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An Asian Century
With the Act East policy moving onto fasttrack, India has e-articulated the centrality of ASEAN in its expanding relations with
the extended East Asian region.
India has vigorously supported major ASEAN-centric initiatives - the creation of an ASEAN Community by 2015, the ASEAN Community Vision 2025, the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI), the Narrowing of the Development Gap, and the Master Plan on
ASEAN Connectivity 2025.
The blueprint for accelerating ASEAN-India cooperation is enshrined in the ASEAN-India plan of action for the period 2016 to 2020, entitled “Partnership for Peace, Progress and Shared Prosperity.”
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From Look East to Act East
In many ways, this 25–year journey of marching together with a shared vision has been uniquely empowering and exhilarating for both India and ASEAN, which have come to forge an all-encompassing partnership straddling just about every area of human endeavour
This economically vibrant region is increasingly getting linked up with India’s development agenda, pivoted around interlinked programmes of ‘Make in India’, ‘Digital India’, ‘Smart Cities’, ‘Start-up India’, ‘M-Governance’ and ‘Skill India’.
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#IndiaPerspectives sheds light on the enduring partnership of promise & potential between ASEAN & India.
It’s an unfolding narrative of opportunity and optimism as India and the 10–nation ASEAN prepare to celebrate 25 years of dialogue partnership in 2017.
A historic milestone for New Delhi’s reinvigorated Act East policy, the commemorative summit will mark 15 years of the summit-level
interaction and five years of strategic partnership between
India and ASEAN, home to over 1.8 billion people and dynamic
growth hubs in the evolving geoeconomic landscape of the region.
“Shared Values, Common Destiny” – the summit’s theme encapsulates the essence of India’s blossoming relations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations
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Flexi Biogas Plant technology
One of the most interesting and innovative initiatives that has been developed by Sanjay Kumar Patel’s company SPRE is the affordable “air pillow” type, Flexi Domestic Biogas plant technology made using high density polymers.
Unlike the conventional biogas plant, the Flexi Biogas plant
does not require any civil construction and can be installed in just
about a few hours, even in hilly and remote locations. The technology can use multiple feedstock like agro waste, press mud, poultry waste, kitchen waste and cow dung. It has a digestion period of 15 days.
SPRE has also come up with a complete kit for ready-to-install biogas plant at homes and farms. The portable biogas kit, which is currently being pilot-tested, is about 40% cheaper compared to alternatives in the market.
SPRE has already installed more than 250 flexi biogas plants
in villages of India and overseas.
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Media Briefing on E-Migrate and Weekly Briefing by Official Spokesperson (January 19,2017)
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Development partnership
The enhancement of the ASEAN-India Science and Technology Development Fund from $1 million to $5 million and setting up of an ASEAN-India Inclusive Innovation Platform to facilitate commercialisation of low cost technologies are important steps in deepening development partnership.
Building on its core strengths in knowledge partnership,India is assisting in capacity building in less developed ASEAN countries through setting up institutions like the Entrepreneurship Development Centres (EDCs), Centres of Excellence in Software Development and Training, and Centers for English Language
and Training (CELTs) in CLMV (Cambodia, Myanmar, Lao PDR and Vietnam) countries
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Regional integration
India considers enhanced connectivity to South East Asia as critical to unlocking the economic energies and enterprise of North East states
Myanmar is the only ASEAN country that shares a land border with India and is a gateway for India to other Southeast Asian countries.
Because of its strategic location, Myanmar can play a vital role as an essential partner in India’s Act East Policy, especially from the perspective of connectivity between India and South East Asia.
In the wake of rapidly changing geopolitical realities, Act East P has imparted greater vigour to India’s ties with ASEAN.
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Setting the stage for an important visit.
1st #IndiaUAE Strategic Dialogue takes place in Delhi before visit of Crown Prince next week
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The genesis of Water World Supermart began with conversations that Dinesh Chawla had with other players in the water filtration and treatment industry, who complained that there was no-one stop solution for all their requirements. Dinesh set up Water World Supermart in 2000, to be the Walmart of the water filtration and treatment industry,
Water World Supermart became known as the youngest
devil in the water treatment world with a reputation for high
quality products and timely service. Our customer base
included domestic consumers, designers and executors of
water treatment plants,” says Dinesh
He realised that the existing RO technology was fully
demineralizing the water treated, depleting it of a number
of essential minerals. The amount of water that is wasted in RO purification systems is in the ratio of 4:1 (i.e., for every 4 liters of water, one liter gets purified).
Dinesh developed a machine that not only wastes less water
than traditional RO systems but also retains the minerals.
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Is it possible to contact Sushma Swaraj, about a possible help with the problem we are facing getting a visa for my husband for a long-term stay in Danmark, becoz im I'll and we have been married for years but we always stayed in India until now. Pls help if possible.
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Mushrooms from Coffee Waste
The innovative technique focuses on utilising coffee waste; which are a huge waste resource & packed with nutrients
When Tushar came up with the idea, called ‘Grow-Free,’ utilizing coffee waste to grow mushrooms, his Professors helped him with technical knowledge and provided infrastructure required for
Through guided research, Tushar found out that coffee waste is an excellent substrate for growing mushrooms.
Tushar felt that popularizing the practice could give many small
landholders, in coffee growing areas of India, a nutritious subsistence crop and an alternate source of revenue. While there are people who were experimenting with this idea elsewhere,
Tushar plans to implement this on a large scale.
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