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On Jeremy Lin, that ESPN headline and why it must be terrifying to be a young journalist today. Do you think the firing was justified? Or are the pressures too heavy on journalists who are still learning their craft before a worldwide audience?
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It has always been terrifying to be a journalist. You have to think about your headlines, and know what the effect will be.
No, they thought they were making a whitty pun, and didn't realize its like dropping the N word.
I passed by this headline being shared or referenced many times and never even thought of the derogatory connotation it had. It took me reading a post slamming the author and the headline before the other meaning became evident. I am not that young and have heard the term used in a derogatory fashion before but I saw the headline as it was written...a flaw in the armor.
How often does this happen, where the issue is made an issue because the media, social and otherwise, won't let it rest.
It was an honest mistake and I feel bad for the author. It was brought to his attention and he apologized. Why do people need to insist on blood?
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