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My thoughts on the Nexus 7 (you may be surprised)
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I'm not interested in anything a self declared iProduct lover has to say,. sorry
I love my Acer A100, even if it's looking chunky compared to the Nexus 7. It's a great form factor. Now if developers could just make with the properly sized apps for it...
I thought this device would be a winner but to see this kind of review from +MG Siegler is a little surprising. But MG will need to create new superlatives when the Apple 7-inch hits stores.
to Brent, "Keep your friends close, your enemies closer" [we are Android, lol]
What you're doing is standing next to someone and yelling "LALALA I DONT WANNA HEAR WHAT YOURE SAYING".

I don't think you understand what "Keep your enemies close" means.
If +MG Siegler likes the Nexus 7... he's going to go into orgasmic shock when Apple announces the 7" iPad.
I enjoyed reading this very much.
I love how the home screen layout mimics the ios 'app drawer' style of home screen. Been running JB for about a week on a nexus s 4g, and am absolutely loving it... it's quite a bit faster than it was factory fresh out of the box on GB, and that was pretty damn fast lol
This device is amazing and at only $200 its a clear winner in this category. Can't wait to get my hands on one.
thanks for being a professional and giving a android device a fair shake.  its good to see that we can get past the "I'm a android / apple fanatic days"  and just say its a great device no matter who makes it
Well, that settles it, the N7 must kick a$$ if serial Google hater Siegler likes it.
Oh, and, don't get your hopes up too high for a 7-inch iPad. Even if it ever happens, it won't be a $200 device. Not how Apple works. Budget isn't in their vocab.
+MG Siegler  has become like the Simon Cowell of old on Idol. He's so critical at times that when he gives a complement everyone listens. Made me proud to be an Android fan.
Damn good write up, I say the same thing that this tablet is the Android tablet to date.  Apple with a new ipad mini might be good for them but if Samsung comes with a damn good looking Galaxy Note II running Jelly Bean, 5.5" screen size With HD resolution, this will hurt any real chances for a ipad mini. Talk about fast and smooth, plus the real ability to be portable and do the same things as the Nexus 7 and still have the capability of using it as a phone. Why on earth would you want to carry around a ipad mini that you can't connect with as well as the Galaxy Note II?   
Ndra cj
waw..... perpecto...... >_<
Interesting review. If it had connectivity other than WiFi, it sounds like it could truly be useful. At least for this user, even at $199 it is too costly to add another short-term, battery powered device because it is a little smaller than my fully functional business machine - the iPad.
Anthony, it doesn't sound like there is anything for Apple to copy from the Nexus 7. It does a subset of what an iPad or iPhone does and the main distinguishing factor is that it has a smaller screen. I'll have to see it for myself...
They'll probably sue Asus and google because they had an idea for some tablet that size and then sue them for using icons.
Very nice review it was..I am planning to buy HP TouchPad tablet. Can u please tell me some pros and cons of that device...

Day 1 on my Nexus 7 and so far I am agreeing with +MG Siegler . The only thing I would add is I would have liked also is for the home screen to support landscape. Also, I am not finding it too small...I guess I have smaller hands. I do find the iPad too large however for reading. One interesting thing that nobody has mentioned is that capslock support is now done by holding down the shift key. I am liking this approach. As far as mobile wireless support I use the mobile hotspot feature on my phone and thus don't have to pay two wireless bills.
irish d
tethering might help in the lack of 3G/4G connectivity.
Typical of an ipad enthusiast to do such a mundane review.
Glad you like it, but your homescreen could use a little work. Try to think outside the "grid of icons" box and putting a clock right next to a clock seems a bit silly.
If Apple can convince a court that a Galaxy 10.1 can be mistaken for a 10" iPad and have sales stopped, it stands to reason that one may be able to convince a court that a 7" iPad could be mistaken for another 7" tablet and have the sales of the iPad stopped

