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big congrats to instagram
A few years ago, I got a frantic email one evening. It was from a young entrepreneur named Kevin Systrom. “Hey MG, I saw you signed up for Burbn…” is how it started. He was freaked out. Someone had......
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Damm! For a second I was hoping that this would be about a Facebook-free replacement for Instagrm.
yeah guys way to shove out a half baked android app so you face book will acquire you..good job schmucks
I need Instagram like I need to give Apple $600 for an iPad, NOT 
There are tons of photo-filter apps out there, but none that have Instagrams social aspect (though Hipstamatic tries). And why the Facebook hatred? Stick to one of the competitors instead then.
You had me until this line:

"That’s why they’re commenters and not out there building things."

You arrogant ass. Do you really have so little respect for your readers? The funny thing is, I've often thought the same thing about tech bloggers and "journalists". I comment because I've lived and breathed technology for the last 15 years and feel I can contribute to the discussion. I comment because I'm too busy to write my own pieces. I'm too busy to write because I've been off building things.
I'm was a novice instagram user but was actually starting to enjoy using it. I read the news about the acquisition yesterday and gave it a lot of thought all day. Then I deleted my instagram account and the app from my various devices. Facebook is just such a terribly ran company from a user privacy perspective. I can't bear to watch the inevitable decline and absorption of instagram too. 
"The commenters mainly took a shit on the app and the concept. Another photo-sharing app?!!! That’s why they’re commenters and not out there building things. " - True
Facebook just got a lot more interesting!
+Man M It's interesting that they are paying attention to something creative. We'll see what they do with it. I hope they leave it untouched. But until this, I had no clear sign that they cared about anything artistic/creative.
I believe this is MG's first post ever where the word Android wasn't mentioned with negative connotations. Congratulations to you too, sir.
You all realize that this post talks about how great MG is and how he "called" it, right? I mean, won't won't he try and take credit for? What I don't get is why everyone thinks Instagram solves any problems. It seems to be they are positioned as a "country club" application where only the hipsters really give a rat's ass. Anyone hear the collective YAWN last week when they released it for Android? I swear FB only bought it to keep it out of the hands of Google and Apple.
+Andrew Yarnall, are you alone of the MG stalkers this time? Maybe the others are recovering after Easter.

And yeah, it released on Android to a collective yawn - of 1 million downloads...
+Andrew Yarnall Seems to me that FB had to buy it because it gives them something of the functionality for iPhones that Google+ integration has given to all Android phones - a relatively seamless photo sharing environment.
+Tor Iver Wilhelmsen Stalking? No. Amused at the wording of his post and commenting, that's all. Perhaps the other "stalkers" don't like the low hanging fruit this post represents. It is a little self-centered, and it kind of reads like he had something to do with their success because he didn't post an article a long time ago. He wields so much power. HA! The post should have simply said "Congrats to the Instagram team for becoming rich". It's one of the things most of us love about MG. Oh nice job spouting off the download count. Just because you download something, doesn't mean you use something. Hopefully FB will be able to turn those downloads into dollars, because Instagram sure didn't. When I start seeing funny (read: crappy) filtered pictures all over my FB / G+ streams, then perhaps my position will change that people on Android are actively engaging. Most of the blogs / comments I read are saying "whatever". I agree with them. The fact remains, if you take the social out of Instagram, there are better apps out there for filters on Android, and there are great built-in sharing options to Facebook/Twitter/G+/Dropbox/Foursquare/etc.

+Tim O'Reilly I agree. Many of us stated earlier that the reason Instagram became so popular on iOS devices was because of the sharing. Android, as we all know, doesn't have that problem. So a billion dollars to solve an iPhone sharing / integration problem? Do you think that's a sane valuation of this company? (BTW: love your offices in Sebastopol. I used to do some consulting for your camera bag tenants and have been there a few times)
Wait, what? What problem does iOS have with "sharing" that the Android does not have? These days there is built-in Twitter integration, and even before that you could integrate with whatever service you wanted. Does ICS have something like G+ integrated?

As for downloaded versus used, are we going to dig up the old iPhones sold versus Android phones shipped thing again? It's a classic.
+Tor Iver Wilhelmsen What is Instagram? An easy way to share photos. It was sold / marketed as a way to easily share your photos on iOS. Now, why would you need an easy way? Isn't there one already? Built-in Twitter Integration? Whoa! Color me impressed! The point is we didn't need (or come to) rely on some hipster social network to share our photos, because we were able to share with all kinds of services out of the box (and do it ... easily).

To the second part: Huh? You clearly misunderstood the point. I have no idea what you're talking about regarding old iPhones. We're talking about Instagram here. Many people downloaded it out of curiosity to see what all the fuss was about. Some people downloaded it just to piss off iPhone users and "muddy" their stream. You couldn't break wind in any direction last week without some service / news outlet pimping it to high heaven (which is being continued by the FB purchase). That said, yes, people are downloading it, but look at this thread as an example - people are uninstalling it, they are not impressed by it, and many just don't see what the fuss is. Some people are uninstalling it merely because FB bought it. Congrats to the team. They did a lot with very little (
+Shane Brady, what are you on about? Intents are for "sharing" between applications on a device, not sharing between people on the internet like Instagram's sharing means. Extremely apples and oranges.

That said, all iOS applications can register for what content types they can handle, though the limited screen estate makes that less helpful when too many apps handle some types, like a bazillion PDF readers.
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