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Once they put on their Verizon and Sprint boots to go with their AT&T socks, Apple kicked Android in the nuts.

game on!
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Yawn..... Oh did you say something relevant, accurate or mildly important? Nah, I didn't think so.


What if less people are buying more apple phones then Android. People sometimes upgrade their iPhone every year, and Android users might wait the full two years.
Wow, had no idea you were still active here...
I found this post to be informative and useful. Thanks.

In all seriousness, wouldn't it be easier to just conduct your own survey? Just pop into any cafe or public place (in the US) and you will clearly see that most people have iPhones. 
I agree with Anthony... maybe most iPhone sales are upgrades..
They only have iPhones because they don't understand anything semi technical.
+MG Siegler's emotional irrationality is a telltale sign that Android is working it's mojo. (Have you noticed it sounds like MG's been playing too much Call of Duty into the wee hours of the morning and it's been negatively affecting his thoughts. He's going down the same treacherous road as Paul Carr.) It's funny how MG says if Android is winning it's because Apple is letting them. Hmm, really? Is that why Apple is suing a company like Samsung who has succeeded in surpassing the iPhone with the help of Android and try to slow their stellar growth? Somebody get me some popcorn and let's enjoy the MG Crybaby Rant Show.
Shit Sammy damn near built the iPhone. What an idiotic statement on his part to say "if Android is winning it's because Apple is letting them". Seriously? Samsung is so far advanced beyond Crapple its not even funny. Wow the iPhone just got a notification bar...wonder where the hell that got that? As soon as the iPhone gets 4g they will say they did it through innovation and the mindless iPhone zombies will do as told and buy buy buy. Apple was innovative in 07-09 and you can't take that away but they haven't had a original idea since then. Smfh.
Is this a post vom 2010? How does it slip in MGs current stream?
I'm primarily an Android user but I must admit I did give this a thought the other day that something didn't make sense with the sales numbers the carriers were touting. I don't know (nor care) if MG or the analysts are right but I do think he has a good point.
If android os winning just cause why the battle to ruin every company that builds on top ofrece android... duhhhh!!! iOS is not going nowhere
+andrew cool your an idiot. Android is way more enjoyable and comes stock with everything you iFags have to jailbreak to get. Enough said.
Pllllease a company that think they invented all but needs the help of everybody and services (except for siri) for everything...hell even got the whole phone and tablet made by somebody else entirely. No thank you innovation without compromising attitude is android and take it from me I had it and never taken it back... apple sucks big time
Does the US not have third party phone stores? In aus we certainly do, and that won't count as carrier sales... or even activations in some cases... also the fact MG has never heard of upgrades is somewhat embarrassing... if all those sales were people upgrading, market share wouldn't change one bit. So how about instead of slamming surveys, he gets some real data, not just Shitty estimates and useless raw sales data 
+Owen Short interesting point about upgrades. I would guess that the type of people who buy the iPhone might also be the type to upgrade every year, whereas more Android users might wait for the 2-year contract to run out.
Numbers don't lie in a vacuum, but the real world is anything but. Given a set of numbers, there are a million different ways to slice and dice them. MG is good at that.
The stats/ numbers are right when they support your point of view and are wrong when the don't. +MG Siegler , you are sounding more and more like Baghdad Bob every day.
Come on guys, let's keep it civil, this isn't Engadget...
When Apple haters get as immature as +Nic Wolverton I am sure glad I am using their products. Now also as a protest against irrational, potty-mouthed Apple haters.
MG owns Apple stock. That's about it.
Lmao my SGII does everything stock that a iPhone can't do unless its jail broken and then my phone STILL blows your pos away. Name one thing your phone can do that mine can't and don't say Siri for the love of God. There's a ton of apps that can do what Siri can do plus more. Sorry if you wanna get all but hurt but its the truth. Even Jailbroken a iPhone is crap. All you can do is click a app and use it lmao. Widgets anyone? Lmao gtfoh. Go to YouTube and see how many of the iFags were given a iPad two and told it was the new iPad and not one of them could tell a difference. In fact all of them said how much lighter or brighter or better or whatever it was lmfao. You guys would buy a turd with a apple logo on it because Apple says so. Smfh get real. Your phone cost more then mine and can't do a third of what mine can.