Just saying...
+Anthony Fawcett thanks for the suggestion but I looked into settings and it's already setup to auto rotate. In fact there is a setting for auto rotation and locking rotation right on the slide down notification window. This is new to jelly bean. As a note, I actually dictated this entire comment using speech to text.
Mine shipped and should be here tomorrow or Tuesday. Can't wait. 
irish d
+Pete Patron can it do text to speech in google books (read aloud) and is it using that nice voice engine google now uses? in navigation?
it kinda looks like an ipad. but i am just saying
This is actually good for both Apple and Google, along with the rest of the tech industry. This kind of quality only drives competition and forces other companies to either keep up or exceed product expectations. With all of this said and done, the output of this development only enables further productive growth. As Clint Eastwood has even said recently, "Either progress or die."
You're saying "speech to text" on the nexus 7?
+irish d it will read a Google book out loud but you need to turn on the Accessibility Talk Back feature on to do it. It does use the new voice engine. The new engine includes a woman's voice for US English and a man's voice for British English. Other language voices can be downloaded also.
Great review. No Snark against Google, honest appreciation and honest criticism. 
Thanks for being brave and writing an honest column!
I get that this is an apple blog and the like, but the constant digs on Android even in an article praising one of its products is a little off putting. If your target audience is Android fans then I think you missed your mark. But the Nexus 7 praise is welcome nonetheless!
+MG Siegler I enjoyed your write-up.  One quick note: You made a comment about the lack of availability of some media in the Google Play store.  While true, you can, of course, install Amazon and Barnes & Noble apps and greatly increase your access to media (as with anything).  I personally find the media point moot.
+Bobby Tucker huh? It does both speech-to-text as well as text-to-speech. Who were you directing your question to?
+Chris Pidek yeah, I did not understand that about +MG Siegler 's review either. I can buy books, music and videos on both Amazon and Google and both end up on the tablet. In fact before I buy I check who has an item cheaper then buy from there. I can even check iTunes for music and sync that also if I wanted to try a little harder.
Hell hath frozen over.  Nice article.
I don't think that Apple will have to take back what SJobs has said about the 7" form factor. In fact, I still think that 7" is not ideal for some situations -- where the bigger iPad shines -- e.g., magazine viewing and typing. For a majority of the use-cases, however, the 7" is an awesome form factor.

The rumored iPad mini, OTOH, is said to have 7.85" or roughly 8" screen that might be the sweet spot for having a smaller iPad with a bigger view for magazines and bigger keys for the keyboard as compared against the 7". Should this be true and the price is somewhere around $299 for a 16GB, that would definitely compete against the Nexus 7.

Don't get me wrong, I have the iPad and the Nexus 7 and like +MG Siegler, the Nexus is best paired with a laptop - maybe the 11" Macbook Air like what I do. The iPad is a laptop replacement for most use-cases - and this is what I also do. Nexus 7 + 11" MBA or iPad.
+Rommel Feria IMHO, an 8" tablet and a 10" tablet are too close to bother making a separate model. And from the looks of it, it'll still be Apple's outdated aspect ratio, so there's that as well.
+Hugo Kessler Not REALLY such thing as a $0 iphone.  If you buy one you are committing yourself to using a 5 year old design in 2014. (the cost of the phone is in the data plan)
+Hugo Kessler you've actually made my point for me. The 3GS is antiquated... two, soon three versions behind the latest iPhone, and more than that behind Android.

