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I can honestly say Mailbox is the most excited I've been about an app in a long time. It's fucking amazing.
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It looks amazing, but if you aren't accessing it from your phone how much of the experience do you lose? When I go back to my Gmail, are things like followups, calendars, etc. reflected there? Or do you have to use a Mailbox based web interface? Those are my biggest concerns so far, assuming the gestures become familiar and intuitive quickly.
Any idea on a launch date? Looks fantastic. 
Very cool looking app. If it ever comes to android let us know, meanwhile I hope to be bale to use it on my Touch
Nice interface. Wonder how long it will take all the other mail client providers to copy these features. 
+Andrew Yarnall that's exactly what I was thinking --- I like the features but probably wouldn't switch from the Gmail client as it has so much that I'm not willing to give up (e.g. contact lists, search, calendar integration, etc.).  But it would be great if Google 'borrowed' some of these ideas.
Exchange support … please.

But yes - looks great. Look forward to having a play.
But its iPhone only? What is this 2010? Android owns 72.4 percent of the market the rest is split amongst the others iOS blackberry windows phone etc. If there's no android app this is DOA....
My heart just skipped a beat! This looks awesome!!
No Android app is a deal killer. 
nice UI but seriously swiping to delete your email is just not that interesting
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