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Watch here live at 11am (PT)! Today's Maker Camp Field Trip: MAKING MAGIC WITH PIXAR!

It's the last day of #makercamp  2013 and today will be a blast!  But just because the season is coming to a close, it doesn't mean that Maker Camp is actually over--stay active on the Maker Camp +Community page!  Keep sharing your projects and making adventures... and get geared up for the next season of Maker Camp!

#Pixar   #STEM  
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how many times do you change the form of the character until it's something you think will work?
Bye makercamp, i really enjoyed watching all of these posts every day and im going to miss getting notified of really cool projects and camps. it was really my only usew for google+ for now. I CANT WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR!
i wonder if makeercamp will post small projects throughout the year?
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