And it isn't $0... it's free with a two-year subscription. That's a subsidised cost, and one the carriers pay dearly to achieve, and in a shrinking, not growing, number of nations. Check the unlocked price... it's still over $600. I could get a three-year old Windows Notebook for a song, so what? Apple's stuff only becomes "budget" when it's outdated.
+Hugo Kessler So... to extrapolate... you might get a $200 iPad Mini 1 around the time an iPad mini 3 or 4 comes out. Hope you're a patient man.
Why is this guy even on G+?
I would actually like to get a Nexus 7, and I own a Macbook that I wouldn't change for anything and an iPhone
+Trevor Founder I'm sorry you feel that way. Just because someone likes Apple products, it doesn't mean they don't deserve to be heard
+Vicente Grajeda They don't deserved to be heard here on G+.  Apple is doing everything they can to destroy Google...and people like you support such sa(i)d company.
Thanks man. Great review. Looking forward to playing with mine when I arrives this week.
+Eric Gains I don't support the company itself. I support the people that like their products. At the end, they are just products and people have different tastes, so what's the big deal? I don't owe anything to Apple, I can like Android and Apple at the same time
+Rob McNair-Huff have you ever used an Android? Saying it just delivers 'a subset of Apple' functionality is just absurd. If anything it is the other way around, iOS is restricted to make it more user friendly, which is ok except that someone else chose the restrictions instead of me. There are several issues missing from iOS that make it impossible for me to use it professionally.
This is unreal, even Google's toughest critic sings songs of the Nexus 7. They can go ahead and release a platinum edition now :)
+Vicente Grajeda You support Apple by buying their products.  Their behavior offends unbiased, intelligent people.  Move along to FB.  They'll welcome you with open arms.
+Daniel Singer There are great reasons why Google fanboys are fan of Google.  You can't make the same argument for Apple so stop with the comparison.
Two things I've learned since buying a Nexus7 1) Google trolls worse than Apple trolls 2) Google can't ship a product - still no shipment notice, and I ordered during I/O 
+Rommel Feria the only way an 8" iPad will compete against the Nexus 7 at that price point is because the hordes of Apple zombies will rush out to buy it. From an average consumer standpoint, $100 isn't chump change.
Tera C
I'm hardly ever an early adopter, but I just had to jump on this one. The positivity surrounding the Nexus 7 is quite overwhelming. Thank you for such an honest and what I think was a very fair review. 
Thanks, always good to get a hands on opinion rather than relying on ones ability to read between the advertised hype. Think I'll be picking one of these up for myself now ^_^
+Eric Gains They are so protective of Android... Its as if they want us to only use their favorite OS... Sounds democratic... God forbid people use what makes them happy.
Well said for a self proclaimed apple fan boy. CAN'T WAIT FOR MY N7 TO ARRIVE!!!
Not the 12 year old come back line...  The clown took the time to lash back under the guise of appearing neutral.  The tactics isheep will deploy are a credit to that tyrannical, pot smoking, LSD induced Steve Jobs.
I hope google htc and samsung sue apple when the new iphone 5 and 7inch ipad come out becouse of form facter and size.turn the tables on a non inovative piece of shit company like apple.would have no prob if they just wanted licensing agreements but to try and band products . I don't want to say too much I just cannot believe that people still support them
Sweet I'm a die hard android fan and I own a few apple products I'm justbgald to see the fit and finish I think we always had a little bit of lag that seems to have been dissolved with jelly bean
Great, eloquent review. I'll probably pick one up for my dad :) i have an iPad so I have no need for one but I'd like more android in my house. I've been using my dad as an android guinea pig recently while I keep using iOS devices xD 
+Jeff Lowy OK, so like I said go take a break and worship your Apple god.
+Eric Gains Put an NFC chip on your johnson, and let Android rub one out for you.
Yes. Thank you. Back to the Nexus 7. Mine just updated itself to Android 4.1.1.
For something you actually enjoy using you mention very few actual reasons why. It would have made for a better article had you explained the specific reasons why.

Reading it sort of reminded me of when my son begrudgingly eats his carrots while constantly pulling a face but still looking for praise.

Pat on the head for you then..."good try little man".
+Jeff Lowy I thought you wanted to be done here.  I take it Jobs' multi faceted spell hasn't run its course.  Free your mind and walk away.
+Ajay Dasgupta You would be correct if logic is to hold true for isheep.  When you worship the Apple god, price don't mean squat.  
I hate you!!!!! I want one too!!!
You didn't mention the GPS that the Ipad (Wi-Fi) doesn't provide. Plus it can be used with google maps if you download the area you will be going to. Also the voice doesn't need Wi-Fi Connection.
You can see that you're an iPad user judging by your home screen. Sorry, had to do it. :D
That's a wonderful sign Google lovers!!! Your product is all that and a bag of chips, or at least you can afford the chips with the low sticker price compared to iPad!
+Eric Gains you're not helping any... creating hostility and name calling really makes it hard to tell what you're doing apart from what the iFans, that you despise so much, do...
+James Smith where are you based? I am selling a Touchpad if you are interested (UK here)?
Clearly one of the best tablets out there, although I'm not a fan of it being a portrait tablet and the notification bar pulling down from the top. Makes more sense having it at the bottom.
Now I have a Nexus 4G from 2012, why bring out another so soon. you people change cell phones like underwear!!!! Why not just get on with living & stop all this foolishness. there are more important issues out there than a different model cell phone every month. Get a life you people
+Scott Hamilton The screen layout seems to mimic the iOS layoit because android allows you full customization of the homescreen, therefore someone familiar with apple products would be likely to set it up in that fashion.
+Eric Gains and +Rob McNair-Huff It's the small stabs people take at other products and people because of personal judgement, when instead its created by blind loyalty.