I see Android fans trotting out the one unique feature they have - widgets - again and again, but do they actually use them much? As for Siri, which "ton" of apps can do the same, and how many of them did not start out on the iPhone first? And why do people think that just because company A made a different design decision than "their" company B then somehow company A was "wrong"? Apple haters are more fundamentalist than any Apple fan ever can strive for...
Don't make this about just widgets lmfao name one thing your phone can do JAILBROKEN that mine can't STOCK! I use widgets everyday lol. All you can do is have a app drawer for your home screen BWAHAHAHAHAHA
android is winning because I payed for my phone 50 bucks... as simple as that. on top of this we can add that iOS is a phone for kinds.
Guy sorry,I am off topic..Dont shoot me down..But does apple pay the itrolls???
I could use some extra money...Although its hardwork making fake stories about a boring OS...!
Lmao they couldn't pay me enough to spread those lies.
Conclusion, foregone. What's the point of reading Siegler? You already know the punchline. He'll decide his favorite phone sells more than some other phone and that this justifies his dickishness.
Android or iOS +MG Siegler does win here...
All he needs is some attention and traffic on his pages or posts or whatever...we help him acheive it..!!!
Verizon, Sprint, AT&T who the hell they think they are? poor americans your mobile operators fu*ks you, according to iphone it has only one button and this button is BUY, thought you bought the phone? no you just bought button BUY to give all your excess money
I think a lot of people follow MG precisely so they can throw their bile at iOS users in general and make snide comments. Completely absurd, but I guess it's much the same desire that school bullies use... instead of adding value they tear down whatever someone else says.
What "defense"? My iPhone 4S works fine, that there exists other phones that do things differently is no concern of mine, why is it a concern of yours? That is what I try to find out: is it the mere existence of an alternative to your precious S2 that causes your anger with a product you do not own, and the users who chose something else? Perhaps Android should have stayed a Blackberry copycat, so you could have directed your bile at RIM instead...
Lmao you obviously are so dense you don't see what the topic is. Android Vs iOS.
+Nic Wolverton, you are not commenting you are swearing and boasting. Big difference. You are part of the "shitstorm", not the debate. But yeah, I will ignore you hereafter. You are just chewing the same cud others have chewed before you, boring. At least compared to MG using numbers to back up his claims. Try arguing against him instead of, well, whatever you think you are doing.
+Tor Iver Wilhelmsen Apple is a concern to EVERYONE that cares about technology.
But not for the reasons you iSheep think.
It's because their "innovation" is stealing other's ideas and inventions, get idiotic patents for things they did not invent and then sue the world!
But as long as your iPhone 4Shit works fine for you nothing else matters right?
+Nic Wolverton There are no lost causes. People like him need a detox from that Apple brainwashing cult.
What pisses me off the most are not people like him, they are just sheeps.
What really pisses me off are these so called "journalists" and "tech reporters" that have no clue what journalism is about.
They just spew out what Apple tells them to and / or their own personal preferences. That is not journalism that is propaganda and misinformation.
+Hugo Pinto, why keep pushing the irrational exaggerations and general hate like that? Get a life. Is it really incomprehensible to some "fandroids" that people willingly can choose Apple's products?
it happens cause it's useless to use apple serveces outside US, also you should pay for everything
Yes liking it is fine. Saying its innovative or better is just lying to yourself lol
Not sure what this "winning" or "losing" stuff is all about: personally, I've a 4 line account with T-Mobile, all phones are Android-based, never looked at iPhone direction. Tastes differ, preferences differ.
+Tor Iver Wilhelmsen I am not a Fandroid I am a TechFan.
I am anti bullshitters, liars and thieves like Steve Jobs / Apple.

I am not loyal to any brand, I get what is the best option for me at that time, and big surprise, NOTHING that Apple has ever released even got my interest.

