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BREAKING: Miami Marlins announce the suspension of manager Ozzie Guillen for five games effective immediately.
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Interesting that they would suspend him prior to his News Conference. If that is the worst it's going to be for him he can likely say whatever he wants unless Miami wrote the script for him.
Four games into the season. Wow. This is ridiculous.
Would you want your coach fired if he said that he loved Hitler? Just curious
this will probably be one of many to follow. dont see the marlins letting him get away w/ half the nonsense the sox did
The freedom of speech is from the government not your employer.
when trying to build a large latino base it's probably ill advised to talk about loving castro. even if he believes it isnt the point of it. he, along with Reyes and Bell were to help revive a base that isnt there. this was the marlins attempt to placate to the people they are trying to get $ from
+Ben Barber makes a good point. He is allowed to say what he wants but the Miami Marlins also have a right to choose if what he says matches what they believe. If not, they can let him go. It's not like he's going to get arrested for saying what he did.
Ozzie is a great manager and always speaks his opinion. Thats what i love about him. i love coaches who yell and get in your face and stick up for you on the field. Go Ozzie!!!
This twirp once again should B banned from MLB. He said some dumb-shit in Chicago too, which is why i feel this way.
i'm thinking the Marlins may suspend him for longer ....
Who cares if he said some dumb shit. i would be honored to say Ozzie guillen said some dumb shit to me!
FYI.....5 gm suspension is still not enough. Quoting "I respect Fidel Castro. You know why? Alot of people have wanted to Kill Fidel for the last 60 yrs & he's still here" C what I mean, all of those Cuban Peeps in the South Florida area wanna get a hold of him.
I am not saying he didn't say stupid things, i just don't think you can suspend him for his own opinion in this country where freedom of speech is allowed. I hate fidel as much as the next american but freedom of speech is still allowed
Ugh, Why don't people understand that he represents an organization and they have full rights to suspend him if he isn't upholding their image. I get that people say we have freedom of speech in this country which is still true in this case but he can also be reprimanded by his organization for not representing the team they way that expect him to.
Banned from baseball for saying something. Now who's being dumb? Next time you say something right or wrong, maybe you should be fired from your job. Don't like freedom of speech, there are quite a few planes that leave this country throughout the day. Be on one. See how you like it elsewhere.
This is too funny, so what if he likes and respects Castrol, so what if he thinks Cuba has the best medical schools; by the way they do, in the world. Can we just play baseball?
I thinking people are too emotional, welcome to the real world is just one man opinion.
Ojalá que Guillen aprenda a conectar su boca y su cerebro, y ojalá la directiva de los Marlins le diera una suspension de verdad. Una suspension de 5 juegos es para reirse.
Que EE.UU no es un pais que pregona y defiende la democracia? Un país que defiende la libertad de expresión? Creo que Guillen lo único que ha hecho es expresar su libre opinión, lo cual es uno de los derechos que te concede el sistema democrático.
Freedom of speech is between your government and it's people. A private corporation can fire you for whatever they please. Don't like being able to fire your own employees, there are quite a few planes etc...
La distadura de los cubanos no esta en Cuba, los cubanos de Miami son los que mantienen una dictadura desde la pequeña Habana!!!!
haha, ya pues voz, nadien es perfecto, pobre hombre iso unherro.
let just play ball.
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