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In 62 years of life, this took the cake. The video stays up until the apology and refund comes in.

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Isis pilots learning in Syrian jets? Please. Our guys will "paint" them from miles away with sophisticated on board equipment and if they even get off the ground with weapons attached, it will be a nice scene for the locals when a US missile blows the rookie masked pilot up along with his weapons. Since I have a client most likely flying sorties, I hope he gets the honors to send them to where they belong.

Planes, trains, automobiles and boats. Whether hysteria only, truth about Ebola spreading, or a mix -- make no mistake -- industries in travel and entertainment will plunge lower while industries selling cleaning fluids, medical supplies, or other medical related items will flourish. Buy stock accordingly. But be aware that a major stock market plunge may have only started this month and is just getting started for a huge drop. If Ebola is later proven to have gone airborne -- the 2008 crash may look like a minor event folks. The Presidents appointment of a politician as the new Ebola Czar should be your "sell" signal for Monday...

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The world is a dangerous place. And using your credit or debit card now presents a real and present danger your private information may instantly be compromised. And lead to your identity being stolen. 

As a financial adviser, I have decided it is time to offer identity theft protection to companies under discounted group plans. Learn more about Lifelock's 3 layers of protection. And contact me if your company does not yet offer group identity theft coverage. They can do so at no real cost to them by just allowing payroll deductions.

I will help you get protected through an employer plan. Just mention me to your employer and tell them that on an average, 40% of company work force have stated they now desire identity theft protection through their employer..

LifeLock's 3 Layers of Protection...

The possible delay in tax season the IRS commissioner warns about might mean a week, a month or ? in delays next year -- all depending on when these matters are clarified.

Then with testing for Obama care fines and recovery for credits not justified on premiums - plan on a bigger tax bill from your tax preparer.

I can't believe IRS Quick alert coming in today to tax practitioners. They are shutting down e-services from Saturday until Monday, with deadline for filing 1040's on extension looming on Wed. 10/15. Subject line says they will have a power outage on Columbus Day (Monday). Wow! Can't believe their timing. Wonder how many late filers will not get e-filed on time due to this?l

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In just under 40 years of financial services practice, I have done it all. Insurance, securities, accounting and tax preparation and consulting, legal document preparation, mortgage officer and most recently, becoming an Arizona real estate licensed Realtor in 2002. (I am with with Realty One Group in the Tempe office)

I personally have not seen a time in my entire financial consulting and sales career where safety in investing has been shunned as I do now. Nor have I seen the signs of trouble come closer and closer. Perhaps, they are at the gate with a potential WW III starting this week in our bombing in Syria.

I don't want to sound like chicken little. Just a smart financial adviser who is calling it right now - diversify what you invest in and get serious investment money into hard assets. NOW!

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Watching your 401-k account or IRA statement lately? Yep, you did really well if fully invested. But, now with real "war" perhaps spreading globally, it may be time to review some alternatives while your values are fully still in tact.

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I didn't think it would come to this, but it was disclosed recently on CBS 60 minutes television show that the IRS does not check your W-2 information prior to issuing a federal income tax refund. And because of this lax system, fraud has increased to unbelievable rates in the past 3 years.
What is at risk is your refund. But much more since an identity thief who easily receives many social security numbers that are illegally for sale - then files a bogus return with a bogus address and obtains a debit card containing a 3-4k refund normally. Thieves file early before you do and get about 40% of the refund money recently.
So when you go to file, you are told your refund has already been paid out. That is when your troubles come around full circle. So, unless you already have a free year of identity protection (Home Depot Credit Card) like I do, I am afraid it is time to buy monthly protection so you can be warned early. And, be sure to file your tax return early next year before a thief does!!!
The CBS report:
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