As for me, honestly I'm loving my Nexus 7. It honestly feels like a fluid extension of the Android system. I am seriously impressed at the fluidity of the system ui overall. The review was a bit vague, but I remember, he's an Apple fan voicing his honest view. Good deal +MG Siegler
+MG Siegler really enjoyed that article. I am a self confessed android lover but I also own the latest iPad, the Nexus is on order and I can't wait to get it. Thanks for the review.
The size comparison at end of the article made me think of something. From what I've gathered the 7" form factor of the nexus makes it ideal to hold it in one hand. I know I can grip around a 7" tablet (maybe I just have freakishly large hands and it is not possible for most people, woman,.. can anyone confirm?)  A slightly bigger 7.85 ipad in 4:3 with a wider bezel will make it more comfortable to hold it with 2 hands in portrait mode but rules out holding it with one hand. +MG Siegler stated he loved carrying the nexus around the house, wouldn't a larger iPad mini negatively impact its usefulness in this respect?
I guess you will need to compare how they feel in the hand once both devices are actually available.
Nila T
WoW - An Apple lover saying a lot of positive stuff about Google - Armageddon is here!!
+Tony O'Sullivan, did you just propose that things being used by many people or devices are lame? How did you get to work? Do you eat with a knife and fork? Android fans will think it's better, that is why they are fans and vice versa.
Great article, nice to hear from an Apple fan boy's perspective.
Just remember this Apple make 7 inches tablet first...hoping you don't claim it your....i am waiting for my nexus 7....
I can't wait. My Nexus 7 should show up Monday!
If MG says it's good, it must be at least out-of- Earth-exceptional. Now I want one.
lol there is a lot of hidden message in this article. Basically he's saying that nexus 7 is a good device because Apple hasn't made 7-inch device yet.
I don't get it. And even I'm a Homestuck Troll
CS Chua
You trying to peace with the God before you die? :-)
I don't have anything constructive to say. I just want to see how many +1s I get.
after how apple reacted to the nexus's release, this is a pretty accurate description.
"An ipad lovers..."  What I wonder is, why the f*ck is this garbage showing in my feed?  I clearly didn't circle this apple gollum.
Unfortunately, because video and text still live the world of DRM shackles and chains, I am afraid I am too heavily invested in Amazon's video services to purchase a Google Play device.

Until we fight the de-DRM wars again, and win them on video and text, I'm afraid the choice of a cloud-based device will always be a forgone conclusion based on where you have made your purchases.

If I had it to do over again, given iTunes Match + iPhone + iPad + AppleTV integration... I think I would have purchased my videos from iTunes rather than Amazon. But iTunes was late to the cloud, and so I went with Amazon.

What do you say +MG Siegler? Is my call for the re-ignition of the de-DRM wars one that's worth some attention? Because that's where we are with cloud video. We are back to 10 years ago, choosing a device based on which store we want to shop at.
+Tony O'Sullivan It's really hard to see where you're coming from. +Jaco Groenewald put it perfectly, and the fact you literally offer that as your opinion proves ignorance. In that regard, that's only because Android is an open sourced development project, which offers companies a software base to build to their needs, be it for specific carriers or varied devices. It would be safe to assume, then, that you feel it is NOT good for people to have a choice in the look and overall function of their device?
Someone dies every second koonta kintay ... thats not gonna stop me from getting the new nexus 7 : ( 
This is amazing, considering the mind-set you would have had going into this review. The Nexus 7 looks amazing. I don't think it is in Apple's power to sell a device without a huge profit. I am interested to see if Apple will try to compete with Amazon and Google in this arena.
im gunna get a ipad 3 for birthday :D
very nice but very expensive too........... 
+Eli Fennell That used to be true. It's not now. Remember when the rumours were that the iPad was going to cost $1000? The price surprised everyone. Likewise with the MacBook Air range - it took a LONG time for Windows-based Air-clones to start to undercut the Air. At first, they were more expensive. 
 +MG Siegler finally u write something good abt google. well, this is an honest article and u earn ppl's respect back.
The thing that people in the US forget about the Nexus 7 vs a supposed 7in iPad is that, outside the US, the Play Store's selection of content is pretty appalling.

