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that is some high octane snark! love it.
Hell, I quit months ago when they said I could take my pics back.
Nilay isn't a lawyer, just to clarify, as he doesn't practice law.
Also, I'm sticking with Instagram until the end unless they start charging astronomical rates for the product.
+Marc Flores Actually Nilay is a real copyright lawyer. That's why his commentary is good in situations like this. I work for PCMag and not the Verge, but he's well known as being an actual lawyer among tech journalists.
I do applaud Instagram for speaking up quickly to the outcry and making changes to their ToS (again), but I'm one of those who closed my account today. Going to the Flickr mobile app. I just don't trust anything affiliated with the Facebook brand and how they seem to throw around ToS changes like it's nothing.
+Jamie Lendino I went to culinary school 11 years ago. I stopped cooking professionally in 2008. I don't call myself a chef anymore.
+Marc Flores Sure, but passing the bar and having a license to practice is different than cooking (or journalism, for that matter). You can disagree on whether his opinion is important, but there's no doubt he's an actual lawyer and can call himself that legally. I actually don't know him personally, BTW.
+Marc Flores Also, I'd still call you a professional cook, because I'm lucky if I can dial the number on a menu.
I left Facebook two years ago after I read their ToS (and the changes they pushed at that time). I have never had Instagram. I am weird because I actually read ToS before I continue (there typically isn't a way to complain about them or refuse them anyway).
+Jamie Lendino I do know him personally, and unless he is maintaining his bar status, which you have to do every year, and practices law on the side, I just would not call him a lawyer.
Instagram didn't really screw up, for the record. The ToS didn't seem to change much. Also, Instagram is a business and they weren't going to remain free forever. You are now the product.
Hadn't used my account in many months so I closed it to be sure. Glad to see they came to their senses and reversed the position. Don't totally trust them not to try again later.
Instagram screwed up. Social media companies should understand the reactive nature of social media. So, when they communicate, they should be crystal clear and mean exactly what they say. If you don't mean it, don't put it out there. If you do mean it, then you own the consequences. 
+Matthew Bonig they published an article on thinking about making some changes. In no way is there a reversal (or even a change).
As a FYI - (and please help us out getting more in here) - “I have read and agree to the Terms” is the biggest lie on the web.  We aim to fix that.
It just adds to the list of reasons to quit.
They will quietly change the policy a few months down the road, once the hub-bub has died down.
Sensible tactic used in political negotiations every day: propose something utterly ridiculous, be seen to listen to feedback, dial proposal back to just offensive, have it accepted and look reasonable.
+MG Siegler, I think the whole firestorm raises a better question: How do I know what I'm agreeing to? Often these TOS are written so broadly and incomprehensible that it takes a lawyer to interpret how many of your rights you've just signed away. While I commend Instagram for trying to clear the storm up this evening, why didn't they use some of the language in their TOS that they used in their blog post (eg " Instagram users own their content and Instagram does not claim any ownership rights over your photos.")
Your rage blogging against users is about as predictable as the "rage quitting" itself. Good thing we have real journalism like the Verge article.
All Social Media makes money off your data.....why is this news? The thousands of hours you spend blogging, uploading video and even photos all these gigantic companies make billions off your content.

That's why Social Media is Evil...they should be paying us!
+MG Siegler has never been any different than the rage quiting masses, that's why I read his articles, he's the funny man of the tech world. Taking everything in extremes. He is rarely fair, generally uses only data that supports an extreme position and always intends to stir up the polarized sides. I find it amusing. 
If Social Media paid all of us a tiny decimal amount in pennies for every eyeball that read your blog, viewed your images or videos (which youtube offers) we would all be making money!

Why does social media suck the life out of us and they make billions off our content???
+Teryl Todd - What I find amusing is that it was a Verge article (the one by +Tom Warren  that initially sucked me into the Quiting Quiting cycle by Sharing Sharing. I haven't closed my Instagram account although I did export my pics in case I decided I wanted to. My issue with Facebook and the entities they absorb is not that they try to monetize the information they get or take from me, but that they are so bad at it! The ads they push to my stream are ridiculously, absurdly irrelevant to my interests. I have been on FB since they lifted the .edu restriction and literally haven't clicked on a single ad, or friended a single corporation. OTOH - While I find it a bit creepy that Google will push ads to me based on what their algos parse from my gmail, at least those ads occasionally approach relevance. I still don't click much, but I definitely find it less offensive.  
Q:"Why is it the default thinking that Facebook is out to do something nefarious?"
A: "They trust me — dumb f***s" - Zuckerberg
Simply said, instagram did me a favor by motivating me to look for alternatives. Happily enough i found a way more powerful sharing alternative named eyeem. And i used instagram solely as a way to share to multiple social media platforms at once. This can be done with eyeem even better and with more formatting possibilities so to me it is bye bye instagram. But not due to their bad communication.
Whats the saying - "dont trust anyone over 40"? It needs to be "dont trust anyone under 30"
from TOS "you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any associated metadata), and/or actions you take, in connection with paid or sponsored content or promotions, without any compensation to you."

Can't wait to see MG as a spokesman for "The New Face of Man to Man Love" -

image was taken from MG's instagram feed.
This is exactly because of this kind of bullshit that I read less and less about tech blogs...
Fortunately we still have some columnists and "traditional" journalists who take the time to think and analyze the facts instead of jumping into the page views race.
MG, perhaps you'd want to get the opinion of lawyers other than Nilay, as many of us have a different take. My own is that TOS (which I draft) are consumer contracts, and thus meant to be read and understood by humans, not lawyers. Nilay's review of the terms in view of the Copyright Act is irrelevant, as the end user should not be expected to refer to the Act to understand what's being presented to them. The terms should be clear and stand on their own. Instead, the provisions in question were drafted such that humans couldn't readily grasp Instagram's intent, however benign. That is Instagram's failure, and they've admitted as much. So while it's fair to argue that Instagram never actually intended to do the things that got people fired up, it's not fair to say that the terms made their intent explicitly clear.
If Instagram had said to me "$100 a year and you'll never see an advertisement and we'll never do anything with your photos other than display them where you explicitly ask us to" I'd have paid without even thinking about it.

But Instagram didn't say that to me, so now I don't trust it, which means I'm an ex-accountholder.
The trick is to not complain about it, just politely quit, and make a vacuum to be filled by something else.
I am not walking off the metaphorical car lot to get a better price I am walking off to find another car lot that sells the car I want at the price I want.
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