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Um, did Google just take down my profile picture? Because I was giving the finger in it? If so, wow. Let's see...
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I still see your profile pic with you giving the finger.
That's weird. I don't see it, but if i hoover over your name it shows the pic.
it's still showing up on hover
It's still showing up for me.... once I get to your profile... hmmm
Yeah it's still in the cache. I think you've been censored, sir.
You just got harmonized by Google (term given when the Chinese government censors something).
I was just wondering mmm do you get a message telling you it's been taken down ?

Guys Refresh the page
Right, i just had to re-add it. So let's see if it stays up.

"Your Profile Picture cannot include mature or offensive content. For example, do not use a photo that is a close-up of a person’s buttocks or cleavage."

This is under a section for sexual content, but that sentence may imply a finger is a no-no. Still interesting if Google is somehow manually filtering out these types of profile pictures.
Hmm, shows up as silhouette for me on this post, but shows your face again on your most recent comment. Not sure what's going on...
Weird. I saw that picture. o.O That's massive censorship!
Are you going to talk to Google about that...?
Just had this pointed out to me ...
can you confirm/deny/clarify ...
the picture I currently see (black jacke & tie, mid blue shirt, left facing side shot with right hand raised),
is the original picture that you think is being censored ...
it is a a replacement to test after the original seemed to have disappeared?
+Lyndon NA I think that's the original. coz the one i see now... is just a blank spaceholder with no picture. ;p
Probably took it down because you need to grow the fuck up.
G+ is a bit weird and slow for me tonight. My circles are taking forever to update. That said, your finger photo is there.
yeah, your pic is still there...but "Just because you CAN, doesn't mean you SHOULD." It's rude and immature IMHO..
+MG Siegler
When I first viewed this topic, I could see your picture.
Now I only see it when I hover, else it's the dummy blank image.

As for those saying things like "immature" ... possibly.
Then again, posting pictures of kittens is inane, posting self-shot photos is narcistic etc.
No one is taking a pop at you, so why do it to him?
From +Vic Gundotra to +MG Siegler: please change the lyrics from "girl, we couldn't get much higher" to "girl, we couldn't get much better." Come on. More likely lagginess between servers or some such, eh?

The G+ TOS does give Google the right pre-screen or review posted content, but in the next paragraph explains to users that they may be exposed to content they may find offensive. Whatever you think about Google, taking down a picture like that isn't their style.
...and "Let's spend some time together; now I need you more than ever..." thanks to Ed Sullivan!
And fyi, I'm getting the finger, too. Uncensored.
I'm now seeing the blank/holding image,
and on hover, the finger image ... with a g+ stick over the offending finger?
Love what you are doing by raising awareness about Google's censorship of "offensive material." It is ridiculous what they did, but hats off the your new alternative.
+MG Siegler you probably just gor reported by someone .. someone marked your photo as offensive .. or whatever ..
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