Puppet Shadow Theater

The first puppets were probably shadows cast by a fire onto a cave wall that people manipulated to amuse themselves and tell stories. Puppetry is truly an ancient art. Shadow puppets have been used in China for at least 2,000 years and have spread in popularity throughout Asia. It is a simple way to create a complex art. We're going to learn shadow puppet techniques and build our own shadow puppet theater today at #makercamp ! It's a great way to pass time on warm summer nights!
Here’s what you’ll need:
For Your Stage
- Cardboard (2 sheets of 24 x 28 in, a presentation tri-fold, or a large           box)
- 1 piece of white craft paper, sized 24 inches x 32 inches. (You can         also use white fabric, or even a shower curtain for your scrim)
- Bright light (s) 1 or more. You can get away with just using one, but to      eliminate background shadows, it's best to use 2-3.

For Your Puppets
- Black construction paper, card stock, or cardboard
- Wooden skewers, chop sticks, or bendy straws
- Scissors
- Masking tape
- Double-stick Scotch tape (optional)
- Craft glue (optional)
- Utility knife (optional)
- Colored acetate and clear transparencies (optional)
- Black contact paper or opaque tape (optional)
- Black permanent markers (optional; for adding details on the acetate     and transparencies)
- Brads / brass fasteners (optional; for creating joints in more                       complicated puppets)
We hope you use some modern technology to capture your ancient puppets. Upload videos and post pictures of your puppet shadow theater to the   #makercamp  hashtag. Then turn on all the lights and join our live Paper Performance Hangout at 2pm Eastern  / 11am Pacific. We have a great group of campers who have been working with servo motors and +Arduino to make animatronic robots from paper! Cool stuff today at #makercamp
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