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Mediocre. Love the iPad mini. Can't wait to get the cellular version next week in NY.
Guess that would be an "okay", given your categories.
Played with it, but don't own it. Can't wait to see what you learn.  Please let us know.  Of course you could just loan me yours, since I am sure it is gathering dust int he corner:)
I don't see anything wrong with the Surface that some better third party apps couldn't fix.
I kinda like it but I can't come up with a really good reason to use it. 
I say good because it better than okay. I see some of the short comings but believe it only gets better after first gen.
Tim Ebl
Never seen one in the real world. They don't sell them in Central Alberta, Canada. 
windows RT is a joke as a pc, and not a really good tablet.  Will have to wait for surface pro to see if it's a good pc or not.  But if the surface pro is not a really good tablet then why just not buy an ultrabook ?
A lot more people have played with one than I imagined. I've yet to see one in a store, let alone in the wild.
+Robert Sons its pretty cool in hand, has a great feel, the touch cover is pretty great. For whatever reason, I liked it a lot more than the type cover. Having said that, I still want a real PC for a tablet, and bought the Samsung Ativ Smart PC
+Robert Lewis I was actually reasonably impressed with the screen quality. The Samsung Galaxy Tab at roughly the same resolution, but smaller screen looks so much worse than the Surface. I'm guessing some subpixel magic going on.
I've been spending the last few weeks with a few different MS Surface RT's at work evaluating them from an enterprise viewpoint. We are a mostly MS shop top to bottom (os servers, db servers, desktops, productivity apps like Office). We are entirely on-prem minus one tool and overall the Surface is a complete non-starter for us. The Pro looks promising but at the reduced battery life and increased cost a pretty substantial selling point for a number of people is lost. 

From a strictly consumer standpoint I think there is a ton of potential. I use MS on my home PCs and I have an XBox. The features they're offering with device integration is really appealing, but not fully utilized. As apps get updated and functionality gets better (I can't create folders or move pictures in the Photos app) this will become a very powerful offering.

I warn anyone to not discount MS. They stumble and fall a lot but they're some of the best in the business at playing catchup. I couldn't recommend a Surface to many people right now but in a year, and with the Xbox 720 (or whatever they call it) and Windows 9, MS's platform is going to be very very strong.
I would say good. It's not as good of a tablet as the iPad but is a better PC-replacement (though neither is there yet). I am a student and had an iPad and consistently would bring my laptop and iPad to school, but since getting my surface I haven't brought my laptop to school once
Love mine. I want more and better apps. But if you really get down to it the only thing really missing that I want is Twitter. But I am really not on there anymore.

Switching to 8X also... not that you asked tho.
Microsoft led in R&D efforts with the real Microsoft surface - the giant table with amazing multi-touch apps. Instead of letting people play with it, they released it to only a few people, then killed it an made a poor rush to market. 
I would have to vote for "awful". I really wanted to like it, honest, but the guy at the Microsoft store didn't really even know how to give a proper demo and the features just seemed clunky at best.
Turd. I would have voted turd, but.. awful will have to do. 
"Hey Dad, I remember these games!" - my 6 year old son on the Surface. 
It's great!
If it had a 3g connection it would have been perfect
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