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Maker Camp Kicks off DIY Music Week

Week five of Maker Camp is all about making music — with whatever you’ve got. Like a banana.

Today at 11am Pacific Time on Google+ we’ll get to learn (and listen) how to do just that with MaKey MaKey co-creator Jay Silver. MaKey MaKey connects to your computer and … to you! Or bananas! Or whatever you can think of. It also connects to Scratch, a fun and free programming language, and allows you to play games and control animations, all via your own controllers or fruit instruments.

Today’s hangout will also include a very special guest: Damian Kulash, lead singer and guitarist of the band OK Go who will jam with Jay on a fruit instrument of his own design.

To read more, and join the event:
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is there any sheet music for songs one can play on such an instrument?
What are you using.
I have one of these!
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