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Reading-facts is the most common question type in the McKinsey PST (38%) and the BCG Potential Test (up to 100%). These questions test your ability to understand the facts/data itself. Up to 38% of your success depends on questions that require very basic skills:
Skill 1: #Calculation
Consultants spend a lot of their time working with numbers.There will be NO inferring, logic, hypothesizing, or creativity needed. Just focus on your quantitative proficiency.
Skill 2: #Chart/exhibit/table reading
Always take a moment to read and understand every single chart or graph you encounter in your everyday life.
Skill 3: #Attention_to_details
It’s the little things that can make or break a project, and no true consultants would let themselves be caught unaware. For every practice question you get in this type, make sure you understand not only why an answer is right, but also why an answer is wrong.
After all, practice makes perfect. MCP are here to provide you the best study materials that show you where you are and how to conquer the consulting recruitment process: #20QUESTIONS of the Reading-Facts with detailed guides & explanations will help your overall PST result be greatly improved!
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