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Well I'm not sure if its because my Internet isn't working well but my image is so pixelated I can't see very well what's happening. ._.
on the instructions it said to wind it counterclockwise but that makes our boat go backwards
This is so cool to join you!
comments are disabled???
We are hearing you, not the guy on camera near the fence.
I just heard, "Alex, this is the mic, can you hear it."  "This is all we have."
So what do we do in maker camp? make stuff at home?
or does everyone go there and build stuff
add that computer to the hangout and share the screen
Kayak is outrageous, the boat of Neptune himself, great job guys!
you guys need to do a better job instructing.
My kids loved it!  Where do I get tomorrow's project so that I can get the materials ready?
Just watching here in Philly. Way to roll with the tech. difficulties M. 
Nice job everyone.
 How do I get my resume to the folks that do the hiring at the Exploritorium? 
See once. Do once. Teach once.
My boys just watched and built their boats.  They tried to get on live but the room kept saying it was full so they waited till I got home and we did camp tonight.  
i don't understand any of this.  where are the hangouts.  This is so poorly explained, even on the makers page.  i have the projects, just don't understand how this is any different than going to the radio shack page to get projects.  where's the interaction?
+Jennifer Westmoreland
I totally agree. Everything is mish-mash together. It's almost as hard to understand what's going on and what all the projects are as our middle-school science and renaissance fairs.
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