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** (5th UPDATE) **
Worldwide Best Art & Photography IV - CIRCLE IV
Today 1880 members in 4 circles
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Thanks to these 4 great circles, you can know, learn, discover, travel the world, nature, people and art through beautiful photographs and amazing different works.
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Great shots to all of You dear friends!
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Grazie Maurizio per l'integrazione :)), é incredibile, ma mi piace moltissimo
In your Circle of 'Worldwide Best Art & Photography' are the real fantastic photographers. Took the majority to my circles and have to say that it gave me a an extra lap of view into other photographers horizons.
No cat, dog, family and other BS in there. Just real photographers.
Don't know why other posters call their circle 'best..all.. nature..photographers' and take in everything they can get hold on.
Well done, Maurizio
Thank You +Steve Gill You are in this circle for the next update, beautiful photography in Your stream
Maurizio, can you let me know in which circle I am. Just don't find it.
'Honoured to have You in my circle dear +Khun Hans ! Happy you appreciated'
Maurizio, I've only just noticed that you added me to this circle, thank you so much. Mark Andreani
Would love to be included in this circle of great photographers..
Would be honored to be a part of this next circle.
Thank you very much, for putting me in your circle.
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