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I had one beer and now I am melancholy.
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Really though ... I don't want one of those. Have a better night.
I think the best thing to do is for you to continue to drink and post your thoughts on the internet, and perhaps even call someone with whom you were formerly romantically involved.
Should have had some Irish Whiskey...
that's generally when i go looking for the harmonicas.
There is something wrong with that beer. Have another beer of a different kind. Keep drinking different beers until you feel better. Then you will have found the correct beer.
I find that when that's the case, stop drinking and figure out the real problem.
Use it. Write some rhymes about melancholy times and (if it's Mexican beer) then maybe add a slice of lime.
Hopefully you're not infinitely sad too.
Frontalot drinks a beer and gets comments ranging from prostitutes to Harry Potter references, I post a witty blog on something relatively talkaboutable and it's nothing but tumble weeds and chirping crickets!
no, definitely not, I'm a popular winner. I know this because my grandmother says so. But I suppose I'm no Frontalot, I get eaten by the grue every time!
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