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MAKE hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Nick Raymond and gillian benary
Maker Camp Field Trip Friday: CERN
Make: and 2 others participated
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maybe thats because they wasn't a big bang!??
This is really interesting!  I wish I was a scientist.
Really Tough Question: What "stuff" existed before the Big Bang and, what was that "stuff" inside of? 
+Wayne Johnson Yeah, for continuity's sake. Since it posts almost immediately to youtube
Question: Is there anything outside the Universe and is there a Multiverse?
Wish people saw these kind of people as people to look up to. Not this celebs so called!
Where can I get one of those cameras?
Question: Is it difficult to stay objective when doing research like this? How do you prevent yourself from being attached to a particular result? 
Trust US to make things that expire! so can sell them again haha
QUESTION: Where did the name "hadron" come from?
Here is a question: What was the most exciting discovery you ever made?
Question: How could someone get a job at CERN?
Question: Are any new elements past 118 going to be stable and be able to last longer than fractions of seconds?
QUESTION: a few days ago it was announced that the LHR hit 5.5 Trillion degrees, the highest temperature ever produced.  How does that compare to the temperature of the sun? Can the LHR hit an even higher number?
Yes and I just expressing it. Not against religion just replying to those saying god created us, it make me angry as no proof yet science has more proof. Just fact posting on internet is more proof than god.
Is there a live feed of that screen that show colission? be good idea to have millions of eyes on it than just 1.
Question: When do you think it will be possible to make a statement that the Higgs boson is the Standard Model Higgs boson due to the Higgs to tau tau channel for example. Is there a Theory of a fermiophobic Higgs?
there is plenty of proof that God created us! just ask one question and im sure someone here can answer you.
Why did God not give us the internet? or anything? Yet science has shown us everything? Answer that?
damn! youtube blocked at work...  whew! thank you secret wifi internet connection..watching on iphone
I love science puns! "A lot of big bang for the buck".
because He knew that He created us smart enough to create these things to benefit life on earth!
Awesome shout out to the future Makers who will keep discovery happening!!
+Samuel Shi The video's archived, so you can watch the whole thing either here or on youtube and see what you missed :)
CERN was amazing. You can learn more about makers who are creating their own DIY high-tech scientific tools in the current issue of MAKE Magazine. To get discounted a copy, visit and use code CAMPERV31. If you'd like a discounted subscription starting with our current issue, use code CAMPERSUB. And please tune in tomorrow, 8/17 at 10am PST for a hangout with Ben Krasnow, who built his own Scanning Electron Microscope.
+Pierce Taylor  Junior Hangout is at 1:30 PDT (same time as normal and after the 2nd(!) virtual field trip at Noon PDT.

+Ben L You're in our circles and should get the invite :) 
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