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Thoughts on the latest Chromebook and the state of Chrome OS
I’ve watched Chrome with much interest over the years. While lately I’ve been generally harsh on a number of Google products, there’s still no doubt in my mind that when it comes to the browser — at l...
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I would love to take a look at those ...maybe some day
I love my CB. It is a good cross between my iPad & my Dell Laptop.
I would have to see a demo in person and experience the Chomebook before I could give any thoughts on the actual device. One thing I know is at the rate technology changes I am skeptical Chromebook will be around long.

 My suggestion would be to pay Apple to include the Google browser in there devices and give the owners a choice of browsers  and thus not have to deal with the building , marketing or research and development required to break into the hardware market. 

Microsoft is only interested in profit not innovation, 
Great post MG, I really do like the idea of Chrome OS but need to wait until Google Docs goes offline to use it.
If they can get the Series 5 to a $300 pricetag these things will be worth the price and they'll be all over the place. $450 is way too much for this thing unless they could figure out a way to include a subsidized or free competitor to Amazon's "whisper-net".
I'm wondering how a Chromebox with a decent web camera and Google Hangouts would compete against more expensive conference room video conference systems. 
If only they had released it earlier... I was looking at Android tablets and the like, b/c of how much I like the Chrome and Google in general, but decided it wouldn't be able to handle what I needed a comuter to in a grind and with a deal I got an acer... a nice one for  the same price as the Chromebook. 
If only....... 
I think the Google Drive/Docs integration and getting companies to create apps built for Chrome will make the product a true competitor. 
What about a merging of the Chrome OS with aspects of a version of Android that would run the Play store?
I enjoy chuckling (to myself) as my friends running both Windows and OS X describe their machines getting unaccountably slower and more unpredictable as time goes on.  Meanwhile on my Chromeboook(s) and now Chromebox I go to supposedly virus infested web sites and say "I dare ya!"
+MG Siegler , you're completely silent on what was touted as the big advantage of ChromeBooks - the security features of ChromeOS, with the complete system image available over the internet. Is it that you think that feature simply doesn't matter to consumers?  Has Google failed in making any hay with that, in your opinion?

Also curious as to your sense of the status of NaCl apps ... are there any compelling NaCl apps yet?  Is there any credence to the thought that such apps will close the application-capability gap with Windows/Mac based laptops?
Couldn't agree more! I've been wondering where the Chromebook stands. This summarizes my feelings about it.
I just wish people would keep their avian scatological fantasies to themselves.
well if THAT'S your attitude - I TOO hope a pigeon shits on you!
I bought the Series 5 550 and I cannot express how much I love it. I agree that the hardware is not MBA level, but at half the price, I'm willing to accept that.

I'm looking forward to a more robust set of multitouch gestures (primarily something like 4-5 finger punch to view the app launcher) and better multitasking. The "snap" feature doesn't work so well and I'd like an easier way to view running "apps" a la expose.
+Cory Bernardo there is an offline docs now. Also +MG Siegler I think the best way of summarizing this article is that Google makes great software but the hardware just isn't good enough (I have the samsung series 5 and I really like the simplicity and security and speed). Also for anyone interested in trying out the newer versions of the os you can go to the beta channel in settings. That's what I did on series 5 and chrome 19 is awesome!
For browsers I use Chrome, Chromium, and Firefox in that order.  But for the life of me I just can't imagine why I'm not better off putting Ubuntu on a used laptop or netbook.
Tony Ng
Considering the software is free, the fact that this is more expensive than better spec'ed windows 7 notebooks makes me think that Samsung are trying to get an overly high margin on this.

Also Samsung are just cheapening the product by making apple clones. Copy the quality, not the colours. Hopefully a better brand will come out with chromebooks soon 
Tony Ng
just wanted to point out, since im not sure this was in MG's article, that the 450$ version has no 3g, only the 550$ version, which is close to the price of a 3g ipad. 

in this light it is even more ridiculous. if the 3g version was in the $300 mark (which would still give samsung a positive profit margin, i believe), it would be a good value proposition.

(Who believes it costs $100 to put in a 3g antenna? Who does samsung think they are, apple?)
hated the cr-48. why should i pay $500 for something that is essentially a paperweight without internet access?

like my Windows 7, OS X, and iOS stuff that are full devices with some cloud services
Tony Ng
+Alen Teplitsky except i find that my macbook air is also largely a paper weight without internet access. even my ipad to some extent. all i have that doesn't involve internet is downloaded tv shows. 

