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So no one has answered me this whole time and its really making me mad is there going to be a Jr. Hangout after the main hangout?
Hi Pierce - there are no junior hangouts this year but some people on the community have been starting their own hangouts to help each other out! If you have questions post them here in the community and someone will help you out :)
Davin S
how much designing/planning do you do before you start welding parts?
I've built a foundry out of refractory brick, charcoal and a leaf blower. The only thing special that we needed was the crucible. It melted aluminum well until we accidentally melted the crucible itself. It was ridiculously hot.
what would you suggest a young maker to do if they cant make it to the crucible to learn welding?
Is that the same stuff they do at Disney World and Disneyland with glass?
I would move to Oakland just to work there!
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