I live in the UK - not exactly a small market, and have a Nexus 7 on order. When it arrives, I won't be able to buy music from the Play Store. I won't be able to buy movies (rental only) or any TV shows. The book selection isn't great compared to iBooks, let alone Kindle. Basically, all the stuff about how great the integrated Play Store/Nexus 7 experience was in the keynote... outside the US, it's just not true.

If a 7in iPad launches against a Nexus 7 with the current state of the Play Store, even if it's a bit more expensive, it will wipe the floor with it outside the US because of this. Google needs to really work on this if it's going to have a chance - and remember, Americans, the rest of the world is a heck of a bigger market than just the US alone.
Stupid ipad lovers...!! Ur so stupid guys..??
Yeah, Google's only starting to do the right thing, when it should be dominating as much as possible the Media side of things. I get why they buy ad/hardware companies for patents, but if the music companies aren't easy to deal with, it's odd that Google doesn't get more involved here, and sort out the territory issues with media.  One day it'll happen, getting it right now must be a strategic thing for Google to work on.
Siegler speaking well of Android?

Crap, I haven't built my apocalypse shelter yet...
It would be great to hear about some of the features of the OS that you liked, what was better than iOS, what was worse? Especially if everyone's assuming Apple will start playing in this space at some point.
Nice way to clutter up your home screen to make it look like an ipad with all those icons. Good article though!
Who cares what he thinks, product speaks for itself, I don't need an isheep to say it's good. And one coming from tech crunch? They should all be objective.
So, Apple IS going to make their 7" tablet triangular or round .. Right?

You don't want Google to end up being 'the developer for the world'.
King Troll complaining about trolls...
I just bought one Nexus 7.  Exciting!!!
+Ian Betteridge re: availability of content in Google Play outside US, I'm not so sure this a major issue for most people. Personally I use Play only for selecting apps to install. Media content I purchase separately, sometimes through an app on the Android, sometimes not. Never a real problem, but I admit I try to avoid DRM-ed content.
Its funny to see how he setup his home screen with all apps in a grid to mimmick that of an iPad.
Good review. Thank you for taking the time.

Personally, I think leaving cell/data connectivity out was the right move. I'm not sure how many people would buy it anyway. Does anyone know the sales stats on iPad wifi only vs 3G/4G? I may be wrong but I would speculate that the wifi only version is much more popular?

Tethering makes more sense to me. Why have another bill to pay?
I for one as it turns out do not have use for any wifi only tablet. I need my network. Pay as you go plans are very convenient. With my Xoom I relied on free wifi tethering on an android phone which is ok but adds one layer of complexity plus you can't make phone calls while connected on verizon and also I felt like I was stilling data at the risk of loosing my unlimited data plan. Does nexus 7 run flash? If not then I can't access my vast amazon video library :(. Same problem with my iPad which I use mostly for work anyways. I am also interested to see how jot stylus will perform with the display driver, prior Asus hardware was not very compatible with it at least not to the level that iPad is. I will probably buy nexus 7 anyways after my kindle fire and tf201 sell on eBay.
IPads are boring...iTunes androids
You gotta be innovative before you can lose the ability to do so +Abe Abrahamian The newest iOS is still two versions behind Android, and copying to beat the band.
Do you see a need for it having an iPad too? Do you find yourself using both devices?
+Eli Fennell Sorry Eli, I wasn't clear - I was referring to if/when Apple produces a lower-cost 7in iPad.
+Ian Betteridge You have a strange idea of budget. $400 entry-level on a device most people don't understand why they should need is hardly budget. And PC makers could have undercut the Air any time they wanted, just like Android tablet makers could have undercut the iPad anytime, but they both fell into the trap of thinking their consumers were iSheep. Android and Windows consumers are more likely to care about value for money, especially with a new type of product they aren't yet sure they need. It's always been that way.
+Ian Betteridge I got that part. And I'm telling you, Apple doesn't sell devices they don't make strong margins on. Even the $400 iPad 2 still generates a strong margin. There won't be a $200 or even $250 iPad Mini any time in the foreseeable future. Mark my words, $300 minimum. Possibly more.
+Eli Fennell As I pointed out, Apple has produced products which blew expected price points out of the water and which others found it hard to compete with. Your view that it doesn't do that is based on a very out of date view of Apple.

