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Day 2 of #MakerCamp - Animated .gifs with +Jared Ficklin

Share your questions and ideas in the comments!
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where can i find the files for making the maker space
As +John Chappell said, "Will +MAKE be showing .gifs other people have made? maybe have +Jared Ficklin comment on them with suggestions, tips, or how cool they are :D" There's an idea!
(Thanks for pronouncing it with a hard G)
Where do we vote? I vote for gif with a G.
Man, I thought this was a real hangout, but this is just as good.
…..Yeah, Jared's right.
High fives for G-G-G-GIF!
Although +MAKE 's people ain't half bad, I've seen some awesome stop-motion animation's done in 24 FPS.

And Hello to you to Harrison. :)
Anyone using I can't use the text editor :3
+John Chappell +Logan Pihl "As +John Chappell said, "Will +MAKE be showing .gifs other people have made? maybe have +Jared Ficklin comment on them with suggestions, tips, or how cool they are :D" There's an idea!"

I guess so! :D
Whoa, GIFPAL!  That onion-skinning feature is awesome
How is 150ms/frame == .15f/s? 4 frames takes 600ms, 6 frames is 900ms.
Can anyone else use the text editor in GIFPAL?
how do you post a GIF animation ?
0.150 seconds per frame. 6.66 frames per second
(1000 ms per second / 150 ms per frame == 6.66666FPS)

+Joe Hudy  Usually it's Flash I'm afraid. Or Bink Video; well at least you can take a Bink Video and make it a screensaver. That was fun, when I did that. ^_^
you can, but it doesn't work with transparency. Gif's work!
I set my profile pic to be an older version of my animation, and it works fine!
Thanks guys! :D working on another one :P
It's 250x250 for the profile pic, and you can't let g+ scale or crop it, because it will then be converted to jpg
+Sara Brylowski  This one is a bit more limited; you can't join it. You can join, however, the second one, at 3:30 PST, as long as you're in their circles.
Stank, going to miss the Jr.Counselor hangout. Having dinner at that time. :'(  How long is it gonna last?
please add me for the biosphere circle
I guess I'd like to be added. Although during the hangout I might multitask homework.
If you would like to be invited to the private hangout in 30 minutes then post a comment and make sure to have us in your circles! Rock on makers!
Ok, I'm leaving for a little while, be back for the hangout
+Jean-Paul Sauve You have been added! We will be sending the invitations momentarily!
Is there an upper bound on the age for these hangouts?  (no perv) :P
when will my invite be sent?
havent made a gif yet i am more a computer game maker but i can try
hangout is very informative 
Missed the hang-out but made 2 or 3 .GIFs, but none of them worked for my G+ picture.
sadly i didnt think about writing the gif url so the only way to see mine is to see it on my account.
if you cant see mine i am sorry i will make another 
Dave here from  Thanks for mentioning the my site.  Let me know if you have any questions!
This was great!  My granddaughter, 8 yrs, & I made our first gif & it turned out fabulous. Thanks for Maker Camp
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