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Interesting post - I feel the same about Apple: I like their desktops mostly for reasons of nostalgia. Well, that and my false confidence in my own graphics and musical ability - other than those two pursuits, who buys a desktop anymore? 
I have had several iMacs and they've been among the most solid and speedy Macs I've owned, so I agree with most of this review. But on this line: "Certainly, everything is trending the other way towards portable and fully mobile computing" I think Matty +MG Siegler is missing some of the changes that cloud computing has wrought. For a while there, it was a real pain to have two computers - a laptop and a desktop - and keep them in sync. Now it's child's play with Dropbox, Evernote, iTunes Match, Amazon Cloud Music, [enter your generic webmail service here], Chrome sync and so on.
Last year I decided to get rid of my and my wifes macbook pros, and get an imac for the heavy lifting, and work off two ipads. It didn't work, and we are going to Macbooks. The thought of being chained to a desk outside of work does not appeal, regardless of screen size...
Great review +MG Siegler! I love my MacBook Pro, but the iMac is still the perfect media hub (at least for me).
For the money, who wouldn't want a iMac? For one Apple's screens are the best money can buy, period. Look at Dell's premium screens and laugh compared to Apple's. Even as a price conscious consumer, the iMac is impressive. I just went on Dell's site to find a comparison, for what $500 less I can get a Dell desktop unit, big and clunky and a monitor that literally is 1/2 as good. That's the dell ultra sharp monitors too. The standard monitors are 1/3 as good as an Apple display. You notice that one when you stare behind the monitor all day.
There are those in the world who do their work and play on notebooks and laptops and tablets.  There are also those who are better served in their work (designers, CAD, 3-D modelers, number crunching and data display, image analysis, and imaging, etc.) by desktops.  Why do (seemingly) all the critical articles about the tablet and notebook "revolution" ignore the people who do real and serious work at their desks, in laboratories and studios?  If there is any serous beef with the iMac, it would have to be the newly revealed flaw with the Seagate hard-drives that Apple is offering to replace on existing, affected machines for free.  Actually not free, as the user will have to restore her or his system from Time-Machine, then re-activate all the previously installed and licensed software.  Why did Apple elect to use
Seagate drives?  That is enough of an issue to cause one to give up, and build herself or himself a new, PC system, with Western Digital hard drives, and capable of discrete component upgrades.  That is probably Steve Job's biggest blunder ever.
I love my iMac and desktops are great for working, not just media consumption. Apple needs to keep the iMac line.
Nothing more than a paid advertisement for Apple. You can send Siegler a bag full of crap and if it has an Apple logo on it he will give it high praise. I'm pretty sure if he received a Surface Tablet made to look like an Apple device he would be yelling from the mountain tops how great it was. 
Nathan, what did I post that is misinformation?

This same message is posted on the Apple page:

Dear iMac owner,

Apple has determined that certain 1TB Seagate hard drives used in 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac systems may fail. These systems were sold between October 2009 and July 2011.

Our records show that you have an iMac with an affected 1TB Seagate hard drive. Apple will replace your hard drive with a new one, free of charge, under the iMac 1TB Seagate Hard Drive Replacement Program.

Please choose one of the following options to get a replacement hard drive.

Apple Retail Store - Set up an appointment with a Genius.

Apple Authorized Service Provider - Find one here.

Apple Technical Support - Contact us for local service options.
Apple recommends replacing your affected hard drive as soon as possible. Before you go in for service, please back up your data. Learn more about backup options.

Additional Information

You will need to have the original Mac OS installation discs that were shipped with your iMac in order to reinstall your operating system, other applications, and any backed up data after your hard drive is replaced.

This worldwide Apple program does not extend the standard warranty coverage of the iMac.

Apple will replace affected 1TB Seagate hard drives, free of charge, for three years from your iMac’s original date of purchase or until April 12, 2013, whichever provides longer coverage for you. Apple will continue to evaluate service data and provide extensions to this program as needed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.


Apple Inc.
He changed the article, will you look at that.
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