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One of my favorite quotes in desktop wallpaper form (note: not my original work). #quotes   #tesla   #spirituality  

I wonder if kids in BC will someday strike against their parents for bigger allowances, not having to share a bedroom with their siblings, and to receive greater benefits (like more/longer vacations). Maybe they'll strike to receive later bedtimes on weekdays, weekends and holidays. Perhaps they'll picket for more (newer) toys to play with and/or more TV and computer time. And maybe they'll strike to eat less vegetables at the dinner table, or have more pizza nights every month, etc. And why shouldn't they, considering that most kids in other houses already receive the exact same demands (or more). Right?


*Side note, if you really want true freedom, it's up to you to procure it... not for some parental or governmental regime to provide it for you. You are offered one life (at a time) on this planet, do you really want to spend it walking up and down the street, or sitting in camping chairs, hoping whoever pays your salary "approves" of your demands? And maybe it's time for all of us, as a collective, to take responsibility for what's going on in the world (or country, province/state, community, etc.) and create a new system that is sustainable for everyone... a system that can grow as we grow as beings. We're not children and the government is not our parents, so maybe it's time we take responsibility for our own actions and create the world we actually want to live in and not the one we've accepted over time. And for those wondering what the first step is, it's simple... post what you think true freedom looks like, because until we actually make it a thought, there's no possible way to make it a reality.

And to those that need all the steps laid out in front of them, hopefully this quote by MLK will make some sort of difference in your position towards creating a (dramatic) change: 

"Take the first step in faith. You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step."

And I know it's not going to be easy... but in the end, isn't it better to be truly free, then to be prisoners without bars?

[Disclaimer - Long Post]

In case you're wondering how much it costs to bring in a 60 ounce bottle of Bailey's into Canada from the US (for your friend's birthday,) it'll cost you roughly an additional $90 (on top of what you already paid). In case you wanted to do the same with some dark rum, the good news is that it's only an additional $80 (on top of what you already paid).

Learned a few good lessons from my recent experience at the border:

1. You can be punished for telling the truth.

2. Only buy from the DUTY FREE shop. Although they'll still charge you for duty and taxes, at least you can return your purchases and not be out roughly $80 when you "choose" to "abandon" your goods at the border.

3. The people at the border lack discernment, humanity and compassion. Yes, I do believe each individual should be handled on a case by case situation. I believe they should create a new job category at the border which listens to what the person has to say, then comes up with a compromise. I would have been happy to give the government $90, if it meant I could bring both bottles into the country.

4. Your tax dollars are being wasted at the border. Not only did the country lose out on gaining an additional $90, but they also had to use tax payer dollars to "destroy" the bottles. I guess the government of Canada isn't in the business of making money. More likely they are in the business of keeping people under their thumb and living in a state of fear.

5. Although they'd claim that they are "keeping us safe," they aren't. As I said above, they lack discernment, compassion and humanity. When I asked the border guard if I could make a deal... pay $90 for both bottles, he gave me a blank stare, as if I was a total idiot. Then he said "We can't do that because it would be illegal." This country is definitely showing it's first cracks of being a police state. I just hope more and more people start waking up to this fact as well.

Now, I understand that this may sound petty, but this is how indoctrination starts. You get people to believe small stuff, then you start increasing the tolerance level until eventually those that have been indoctrinated forget that they are human and simply become robots to a regime. A regime that believes keeping people in fear is better than allowing people to develop the skills necessary to treat others with love and respect. I think it's absolute bullshit to hide behind your job. Saying that anything which falls into a grey area, just because it doesn't fit the parameters of what your law making bosses have assigned as illegal, is absolutely ridiculous... like I said above, it should be handled in a case by case situation.

And for those that suggest that this would increase border waits, or cause problems at the border, why not think on the more optimistic side for a second. Create a job category for this and hire people that listen to people's cases, then come to a compromise. As I said above, I'd gladly pay the $90 if I could bring in both bottles. 

Let's do a quick example: 

If an agent handled 4 cases an hour. Let's say the average case works out to $100. That's an additional $400 and hour, for that one particular agent. Because the border is 24 hours, that would be 96 cases a day (obviously split between 2-3 people). That alone would bring in an additional $9600 per day. If all went well, that's an additional 3.5 million dollars a year.

Now image each border crossing had 5, 10 or 20 agents (depending on time of day) working simultaneously on such cases... image the additional money the government could earn by allowing agents to use their hearts, instead of the part of the brain that is easily brainwashed. With about 119 border crossings, even if they each did a quarter of the numbers listed above, it's still a billion dollar idea. So not only is the idea lucrative for the government, but it also allows those crossing the border to feel better about their purchases, and could possibly allow people to freely share their purchase history with border guards, instead of smuggling in purchases. 

Of course, the above example is just a generalization of what is possible if border guards were given the ability to use discernment, compassion and humanity, instead of their current black or white system. 

Personally, I think it's time for a new system (not just at the border)... and hopefully some of the people reading this feel the same way. And to the border guards who say they are just doing their job, please research other gangs of people who were "just doing their job" and see how damaging their actions were to their country and others.

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Can you name the movie this is from?

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Latest music video from my boy Lerix... check it out:

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Great track by Rhett Wellington -

For more info on him, check out his #intro  article here:

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Thought I'd join in! #ShowYourDesktopFriday 

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