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a bit about our latest CrunchFund investment, Ifttt!
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I've been a beta user since the beginning and it has seriously improved my life. The guys are super responsive to my requests and I just hope that money will make life better for them and not force them to deal with VC bureaucracy that will take them away from their beautiful product.
What else do you, personally, use it for?
So far a great product, simple enough to be used without the burden of YahooPipes programming.
Just waiting now that Ifttt finds a way to offer a Google+ channel
I came across this site the other day because of that techcrunch article, and i got to say, this site has the potential to be amazing for me. I look after a bunch of pages and to automate much of the content between sites would save me so much hassle but alas the ifttt can't do everything i want yet, but im excited for when it can!
Nice, I found out about them about 2 to 3 months ago. I have been using it like crazy!
Wow, thanks for the heads up on this. Dropbox->Evernote and vice-versa is insanely useful and I'm sure I'll find many other ways to make the most of ifttt.

Edit(elaborating after actually signing up): Well darn... they can only touch public dropbox folders. Why do they need to Auth for that?
Sounds like a cool idea...but what's up with the name? It's terrible. I don't think that's going to last long it's too complicated to explain "ya it's lift without the L and make sure you add two more T's to the end of it." There may be some significance to the name but it's not practical.
Name: what about "WhatIf" instead Ifttt?
Well...I feel a bit stupid not realizing that...I still think the name is a bit problematic regardless of the acronym...since it isn't a word and it's not really easy to remember, for me at least. But thanks for clearing that up for me :)
I didn't realize it at first either, but then I saw and it clicked

Plus bonus points for having their 'About' page under /wtf
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