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MAKE hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Josie Rushton and Limor Fried
Maker Camp: Day 24 with Limor Fried and Computer Science
Make: and 2 others participated
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i wish my sound card was gud.... wonder what u r talking abt
+Tbhomg Richy hit the play icon and you can watch along and ask questions in the comments :)
If my dad would come home we could do this together :3
Solar panel + LED = Street Lights?
I have a Question. Can a Solar Panel Power a Desktop Computer?
QUESTION: where did the adafruit logo come from? and why did you choose the logo that you did
COuld  the SOlar Panel Run LEDS for like Police Lights?
Some great topics being covered here. If you want to get into and understand some electronics fundamentasl watch this stream!
Ryan H.
What about zener diodes? If everything can run backwards, what is the result of running a zener diode backwards?
Can you Make a Mini Wind Genorator?
Question: could a solar panel make Joey's arduino run? 
My son and I are watching together.

I hooked up an LED to two batteries and it was bright and after a few minutes it got very hot.  Can you describe how to reduce the pressure so it isn't so bright and hot?

I then asked him to hook it up to a 9 volt battery and it did not light up at all.  We then hooked it back up to the two 1.5 volt batteries and it did not light up any more, no matter which way we hooked it up.  Can you explain what happened (and how to prevent this?)
Can This Make Little Brick Machines Like Legos Work?
P.S. I loved your Maker Faire AT Kansas City
QUESTION: Off topic: Is there a kit or plans available for the cool MAKER CAMP shed in the background?
+Sean Sheedy That's a great question! We'll try to ask it on-air :)
Things are about to get awesome! Thinking a Raspberry Pi and some work from Phil Burgess...
Ryan H.
Light bulbs don't just burn out in over-voltage -- they explode in a fiery, spark shooting, loud pop! Don't try it at home.
On how fast an Arduino is...

I ran some tests a few months ago and found I could complete a tight loop about a quarter of a million times per second!  (But it quickly got slower as I added more instructions!)

This was done by writing a one, then a zero, to a pin over and over, and looking at it with an oscilloscope.
Be sure to add and INVITE ME!!! :D
Very cool! Looking forward to the hangout this afternoon
will tomorrow's jr. counselor hangout be at the same time as usual?
Go Ahead and check out my Livestream i will be Happy to Add you for the After Stream Chat!
+Izy Engel We'll have to get back to you on that one. We'll check into it and try to let you know!
+Izy Engel The virtual field trip to CERN is at 8am PDT, a second field trip to Switch Electric Vehicles is at the regular time Noon PDT, and the junior hangout will be at 1:30pm PDT like usual :)
This is the best thing that's happened to me all day... (Then again, the rest of today has been damage control after a virus outbreak at work.) 
I just saw this now but I really dig the ways Limor is explaining the fundamentals. I have a similar background to her so I understand the challenges she must have had coming up with good visuals to explain electronics.
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