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the future is now
One word: iPad. I’m sitting here on my couch watching the Masters live — not on my television, but on my iPad. And I can switch to other video feeds depending on which players/holes I want to watch. 6...
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Is MLB tv legit for iPad? Also, does AirPlay work well?
that's not the future of TV. It's been available through stuff like +Sky Sports in the UK for several years (via a satellite TV box, as common in the UK as cable tv is in the US)

The BBC are planning 30 feeds for the Olympics, most viewable without internet connection.
I thought the point was the interactivity, switching between holes/players, different angles etc. Been available for quite a few years. See Sky's F1 coverage too. Regardless, both Sky and BBC are viewable online, on whatever device you choose.
Thank you, captain obvious. FYI - It's not just the iPad. I have MLB at bat 12 on my hacked touchpad, and it is a great experience. So, as with a lot of the posts lately, the sky is blue. It's not the hardware / OS, it is the app and the content stream.
I know SkyGo blocks AirPlay, video anyway. It does make sense sometimes and I can see why it might be a potential problem for people like Sky, Virgin and anyone else who's in that kind of business.
Apparently I need to get with the times. It was hard enough finding a site to watch the Superbowl
as some others have noted, the word is internet, not ipad. i have watched parts of the masters (and mlb at bat) on my not ipad tablet, laptop browser, and tv via google tv (it's actually useful for something!).
But, the iPad packages it all together nicely and delivers it in a way that you just can't achieve with Laptops or TV's. It's a new way of watching anything, not just sports. It's up to the developers out there to make the experience as interactive as possible.
+Joe Turner - not sure i understand, is there something specific for the ipad that you can download? has all the same features over a browser - and watching on google tv gives me the same capabilities to check scores as well as watch picture in picture, same with a tablet...what's the difference?
+chris lietz - Let's step back from The Masters. I'm talking about the experience of watching LIVE television in general and how the iPad does (or potentially can) have an effect on making it better. The guys behind the masters App and website have done a terrific job, but it doesn't have to stop there.

To me, airplay shouldn't just be sending what's playing on your iDevice to your TV it should be interacting with it depending on what's on your TV/iPad. For example, if your watching football on your iPad, and you send it over to your TV via AirPlay. Your iPad should then turn into an extended monitor if you will?

Live tables, pictures, latest tweets... The list goes on and the possibilities are endless. It's something that I just think 'needs' to happen so I'll probably come across as being rather passionate about it. Hopefully it will be resolved this Summer when Apple announce their 'Thing that fits on the wall but is so much more than a TV'. iPanel anyone?
Your post made me realize "oh right, the masters is this weekend". Funny how some basic stuff like that is still so unsolved. Why for instance did TiVo not say "you've watched this in the past, fyi it's this weekend, shall i TiVo it for you?"
Especially now that they have an Android (and iOS?) app, that would make a great push notification say 24 hrs in advance with one-click to record (via online scheduling, which they have also had for years). Not only would it be useful, it would be a new way to keep me engaged and happy as a tivo subscriber (it helps ensure i don't miss important tv events).
If were are wathcing all this television, what are we not doing? Where are our young ones? 2000 calories an episode I am just saying. What would be making all these gadgets for anyway? Some restraint or not? Pleasure before business or something like that?!?
Now if could really get the internet to go with me or find a place to watch or use it in peace. I could keep up with what is important! The game and stuff>
+Christopher Colbert I hear you. We are so conceded about fixing this 'problem' when in reality, in the bigger picture, it leads to another problem. That's life, we are technology hungry and are never happy with what we have because we now know that there COULD be something better. My generation is very open minded, the next 20 years or so will be very interesting.
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