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If you've had to deal with government forms in the last few months, what's been your experience? Are they really getting easier to comprehend?
The federal government got a mixed report card Thursday for its compliance with the law that says it has to write clearly and simply. The Agriculture Department has met 93 percent of the requirements ...
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Good morning people,is john tebogo I just want two ask u people out there.why many people who work under government there don't want to heip us and that situation is killing us for real 
Hi Alex, would you get back to me on my email please?
my dear  friend i give sam help for pre school baby  u ask sam student ok my e,

Alex! Police wives and Police husbands needs to stand together and protest this ridiculous trend of protesting against police officers! These "families" should have taken the same amount of effort that they are putting into protesting law enforcement into teaching their children how to respect laws and law enforcement! Law enforcement officers are the most needed yet under appreciated people in the United States. When terror comes knocking at your door you expect to dial 911 and know that a law enforcement officer will come and protect you! These brave men and women have families that expect them to come home safely at the end of every shift. They train endlessly for these types of situations, but it is my strong belief that if you cause a LEO to question his/her safety then it's your own fault what happens to you next. Police officers don't shoot to kill, they shoot to stay alive! We expect nothing less when we send our troops to fight wars over seas. There is a horrible war going on in this country. A war that most Americans would rather not have flashed in front of their eyes during the nightly news. Most after a long day at the office want to come home and see kittens be saved rather than face the reality that every law enforcement family know about. There are dangers lurking waiting for the opportunity to present itself. We must as a nation stand behind the brave men and women that are sworn to protect and uphold the law. I know that I want my LEO home at the end of his shift. Thank you for your time Mr. Johnson.

Sara Aguilar
Its i25 not i70 out of Colorado springs in your new NBC article 
Bro. When. Our government. Is. Full of. The. Lies. It instignates. It. Means. On thing. I make. An. Amendment. To not. Change . Not. Or. Anything 
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