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BREAKING: Yankees acquire Ichiro in trade with Mariners.
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and so this will be # what for Yankee World Series appearances?
I wonder what team he'll play for tonight.
Tryin' to get that MSG stock back up after your Lin f**k up eh' New York?
So much for my Mariners.....we were poo anyways.....
For 2 pitchers when the Mariners can't hit for shit. Brilliant. Good for Ichiro just wish it wasn't the damn Yankees
Could have gotten so much more if we did this a couple years ago. I love my M's but they're terrible at everything.
everybody goes to the yanks!, bullshit
Why is this tripe showing up?
Didn't see that coming.  Nice rental player since it looks like Gardner isn't getting healthy.
im happy for ichiro, he will actually make it to the playoffs for once, even though im a red sox fan
what a joke!!! yankees suck and i really hope they dont win shit!!
Yankees are the best :) and that's not gonna happen ever
Dose who judge us Yankees fans don't matter.. dose who matter don't judge us dry just roll wit it.
The Yankees are too stacked with veterens. I assume he'll lead off? Still think the A's would smash on the Yankees in the post season! Eff the Yankees!
Best team money can buy. What ever happened to building guys up in the farm system?
Not surprised.... although, am surprised this didn't happen sooner.
It all depends on how the Yankees feel during the game
I hope he will play for the Yanks tonight at Safeco Field!
Seriously! I've loved Ichiro on the mariners for as long as I can remember!
And what was the point of this besides flexing the financial muscle? Where will Ichiro fit in the line up?
The M's are basically a farm team for New York.  So many of our best players have moved to NYC.
The yanks were lookin at Shane vitorino I wonder y they did go for It
I know he sucks now..... 2Bad
Yankees keep trying to buy championships.  Pathetic.
As a Yankees fan this sucks! He is past his prime. His on base percentage is .288. For those who don't know, that is really bad. He is just a big name.
They buy championships cus they suck!!!!!
Sean OH
It is money ball, not ethic high school baseball.
If baseball is not driven by high salary, it will become fake in the end.
so glad. and i cant wait till gardener is back though
I love the Yankees but we don't need him. 
I was a Mariners fan.  I will always be an Ichiro fan.  He will return and retire as a Mariner.
Yea the Yankees are not going to get much out of Ichiro now, he has had an absolutely awful year as a Mariner.
That's funny. I traded for him to the Yankees in MLB the show 3 yrs ago.
But it's kinda good because they have more depth
this is great. give ibanez, wise, and jones a break. swisher out we need another good glove in the OF besides granderson. though they need to give him a break. he's been in all season i recall
Seattle's compensation in exchange for Ichiro: not having to pay Ichiro! Plus some nice bats, batting gloves and stuff, also they threw in a couple pitchers.
About time! Pave the way for 5 more years of "rebuilding" the team.
Will Ju
damn thats op
Wow! Sucks even more to be a Seattle fan now!
So pumped to see the Yanks crush Seattle tomorrow at Safeco!
they should teach him how to hold the bat
Yankees usually raid Mariners players when they're in their prime. New tactic?
yankees will aprove only a little bit he great but not a star
As a Yankee fan couldn't be happier about this a baseball fan it only makes sense for the Yankees with Gardner's loss and the Mariners adding to their youth
WTF?  As if I now have a reason to go see the Mariners now.
First J.P. Patches now Ichiro?  What's next? The Space Needle?
all i care about this season is the whitesox BOOOOOOOOOO BAD TIGERS GO SOX
To the Yankees? So it's really true. The damn 1% really is gobbling up everything and leaving the rest of us with nothing. This is epic tragedy for Seattle. I think I'm gonna join Occupy MLB now.
Wow some Yankee fans should calm down. He is old, slow, and has career lows on most stats. All this world series champs talk is very premature. 
yep... the mariners have become the yankees AAA team
what a big surprise!
I'm from seattle, fuckin left there, too, moved to japan. It was too boring in seattle, lame, I dont blame the guy one bit, hes been there like 10 years, good for him, find somethin better, and have some fun
Say Whaaaaa?!?!?!?!
+Art Silva Actually, Mariners are paying much of his salary. Yankees are only responsible for a percentage of the remaining two months of the contract. Basically, it's a FREE deal for the Yankees. 
hey.... just like the yankees of for stars past their prime.  YAH!....ummmm.....right.
Ichiroooooo! Tough to see a Mariner icon not finish his career in Seattle. Will always be a fan.
hate the yankees!! Ichiro probably isnt that upset maybe even happy because now he has a chance to get his ring.
yaa he needs a better team to play for!
+Antoine Collier Yeah, Congratulations, you just got .261 hitter with 4 home runs and an OPS+ of 83 (an average OPS+ is 100, so for those of you playing the home game, that's terrible.)  Just more money added to the payroll, shocker of the century.  
No longer sport but a form of industrial warfare? Games are for playing, aren't they? Spectating does not a sport make. It's corruption by becoming big business is, in my opinion, deplorable, but no doubt there are many with financial and emotional vested interests who will howl for my blood for saying so... Julius Ceasar was right, bread and circuses (circii?) to keep the plebs distracted from your crimes...
I never thought that would happen. 
Hey A's fans enjoy watching the Yankees win title 28 !!! 
I hate to see him go, but at least the M's are getting rid of him while they can get a trade out of it. Plus, Ich will get the chance to play in a WS, something that wasn't going to happen in Seattle. Win-win, IF these prospects pan out. 
YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now the yanks have to win
Holy hell. The great Ichiro finishing his career at the Evil Empire.
Baseball is gay sport any one watching it is gay that the truth !! 
How are they managed the financial part of these high profile players
Once again, the Yankees reach into their farm system and call up Ichiro from 4A Seattle
Ichiro, you rock man! Wish you the best in NY.
Something very strange bout that picture... What is he looking at and why is he holding the bat that way?
The yankees just have to have everybody.