On that note, is it possible for the chromebook to store any videos? If you were on a plane with no internet, is there any way it can watch a movie?
my laptops will play games and do all kinds of things without internet. i can use my iphone and ipad in the NYC subway to read books, game, check email without internet. android does the same as well

i never understood this whole do it in the cloud thing for chrome books. 
+Tony Ng You could store up to 16GB on the drive and use the built in media player to watch movies, bring an external flash or HDD, or use gogo internet service on the plane. The Series 5 550 comes with 12 free gogo in-flight internet sessions. 
+Alen Teplitsky But you may recognize there are people who are already in that mode of operation who this would be a good fit for. Especially individuals and organizations that use Google Apps.
google apps will work on Windows and OS X
Tony Ng
Alen, yes it does, so only reason I can think of to get a chrome book is due to lower cost. (or a better cost to speed ratio)

also - i have no games on my laptop, and the number thing i do on ipad is flipboard.. so i guess we just use our gadgets very differently :) 
Agreed, and Linux as well, but nothing to do with my point. Other advantages are less need for tech support, extreme reliability, very resistant to infection, fewer problems with loss theft or destruction.  I don't feel like I could use one on a daily basis myself, but I have coworkers, friends and family who are already using laptops in this fashion, but without the advantages above, and in some cases at much greater expense.
Unless you have a dire need for the high powered Adobe Creative Suite (and I realize there are people that do) or native development tools, there is absolutely no reason why Chrome OS couldn't work for 99% of the public as their main computing environment.Anyone who knocks it without ever having seriously tried it just sounds ignorant to me.  (I don't use the word to sound inflammatory...I mean it literally: without using it, there are just some aspects you cannot grasp.)
take something as simple as copying photos from my iphone. i hook it up to my wife's macbook and it imports the photos. i can do the same thing on Windows as well. it keeps the file in its original size. even icloud imported photos.

i can take the macbook or my ipad anywhere and show off the photos to old people even if there is no internet access. and until AT&T does family data i'm not buying another data plan.

chrome books can't do a lot of everyday things without going into development or photo shop. and the fact that they are the traditional laptop clamshell design make them uncomfortable to use unless they are on a desk
copying photos from an iPhone is not a simple process since it involves installing iTunes or hacking if you are a Linux user.
Copying photos from a device that mounts as a drive (MSC) could be considered a simple (and fairly ubiquitous) process. Nothing against Apple for locking down their device, but it is what it is. As for data I hardly ever use it on my phone thanks to home and work WiFi, and the Chromebook is pay as you go anyway, no plan required. 
actually you don't need itunes to use an iphone. the photos will import into iphoto or if you're on windows any application that supports direct import of photos. dropbox will even do this

only thing you need itunes for is to copy data from your laptop but even that is not a big deal if you have spotify for music or  kindle for books
I admit to some amount of iOS ignorance. The last Apple computer I used was a ][c.
you needed itunes on the first 2 or 3 iphones mostly for activation and to load music/video on there. but even with the 3G my wife connected it to a computer once or twice a year.

now the only thing you need itunes for is to load any pirated movies you have, personal music collection if you don't have itunes plus or spotify, and your own pdf's/books.
So this simple thing that you don't do (or do only twice/yr.) is the basis of your argument against Chromebooks? Or is my ignorance still showing?
every month i'll shoot a few hundred photos mostly of my kids on my iphone. any cheap $500 or less Windows laptop would have been OK, but i bought a macbook as a gift for my wife. so once a month or so i transfer the photos to the macbook. once in while i print a few for others. one of these days i'm going to go through them all and tag them with names and events.

i have close to 100GB of photos and a few hundred paper photos that i need to scan in one of these days. unless apple or google gives me free cloud storage for them all i'm not planning on putting them into the cloud.

and long list of other things i do with ios, android and windows that's offline and why i like to carry a few hundred GB of storage with me. and for cloud storage i mostly use dropbox
Just so everyone knows, Chrome OS ships with a Picasa photo uploader and at least the Series 5 550 has 2 USB ports and an SD slot for importing media like photos. Granted you wouldn't store them locally...but if you want to do that, clearly a cloud-centric OS (nay, cloud-centric way of life) is not your cup of tea anyway.
Google+ with instant upload from iOS = no more "once a month or so I transfer photos to..."
There are so many stupid sheep, any company would try to rally the Apple herd.
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