The McKinsey Problem Solving Test (McKinsey PST) is a very crucial part of the McKinsey recruitment process. The firm believes that they may miss many good candidates with bad resumes, or may interview too many candidates who don’t live up to their resumes. In the gap between CV screening and in-person case interviews, the PST provides an effective solution for eliminating the applicant pool.
We have spent years going through the McKinsey official practice exams over and over again, and gained from it a level of understanding that could only be rivaled by the test writers themselves. The good news is that although 26 questions look like a lot, all of them can be perfectly classified into several types of questions:
πŸ‘† Client Interpretation – 8%
<< Which of the following best summarizes the CEO’s concerns? …
πŸ‘† Reading Facts – 38%
<< Which of the following values is the best estimate of ABC’s revenue in Year 4?
πŸ‘† Root-cause Reason – 13%
<< Which of the following reasons, if TRUE, would best explain the increasing trend in X, Y, and Z?
πŸ‘† Fact-based Conclusion – 14%
<< Which of the following is TRUE based on the data presented in Exhibit 2?
πŸ‘† Formulae – 5%
<< Which of the following formulae calculates the dollar value of goods produced by ABC?
πŸ‘† Word Problems – 12%
<< Assuming a machine lasts for five years, the center is opened 5 days per week all year round, what minimum volume of maintenance supply …?
πŸ‘† Others – 10%
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