I would have liked to have seen Maemo/Meego take off, because at it's core it's a much better OS than anything out there.

The Nokia N900 was a beast when it was released, but unfortunately Nokia lost its way.
Man, I have yet to see one comment on any sites including TC that actually agrees with anything this guys says. Take the hint MG.
+MG Siegler the nut huger is at it again.

I wonder if the carries count sales through places like bestbuy and Amazon, walmart because that would explain a lot.
+Tor Iver Wilhelmsen the best features of your iPhone 4s were copied from Android - pull down notification bar, twitter integration, wireless sync, icould, folders, OTA updates, etc... Android has had all this things for years. You're just mad that Apple tricked you into buying another iPhone that looks the same as the previous one... Not to mention iOS interface hasn't changed since the original iPhone.
In the meantime, Apple has increased it's share of the profits in the mobile industry to 74%.

That's right. Three quarters of the profit in the entire industry goes to Apple.
yup. as, predicted, he sure seems to have riled up the android idiots. a+ posting guys.
I think there is a fundamental piece of information missing: what was the % of sales (iPhone vs Android) BEFORE the iPhone4S was sold. I always had the impression that every time Apple launches a new phone, hordes of Apple fans fill their stores to upgrade their gadget. Until the next version comes out. If I am right, In Q2 and Q3 2012 the iPhone 4S sales will go back well below Q1 which was the 1st quarter after the 4S launch. So I don't fully see the relationship with the ratio of mobile phones sold last quarter and the overall mobile phone marketshare (smartphones have been sold for several years now, so the current market share of Android, be that 61% or 51% is the result of several quarters outpacing Apple, alternated to a few quarters where Apple's sales outpaced those of Android). My 2 cents.
Brand fanboyism is always such a sad thing to observe... well unless you somehow reap the profits of the given brand in which case it's amusing.
Religious arguments get tiresome after a while. Hate to see this on Google+, frankly.
+Simon Garlick Yes the iDiots always like to mention profits.

Remember: YOU are the ones being price gauged by your beloved corporation, perfect example of magnified Stockholm Syndrome.
You keep telling yourself that. The future is open.
It all comes down to better hardware and software. There's no doubt that iOS and the iPhone are better in both of those areas. Those arguing that point are kidding themselves.

Also, the whole "open" argument really doesn't continue to hold water anymore does it? I don't even think Eric Schmidt ever believed that old chestnut.

I always like how the Android fans get personal when people don't agree with what they think passes for logic.
iphone has better software and better must joking right? lmao
+Jeff Hunsberger WRONG on both. The only thing iOS is better at is locking you down to their walled "ecosystem" where Apple is allowed to use criminal tactics in price fixing on ebooks and threatening music publishers so they don't sell cheaper on Amazon.
Would you please remove your head out of Steve Jobs ass? The man is dead. Let him Rot in Peace.
I think this post may receive the award for most comments/least +1's/shares/least time ratio.
Poor MG thinks he hit gold with his "clever" remarks about surveys,.as he posted disparaging comments about data collection in TWO posts now in consecutive days. Tell me, bright boy, how do you go about collating data from closed, disparate systems? Perhaps we should just eliminate statistics from our math curriculum since, according to you, are invalid. Or, perhaps, we just blindly follow skewed data released from the marketing teams of respective companies. This is why you lost so much cred and have been reduced to that guy who says stupid shit but doesn't really know anything.

Here's my take: the hardware has always been good. The problem moving forward is that iOS is getting stale and long in the tooth. There's no evolution there (also, no "fragmentation either). What's the 5 going to look like? A bigger screen and a bigger battery for LTE? What's the next feature they are going to steal from Android? Widgets? Innovation at Apple died the day Jobs did.

