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The new song! (video) or http:// (mp3). It is a rock and roll band (Wheatus) with whom I duet here. BUT THIS IS NOT A RAP-ROCK SONG SO JUST GO AHEAD AND HUSH THAT SENTIMENT UP IMMEDIATELY. Pretend that it is more Primusy than System Of A Downy.
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My chrome today won't download mp3s from my site. Anyone else having that issue?
I just downloaded in Chrome. No problem here.
One of my favorite tracks on Solved. Now where's the I'll Form the Head video?
I like everything about this. Good jorb, sirs!
My first listen of the song was interesting. I liked it, but found that it was not what was intended. See, for some reason, G+ bugged out on me when I first clicked the video link, and it opened two copies of the video, one slightly after the other. I didn't realize this until well after the end of the song.

So, what I got was this trippy, delay-laden track reminiscent of techno. It was pretty awesome, actually.

My second listen was also awesome. And, you know, understandable by human ears.
Primusy indeed! A phenomenal achievement, if not epiphenomenal....
Good shit, Front. This album is hotness!
Why is that a Primusy song that I hear? Why, it is indeed! You are a silly person, Mr. MC Frontalot, and I love your music so very much.
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