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We happen to live in a massive time of transition. The PC market that has dominated computing for the past few decades is decaying while mobile computing is soaring — with the only limit in sight bein...
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I'm not sure I buy this.  This is not how I conceived "Mobile First".  At the end of the day,  Uber and Instagram are not examples of "Mobile First", they are examples of incredibly compelling services that happen to be mobile.  From my perspective,  "Mobile First" is the notion that you look at your product and service and when you think about what the mobile "experience" needs to be, you start from the ground up and really consider, HOW do I use mobile to make this more meaningful to people.  Honestly, this interpretation of "Mobile First" is why there are some really terrible mobile apps out there today. 

Depending on what you think of Forrester, they outline this thinking here:

"Mobile First" isn't about building a mobile app as your launch product, or having your first product be mobile.  It's about taking a product or a service and thinking about how someone's experience with that product or service would be more meaningful when delivered via mobile.  The answer to that question is sometimes, "it isn't".
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