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13 pages to click through on a mobile device with sentences split between pages. I gave up around page 3.
Keyboard looks kind of cramped based off this photo
+Dan Bowtell when you get the chance try going back when you're off mobile and giving it a read. It's an interesting review with a bottom line of, can you afford it.
Did he just glue an iPad on the monitor of that laptop?
It is too expensive for me Chinese. Pity. 
I'm still on the fence, but your review is pushing me I have to admit!
If I were to get one of these, it would be for the hardware definitely. And design. But I don't particularly like Mac OS.
Well done Sir!  A joy to read, straightforward, and helpful *:-)  Thanks!
Ordered one, will be delivered in 2-3 weeks...:(
I think I'd rather get an ultrabook, payoff a credit card or two and take my family on vacation.
I'm holding off for a retina MBA
Great review! I've been wanting to read about real-world use by someone :)

Just FYI, there is a typo on the 5th paragraph. ("be" maybe should be "been") Also, in the 7th paragraph switch "much" and "that." In the 11th paragraph, add an "s" to the end of kick in the second sentence.
It's an Apple product reviewed by MG. No need to read it. We all know what it says. 
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