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my biggest SXSW takeaway
Power My single biggest takeaway from SXSW was all the talk about battery life. Every single person. All the time. People changing plans because they needed to recharge their phones. People walking......
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Batteries are ripe for disruption, especially hybrid electric/solar/renewable energy batteries. That could be very useful.
There is such parity among phones now, the real difference-maker is battery life.
absolutely. My HTC EVO is a power hungry beast. First solution: buy the bigger (think enormous) battery that turns the phone into a tank. Second solution: Root the thing to have direct control over the power usage. I'll let you know how that goes.
I agree and this is why I think that the motorola droid razr maxx has potential!!
Knowing what we know, makes me so glad I have the ability to change my own battery. Having the first gen LTE phone, we found out the hard way about the energy suck. It makes sense the next iPhone will be in line with the other 4.3" screens to fit in a bigger battery. But you still won't be able to swap out a spare, and that's just dumb.
The Droid RAZR Maxx set the standard here. That phone has not received it's due.
Even the Galaxy NOTE, if you will not it use too much - it has great battery life...
There's a related issue that Apple is particularly bad at, and that's the way power leads are all different and even the ones with some commonality don't work half the time. So a plain old USB socket with active 5v on the pins, may or may not charge your device depending on how awkward your device feels, even if you have the right lead with you to plug them together. Gets even more ridiculous on things like Nokia phones where the USB socket won't charge the phone and a USB to Nokia power pin only works half of the time.
The first guy who makes efficient use of wireless charging will be a hero. Not to mention a millionaire.
Wireless charging is in the works isn't it at IBM and other places? I thought that was one of the reasons battery technology hasn't advanced very quickly, buggie whip industry.
Its really amazing you hadn't figured this out by now +MG Siegler . Battery tech is holding us back in so many ways; not just gadgets.
would be nice if apple allowed its users to change the battery, no?
you have got to be kidding Apple doesn't let you change the batteries???!!!!. I didn't know that. Sly ones they are, time to buy more stock...
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