On a juvenile note, MG's profile picture reminds me of Scooter from the Muppet Babies. If Scooter grew up to be a thirty-something alcoholic with a penchant for auto-erotic asphyxiation.
Clearly funny to see how "upset" and "angry" the Android users are. Relax. Your more technical and non-upgraded sales numbers don't affect you. Also friendly reminder - Samsung did not make Android. Samsung makes the hardware and when they launched their first set of smartphones that weren't BlackJacks (Blackberry copies) they mimicked the iPhone down to the icons. 
+Elijah Lynn I think you just invented the #googleplus measurable, numerical test for what consists a #troll
We can call it the "Elijah Lynn Ratio" test.
Apple can Kiss My A$$ DROID all the Way . No limits what u can do.If i wanted a Iphone i could turn my Android into one, Droid Is Whats Good My Friends
I'm not going to troll, but I'm happy with my android phone. Waiting on the samsung galaxy s3 to replace my htc evo.
+MG Siegler , just wanted to let you know that a few months ago I stopped clicking on any link to any site you publish. I'm interested in journalism, not link bait whose only lure is to morons who think that they are defined by their mobile phone's operating system. "I'm an Android guy." "I'm an iPhone girl all the way." No, you are both fools, just like the people that think this is journalism.
Is Apple beating the snot out of "Android" (as if it's a company instead of a patchwork of related OS's on hundreds of devices) in the U.S. and Europe? I'm sure they are. These people have enough money for their products. Is Apple anywhere in the third world, where the vast majority of the world's population lives? No. Are these people cell phone owners? Overwhelmingly, they are. Do they have smartphones? Increasingly, they do. Are these smartphones running iOS? No. But many are running Android.
The U.S. and Europe are not the future of the internet. They are PART of the future of the internet, but the big growth will come from these new economies. It blows my mind when I think about what Africa is going to look like in 20 years.
+Rahul Gilani You are totally right, and you know why? Because Apple invented EVERYTHING!
They have the patent for icons with rounded corners, for icon grids, they even have a patent for slide to unlock. Because none of those things were done before... O_o
Oh and they also have the exclusive use for rectangles with rounded corners, even if they are not the same dimensions of their magical products.
You can now patent gestures and shapes!!! Amazing.
I would flip you the middle finger, but Apple would probably sue me, because they own that patent too.
It's not that difficult to understand. Let us assume:

- Android sold ~50% on the 3 major US carriers last quarter.
- Android sold the majority on T-Mobile, regional, and prepaid during the same period.
- Of the 42.5% growth in new smartphone subscribers year-over-year, Android dominated.
- Apple's quarterly sales numbers, while impressive, went mostly to previous iPhone users upgrading. Thus resulting in little net gains on total marketshare.

It's not hard to imagine then that Android has a commanding 20+% advantage over Apple in total smartphone marketshare AND growing.
I can't figure out if you guys are being serious or not. It sounds like sarcasm because its so over the top, but I am starting to think you guys really believe this Android stuff. oof. Good luck with that.
Guys I got this. We will take the CEOs of Google and Apple and have them both lay their junk on the table and the world may witness whose is bigger. Untill that happens we need to whip out the nerd octigon and we can all enter with our choice of key board, mouse, or your phone. 2 men enter! 1 man leaves...
So I'm wondering, in Sprint's case, did they use the sales of BOOST mobile (since BOOST uses Sprint and Nextel networks)? They have Android phones. I just got a Kajeet Android phone(uses Sprint's network) for my daughter, was that sale included? Better yet, were any sales from any retailer that use the "major 3" carriers used? Maybe that is why the numbers don't add up?
I think the real issue here is how readily survey data is produced and accepted as real data. Survey data is one of the easiest data sets to manipulate. And it allows you to post numbers and statements any way you want. It's nice to see +MG Siegler posting a follow up on the true numbers of sales from actual retailers. With actual data. Thanks for the clarification. I am now doubting android ever had market share to be quite honest.
+stephen woloszyn it just all feels a touch FUD'y, don't you think? It's just noise, not a serious discuss about the growth of the markets or providing something truly insightful?
+stephen woloszyn Of course survey data is readily accepted. It is real data. Unless, of course, you don't think statistics is a proper math science. Perhaps the U.S. census and the Nielsen company are doing it wrong.

All data is easily to manipulate. Sales numbers get manipulated all the time by marketers to show them in a favorable light (or show stats that are unfavorable to the competition). Bloggers manipulate numbers to get the numbers they want to spread their evangelism.

