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We’re just a few short days away from #MakerCamp  ! To celebrate, here’s a little teaser project: How to make a bicycle safety kit with a parmesan cheese can. When you’re on the road, you never know when you might need a quick tire repair or a bungee cord.  

Required Materials:

-Empty parmesan cheese can
-Empty spice container
-Empty water-bottle holder on your bike

Recommended accessories:
-Crescent wrench
-Self-vulcanizing patch repair kit
-Multitool with LED light
-3/16ths and 5/32nds allan wrenches
-Adhesive bandages
-Cleaning wipes
-Zip ties
-Bungee cord

Building this project is easy: Just stuff the zip ties, compass, and first aid stuff in the spice container, and put the spice container (and everything else) into the parmesan container. That’s it! Your new kit should fit perfectly into a bike-mounted water-bottle holder, so you’re prepared for almost anything. 
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A regular MacGyver but I probably should make one.
Prepared for almost anything except thirst. This is why I have an under-saddle bag.
Agreed, +Richard Holmes.  Not only does that let you carry a water bottle with you, but you look a little more sane with a bike pouch instead of a see-through parmesan cheese container stuffed with odds and ends.
I have a seat bag too, but if you want to hold more stuff the cheese can kit is a good idea.  It's definitely easier to take with you inside when you have to lock up.  I had some tools and a spare tube stolen from my seat bag.  That was a bummer.
+Tom Georgoulias Depends on the bag — mine has a quick release clip, so you can take it with you easily. (If you remember to, of course!)
A pocket hand pump would be a useful - no, essential - addition. I also carry a few spare screws.
In this case, I'm calling it a Trikke safety kit. My dad has one and it would be a great present for Christmas (in July). :)
Agree with what they said ^^^^ This product is some kind of awesome!  I can feel my brain melting with glee just looking at it
For that matter just use an old cruddy water bottle. Will hold  more and it isn't see through like the cheese bottle is. Less likely to be stolen if you forget and leave it on the bike. Pick up an unclaimed bottle at the end of the next bike race if you don't have any available.
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