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Well this is certainly different.
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Oh let me hate it? SURPRISE EVERYBODY +MG Siegler Hates something! :P
at first glance, like this design a lot more.
Now you just made me look like a jerk....thanks. Haha.
If anything, the performance increase of the site in general is worth it.
It's nice, isn't it.
Still, I wish they'd integrate all their products together finally.
+MG Siegler the design looks good, but with all that white space, I feel Google should allow people to doodle on the side since it kinda warrants it.
Wait. What? Once again it's like I went out to start up my 2011 Toyota Camry only to discover Toyota engineers snuck in overnight and completely rearranged the dashboard.
It's better, but the whitespace is a problem. Also, there are a lot of third party G+ extensions that are now busted. I miss not being able to collapse posts.
It doesn't feel so 2009 now. It's more along the lines of 2010.
apparently +Vic Gundotra said that the white space will be used for new upcoming features with the promise of no ads (which is the only feature that fb will never have...).
Once the extensions catch up and they find a way to use this white space over to the right, this is a going to be a great redesign.
I don't get the whitespace comments I've been seeing this morning. It focuses the eyes on the content, and reduces visual noise in the periphery. Love it.
+DeWayne Lehman I have little more than a quarter of my screen blank white. Guess it depends on resolution. As far as the comments go, I believe there is more than enough contrast between the grays. But maybe a little color there might not be bad for a somewhat stark page.
This new UI is terrible. Too much dead white space and the stream awkwardly pushed to the left... It feels like there was a need for more user testing and one more iteration. Oh but thats right no one uses this so who cares right ...
+matt albert Glad to see you consider yourself no one. +DeWayne Lehman Yeah, I could see how at that extreme of a resolution it could get hairy. What kind of things do you think They should do to fill that space? And how does Facebook et al look like at that resolution?
For me it helps doing Ctrl - + until it gets the size I want.
+Anthony Bullard this is the 1st time I have had any reason to come here in months. Well maybe they will make a less shitty mobile app now ... haha
+matt albert We can only hope. I have been here VERY little recently, but I am really enjoying this right now.
+DeWayne Lehman That is nuts. Wish I had some time to make mock-ups of what could be done there. Oh, and BTW, see you're from Indy as well. Sounds like you guys had an awesome winter.
and while I am actually here I find tracking your own comments too friggin' hard. I always end up having to expand and I get lost. Christ I hate G+! Now I know why I dont come here... Mind you I don't like FB either...
I liked the previous look of Google +, the current one seems to be having a congested look......
$20 says +MG Siegler writes a post with subtle hints that he likes the new design, but still refrains from supporting Google's overall strategy.
I kind of feel Google should skip all the hangout buttons and use that large empty white space with some giant text that says "start a hangout! do it now!" - or at least thats how the new design feels in regards to that ...
+Charlie Joslin It's perfectly possible to like the design of something while thinking the overall strategy stinks, or that it will fail.
the right side doesn't seem as empty when I got a lot of chat windows open. I like it that chats doesn't invade my stream.
Maybe the big bit of white space is going to get filled with one giant ad
Play with it a bit; I think it will grow on a lot of people. :)
+Matt Cutts but no one I know actually uses G+ so what am I to do ... look at this awkward white space all day? :)
Consistently crashes on the iPad 3 when using the desktop version with Safari and Mercury browser. 
+matt albert click on "Explore" or "Hangouts" on the left-hand side to find other cool things happening on G+. :)
+Ian Betteridge I wasn't arguing that it's not possible, but it wouldn't be surprising if MG wrote a post about it.
...and since its not from Apple, you don't like it?
+Todd Neumann um whitespace that is unbalanced and poorly executed is the sign of bad design. Take a look at what happens to your profiel when you make the browser small. For a company as good as google these are sophomoric errors in the world of design.
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