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Being the best doesn't ensure you're the suitable one. Take a deep understanding about consulting firms' structure before you apply! before!
"McKinsey‘s (and BCG & Bain) Org structure can be complicated but to simplify, the whole firm can be broken down into 2 parts or “tracks”: the Consulting track and the Support track.
👆 The consulting track consists of consultants and is mostly considered as the more prestigious track. Normally, when people say something general like “I want to join MBB”, they refer to this track! This is the face and the core of any consulting firm.
👆 The support track, like its name suggests, is anything that helps the consultants do their work. This ranges from Administration, Translation Team, Visual Graphic Center, etc.
The complicated thing is that in recent years, McKinsey (and other firms) have been vastly expanding their support arms in terms of both depth and magnitude. There are more and more “support” teams being formed, and these teams are getting more and more involved in the “content” part. For examples: Excel Support, Writing Specialists, Market Research, and even industry and functional experts."
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