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One Day, Two Robot Hangouts!

We hope you had fun today, campers. To recap, +Erin RobotGrrl shared her RoboBrrd creations with us, and then later today, Super Awesome Sylvia and +Lenore Edman showed us their awesome WaterColorBot. 

If you missed either #makercamp Hangout today, watch them here! 

Robot Hangout #1:

Robot Hangout #2:
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That is a truly fantastic Idea, I now going to figure out how to build one ^-^
hey thats a awsome idea and i'm a boy
sad when people in 3d printing and cnc or even eggbot tirelessly trying to improve sub millimeter quality, and such sorry to say "ugly" project get so much attention. its nothing like this is very original or revolutionary.any guy from cnc or 3d printing field could have done it. make community is getting more hipster and artsy, where imperfection is new cool.
Above project are not intimidating as either a 3d printer or cnc project, so that it got more attention and also it is artsy.
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