To doubt Android has / had market share based on Scooter's ( +MG Siegler) post is downright shortsighted because he isn't giving you the whole picture (not that should be a shock to anyone), also has manipulated numbers, and shouldn't be trusted because it isn't objective. There's a whole other world besides the three big carriers, so you can't just take that subset and say Apple has the biggest share. But, as +Paul Gardiner pointed out, this is just noise. Noise meant to keep the Apple / Google war going because people like MG are making gobs of money off it.
What really bothers me about this article is not that the argument it presents is in itself riddled with so many holes that its leaking water faster than RIM is leaking market share, but its the fact that it was actually published. I think +MG Siegler is a smart man and that he is also surrounded by a number of smart people and thus knows the simple answers that lie behind the market share vs sales debate but chose to publish the article as is anyway. Its a pretty bad attempt that didnt take into account market dynamics and underlying consumer habits that could lie behind the numbers published by Comscore and others.

For instance; how many people who had an iphone got a new one, a type of sale that doesnt necessarily grow market share? How many people did the iphone lure away from other OS's including Android? How many people who have never owned smartphone before purchased one in the last quarter and specifically the iphone as their first ever smartphone? etc. The same questions could be asked about Android. Other pertinent questions could've been; what number of the apprx 40% who didn't buy an iphone were newcomers to the smartphone market and what devices were they buying? What percentage of people who already owned a Droid passed on getting an upgrade in the last quarter thus pushing sales figures in apples favour percentage-wise? How many newcomers to the smartphone market purchased an android device as a first ever smartphone. So many questions left unanswered.

Anyway, this is getting long but its an expression of my frustration at the lack of depth of the article. Nothing more, nothing less.
+Andrew Yarnall +Paul Gardiner I agree with both of you. My post was sort of tongue and cheek at how 1 set of data can sway someone one way or the other. To be honest the idea of "market share" is quite a silly measurement for a war. (which I don't believe there is one) between apple and google. If we are trying to measure success, the number of devices sold/market share is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is revenue, and how the company is investing that revenue. (*specifically profit)
I've owned every Google android device except the galaxy nexus (g1, nexus 1, nexus s)... and my next phone is iPhone 5. The frustrating ICS release is to blame. iOS 5.1 was rolled out about an hour after it was announced...
From another article I read....

"I’ve been asking for years: Is there a carrier anywhere in the world that carries both the iPhone and Android phones where the iPhone is not the top-selling phone?"
I just laugh at all this fandroid hate. Get a life, if you think he is so stupid just ignore him. Written in a SGNote.
Nice, but who's going to carry it?
So you mean Apple is #Winning like Charlie Sheen?
+Christopher Rizzo, in the literal sense that is correct, but in technology years 1 year feels like 5 years. With the exponential advancements in tech that gap seems to be growing. With the barrage of Android devices coming out the advancement gaps between the devices are smaller than the stretched out yawning technology gaps with the iPhone which makes even their latest model look tremendously dated. The growing number of Android models with successive hardware and software advancements compensates for the exponential advancements.
Welcome to next version of iPhone which looks exactly like previous version.
I'm not ready to call Business Insider more reliable than NPD. Both seem to disagree on how much total business the big 3 should account for.

Of course Android surged because Apple "let it" by not being on more carriers, but is that monumental mistake something Apple should brag about? If anything, its proves they made a horrible decision.
+Christopher Rizzo, probably not much more, but let's face it, not long ago Apple was the one on the bleeding edge of mobile technology with no competitors in site. This is no longer true. In fact Android devices have exceeded them on several fronts, such as mobile device choice, specifications, marketshare, growth rate...
+Christopher Rizzo I think the single biggest difference between iphones and android phones now has to be 4g. My android often times has 4g speeds that beat my home wifi. It's 20 times faster than my friends iphones.

I really don't care if phone manufactures are killing it in revenue as long as they make enough to stick around and make phones.

I own an SGN and a bunch of aapl stock. Best of both worlds.
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