup.
Dana, quit trolling the TB Rays page, go watch YES or something else. Typical Yankee Fan.
I have him on my fantasy baseball team and he has been a BEAST.... I hope he is not out too long.
rays blow yanks blow ..lets go red sox's!!
forget dat crap, GO M'S!!! ATTA WAY TO RUIN THE RAYS!!!! keep on trollin
Is it wrong that I imagine most Yankee fans spend their whole day finding random places to post "YANKEES"?
You know what half of the Yankees fans of the world and I have in common? Neither one of us are from, grew up, or live in New York. Have fun on the bandwagon kids.

If he misses too much time, no. He's carrying that offense. Otherwise it's just their rotation trying to carry the whole team. I see the Yankees in first, Rays second, Blue Jays third, then Sox (cuz they're dysfunctional now) and the Orioles.
The Rays went 19-12 last year without Longo, albeit, for a shorter time, I think they do fine mostly because DJ is up for the entire year and the threats of Pena and Scott are much better than Damon and Kotchman
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