It has the best manufacturing deals in the world, the best supply chain and inventory management, and huge amounts of muscle with component suppliers.

Even assuming that it made a device exactly the same hardware-wise as the N7, it would make a 25% margin on it if it charged $250. Given its ability to get the best manufacturing deals, it would probably make more. 
+Ian Betteridge Oh nonsense. And you've got nothing to point to in order to back that. Apple doesn't settle for 25% margins on new devices.
I kinda want to get one now.  At the same time, I know Apple is going to release something at this form factor.  I wanna wait and see what they do.
I really love that. If only it was available in France ... it would be mine, whatever Mr Siegler should have said. That article makes me just a bit hungrier.
I bought a touchpad for $100, and I thought "neat, but not worth $500 even with the apps of the iPad." For $200 though, might be enough to get me a tablet that is still supported.

Though in generally an Android fan, if Apple related a $200 iPad, I'd probably get that, as I prefer variety.
Celebrity bloggers like MG have been given way too much power by the Apple minions... this guy has created nothing but criticizes everything (non-Apple) and his words are somehow worth their weight in gold?
MG is a non tech person in a tech persons world who wishes he was working for Apple and riding that rainbow of "Magical" crap. The Nexus 7 and many other Android devices are great products but MG's narrow Apple vision has caused a layer of dry taint to cover his eyes. MG's posts are full of stereotypical nonsense and if this was in paper form, I would use it to wipe my buttocks.
+James Smith I have two of them, got them at the fire sale, one each sixteen and thirty-two GB, and I absolutely love them. I mostly run android ICS on them, bug I still boot into webOS from time to time, and running it for a few days. In my opinion, they're awesome running ICS... smooth, no hiccups or stutter. I don't know if you're into rooting and ROMming, but it's very easy to do, and it keeps webOS on the device as a dual boot option. It has a dual core qualcom snapdragon, stock underclocked to 1.2 ghz from the spec of 1.5. I've overclocked up to 2.1, mainly because i could, but it runs perfectly fine stock. I haven't had a chance to spend a lot of hands on time with other tablets, but i do have a friend with a xoom, and after using his for a while right after he updated to ICS, the touchpad is quite a bit snappier...
tl;dr, buy one.
I wonder how many Nexus's  around the world will be collecting dust uncharged in a month or so when hype will subside. :)
+Scott Hamilton I too have a HP Touchpad on ICS (Cyanogen 9) as well as an iPad 2 (which I won in a draw and promptly gave to my wife) and I prefer the TP to the iPad any day of the week.

I actually had 2 Touchpads but sold one for $200 as soon as the Nexus 7 was announced. Gave myself a pat on the back for that one!
+Eli Fennell Wrong comment dude. I have 2 10' Android tablets and the Nook. Nook is actually the only Android tablet that I charge. Others I charge only when I need to develop on them. They're mostly dust collectors. I hope Google solved the issue with power consumption in Android, but I'm also pretty much sure that with JVM/Dalvik it's virtually impossible to reach the same level of efficiency as iShips have.
I love the snark in his article
Scrolling is still jerky on the 7 with JB. Really? You'd expect Google could have fixed by now. Res is only 75% of any retina display. Apple will eat this size on entry.
+Paul Yannello I doubt it more than likely it will have the same resolution as the ipad/ipad2 which is actually less than the nexus 7
Apple won't fragment their market by introducing a device that would break its handful of screen sizes and resolutions. If we see an iPad mini it will more than likely be a 4:3 display with the iPad2's resolution or a 16:9 with the iPod's resolution so that developers don't have to design for another screen size.
I own Apple, Android, and Windows. I love trying all new tech. But with the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy S 3 Apple better come out swinging.
+MG Siegler thanks for writing the review on the Nexus 7. +Meaghan Whitaker bought mine as an early birthday present from Gamestop on Sunday; I got to unbox it and start enjoying it last night. Quite satisfied thus far!
+MG Siegler I really must say that I was pleasantly surprised by this piece, given your history and usual mien. That said, given your usual writing, you calling out trolls seems more than a bit ironic to me.
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