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perhaps the bigger news today...
"Free" Buried under the massive Kindle news is something arguably more important: Microsoft just got Samsung to pay them to use Android. This means that two of the major Android OEMs (Samsung and HTC)...
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Ughh. -1 This really did seem to slip through the cracks.

What makes it worse is that they did a cross-patent thing.. so does that mean it will be harder to nail Microsoft on patent issues because Sammy is now licensing some of it's stuff to Microsoft?
Yeah, I'd like to know how much is being paid per device.
Has Microsoft even said what is being infringed upon?
MG, You have to change your handle, it reminds me too much of lemonparty and I don't want to click.
I want to know what it is about android devices that MS is able to charge a licencing fee for, but iOS devices do not need the license?
They will likely come off financially square as this was a bilateral cross licencing deal, Samsung will be getting financial incentives around Windows Phone 7 and there are likely some pretty large incentives around Windows 8 tablets, Ultrabooks etc. Microsoft get a stirring headline and the media get a sensation.
In the end I expect Microsoft to swallow Nokia and force them to build an android variant. Much like Amazon. Sounds far fatched but is there any doubt that android as a platform is unstoppable? No.

Also this play would actually massively weaken Google's grip on android.

Combine this with the fact the as a service company office will still be awesome, along with exchange and co and Microsoft could defend this strategy.

I guess what I'm saying is owning the platform is not as awesome as it sounds when the platform is open source.

Having your own version of a platform, optimised fot your own services and hardware is far more compelling.

Brillaint times to be a tech observer. 
Hha.. I've been seeing these parislemon posts for a while, I just realized it was MG. haha.
+Brad Leclerc I fully agree. The only way this is not extortion is if the patents Samsung gets from Microsoft have value is their battle with Apple. If this deal blocks Apple from being a scumbag, I am all for it.
Or what would be bad is if they are paying to stay out of a 2 front fight
+Brad Leclerc Kind of. We all know that Apple makes use of Microsoft patents for OSX. We do not know the deals they have in place, but one can assume that Microsoft has the power to say, "Apple, back off Samsung or we will not renew our agreement for patents X-Y-Z.

So, it is not so much a matter of Samsung infringing Microsoft patents in the way you are thinking, and much more a matter of Microsoft using its entire patent portfolio to protect its licensees.

This is something Microsoft said they would do for anyone licensing Winmo8, so it would not surprise me to see this same deal being extended to Samsung.

Update: What ever the case may be, I think the more companies consolidate to form a front against Apple, the better. The sooner Apple is forced to stop all the bullshit it has been pulling as of late, the better it will be for us consumers.
Google doesn't really care as long as they get Androids into peoples pockets in order to feed the hive mind algorithms...
I think Google comes put ahead merely by virtue of having a wildcard mobile OS in common use. Imagine the headstart iOS would have if Android wasn't on the scene.

I know everone is going to goof on me for adding this, but here goes: what if Google's acquisition of Android was a stopgap measure to diminish Apple's lead while they polish Chrome OS?

One last thought: if Google want to start over without the patent conflicts, maybe they buy webOS? Dunno... Just wondering out loud.
Alright, I guess my next phone won't be a Samsung then... No way I'll support such practices.
I've had a chromebook for 45 days and chrome os is getting better and faster. I agree Android might be a stopgap.
The really interesting part of this post is that in 2011 there is still someone who doesn't get that free as in speech is different from free as in beer.
Well, I doubt Google is just going to settle (when they own Motorola Mobility). I think that's in court now, that will be the final word I imagine. Not sure the contract details, but if Google wins, I doubt HTC and Samsung will keep sending checks Microsofts way.
Will Amazon get sued over the Fire?
You call extortion genius. Wow. BTW who knows if M$ is getting 0.1 cent per unit. Its just FUD.
IMHO, there's a real irony in all of this. With all of this patent fighting over native mobile platforms, Microsoft and Apple may just make the only viable, free mobile device something like WebOS or Chrome OS. Then again, they could go crazy and try to assert patents against Web technologies if they sense they are losing.

Lost in all this is how any of this benefits customers. Really, now everyone has to pay $15 more for Samsung phones to pay Microsoft, who did nothing to produce them.
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