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Pretty even right now. Let's see how you guys vote :)

which company to you distrust more: google or facebook?
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Is this related to #testicles and #censorship ? :) could it possibly be this close?
The map is turning blue :D
Actually...I'd have a hard time choosing. I guess I'd lean very slightly towards distrusting Facebook more but...I don't trust either a tremendous amount. Both companies' business models are predicated largely on extracting (and reselling) as much of my personal information as they can get their hands on.
While I dont trust facebook at all, I would prefer to submit the write-in candidate of Apple
Internet explorer users trust distrust FB more. No surprise there.
Looks like facebook is leading the way right now with 59% votes!!!
That's a stupid poll where are other companies in this list like Apple, Microsoft and other companies.

It's kinda like who is responsible for e-book price fixing.

1 Apple
2 Amazon
Neither actually; but I am a hell of a trusting guy.
I trust the Google of 2004 (long since extinct). The Google of 2012 is about as trustworthy as facebook.
7:06 central time:
Google =42%
Facebook =58%
Whichever company helped increase the price of ebooks by 50 percent overnight....something a certain team of Apple Avengers would've been beating Google up for every day for a month minimum.
Who's the worst tech reporter: 1. MG Siegler. Pls vote
+MG Siegler Stop pulling retarded stunts such as this to draw attention away from the fact that your Church of Apple is being sued by the freakin' Department of Justice. This hasn't happened since Microsoft in the 90s, and you only look like a fool when you go on about Google's stock structure somehow being "evil" when, on the other side of the planet, Apple's been caught screwing consumers to try making more money on top of the billions it's already made on the broken backs of poor Chinese workers.

Oh and by the way Google's beating Facebook with 35%-65%. Not the reaction you anticipated? Did you actually think that everyone hates Google? Do you actually think that everyone else in the world has the same opinions as you? Grow up. (Google even beat Apple in a recent popularity poll, you didn't bother to mention that on your blog, did you?:
Facebook seems to be cheating users because of their ignorance, but google could be the other way round:-)
Facebook... I want Google to take my information ... with innovations like google glasses... our information must be doing something helpful for them!
JT Thom
Facebook. Google is innovating to make the world better with ventures into medical, engineering, space, and more. Facebook is selling billions of useless connections to make Zuckerberg rich.
Conveniently leaving out the most evil of all of course..
1. Apple 2. Facebook 3.Microsoft 4.lots of others, then Google
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