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With the No. 1 overall pick in the 2012 MLB Draft, the Astros selected SS Carlos Correa out of Puerto Rico Baseball Academy.
No. 2: Twins took OF Byron Buxton out of Georgia’s Appling County HS.
No. 3: Mariners picked C Mike Zunino out of the University of Florida.
No. 4: Orioles selected RHP Kevin Gausman out of LSU.
No. 5: Royals took RHP Kyle Zimmer out of the University of San Francisco.
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I am watching now and I am happy with the astros choice. A few years ago they took a ok outfielder instead of a shortstop. that hot-shot shortstop was derek jeter. carlos correa is a hot-shot shortstop with a big career ahead of him. 1+ me if you agree
Mariners might actually be good for a change
+MLB , I'm wondering how many Canadians get a shot at a draft pick  ? And where do they get drafted from ? 
I hear good thing's about Correa. We will be hearing about him in the future, but not with houston.
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