Alex Fu
I live in Seattle and I like the Mariners, but I don't watch MLB. Who did we get for Ichiro?
of course the yankees are gonna buy their way to another world series
So the Yankees outspend and steal another player. I thought Obama was going to redistribute that big baseball money.
Surprising move but I have to feel good for Ichiro. He deserves a chance at a title.
The Yankees might as well buy every allstar player in mlb and put them on there freaking payroll
I don't really understand this move???
would be keepng a eye on ths post oid n new dodger s hav been veary
would be keepng a eye on ths post oid n new dodger s hav been veary quite ?
Just wait... Ichiro doesn't have the stats right now, but the Mariners have crap protection around him.  He will get to NY and have a mini-resurgence. He won't be where he was early in his career, but he'll blow those first half stats of his out the window.
Rangers fans glad he is out of AL West.
Who did the mariners get??
Why do people think ichiro makes the yankees a world series contender? He hasn't been able to hit for over a year and he isn't fast anymore. 
Yankees this year are going to have their 28th World Series win. if the Yankees didn't already have a stacked team < long, falling-on-deaf-ears sigh >
Apparently it was at Ichiro's request.

Ichiro, you couldn't do it all yourself...maybe the Yankees can get you the World Series.  We'll still be rooting for you...sort of.  ;)
Will he take the place of Linsanity???
what the piss, no way swisher isnt gonna play. ill be pissed as fuck, this is crap, I hope its fake, also I love andruw jones and rual ibanez so he wont dh!
Jay R
what a crap ...... u  expect me to belive that?
Ichiro will be missed. Glad he's being a Yankee than a Red Sox though. 
No! Ichiro was going to die a mariner!
Kinda weird to see Ichiro in another uniform.
Bernie Williams had worn 51, so Ichiro chose to respect the history of that number with the Yankees by selecting a different number.
Joe T
Nice add. Just what Yankees needed and arms for Mariners futures. 
Yaaay! Now Ichiro will know the thrill of reaching the postseason, then choking and finishing well short of everyone's expectations. Woohoo!
Lovely way to complete his legacy.... If they win
That sucks. Ichiro has a huge fan base here in Seattle, what with the large Asian population. I really enjoy him he's a great ball player and a very nice guy.

Too bad he's going to the Bankees. :\
Wow. We get him for nothing? Two years ago this would have been a blockbuster trade... I'll take it!
Never took ichiro as a man of the dark empire but guess with today's economy and the greed factor, even the evil Yankees can corrupt a honest, hardworking man such as ichiro. Good luck and hope you can separate yourself from the ill-fated greedy, grimy and corrupted hands of the evil empire, the New York Yutzees...
My big brother was so sad at this news. He is such a Mariners and Ichiro fan..
Amazing news - been hoping for this for years. Now Granderson can sit further back in the lineup and hit homers with men actually on base
not at Yankee fan but good for Ichiro
not such a good deal for the mariners...
they lost there best player for 2 prospect pitchers 
Yankees, use ichiro well;(
Dayton Palmer wht team do u like?
Thats a gud pickup go yankees !!!
I really hope those prospects end up going to the HOF.
That's exactly what I yelled out loud in my office yesterday when I heard the news.
Now he can play for a winning team, isn't that their dream? Nothing wrong with bettering yourself, 
OH and i wish ichiro was gonna be at Colorado Rockies with my other favourite player CAR-GO(Carlos Gonzales) ahahaha!!!!!=D
Crazy how things work out in the show...
He's in the lineup today again in the 8th spot
He needed to go. It was time. The Yankees get an '02 diesel with 180,000 miles, and the Mariners get to move on. Still... feels weird. 
Sigh. The rich keep on keepin' on. They just get richer and richer. This is an epic loss for Seattle. My kids and I enjoyed many years of Mariners baseball when we lived in the area and even before that for the two decades that I lived in Portland. We probably attended a couple of hundred games total by way of 20-game-plans and season tickets in some years.
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